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  1. koekto1000

    Database synchronization

    Hi DayZ community! I have a question. How to create a server that synchronizes with a official database. That this server would be in the list of "Official servers" and the statistics and equipment on the character remained when connected to any other official server. The answers to these questions in Google were very contradictory. I would like to get a clear answer here. thanks
  2. koekto1000

    Server status

    Big THX!)
  3. koekto1000

    Server status

    I think someone tell me what happend with servers where ppl play
  4. koekto1000

    Server status

    Hello! I have problem, and that problem in one server. Why not working that server ? DayZ UK 2-7 (Public/Veteran) - Hosted by GameServers.com I just loose one week for building my camp and now he not work all day. Early I play in 666 public server and after update he offline and I lose all on that server. I just wanned to know, how I can understand where I can bild something cool. Now I just lose a lot of time for that and have nothing) Someone can tell when will start work UK 2-7? Or he will stay always in offline status?