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  1. When I die, and I do often, I restart to a black screen with a heavenly light. I hear my character moving, jumping or whatever actions I try so I just run..... once I hear a zombie I stop. Once zombie starts his beat down on me, I see the game flashing and then YOURE DEAD red screen. So im uninstalling & reinstalling now. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks
  2. XFileGunner88

    DeSpawn to Respawn CHEATERS!

    Yeah. It was them. I noticed gear on both players. Once I heard the noise the 1st guy was in, I started jumping and running since door was locked and the 2nd guy was spawning in. I’m not blaming the devs or game. Im blaming the players. How hard is it to play THE GAME, it is just a game, the right way ? sure “it was smart of them” we all can do it, but the game, IMO is to be as real as possible. Teleporting into a survival game is wrong. Let them go play Battlefront or some SciFi game that those circumstances would occur in. I feel I play the right way. Just now, left tisy, headed to another base.... already looted. Did I server hope, nope. What did I do? I kept going East.... found some more barracks, kept going.... thats how I play. ☠️💀🔪🔫⛏🔨🧸🚰🔦🚙🏊🏻‍♂️🍺🥔🍐🍎🥒🔥🍄🐓🐑🐂🐖🐏🦌🐐🦉🧢👖🧵👣
  3. XFileGunner88

    DeSpawn to Respawn CHEATERS!

    So I’m at a barracks, solo but geared. I’m running to another barrack and see 2 guys coming. Not sure if they see me so I decided to lock the door. Im peaking out window and see them coming toward barrack I’m in. I crouch. Doors locked! So im figuring if they have lock pucks, be ready to fire once I see door open. Im waiting... and waiting, and waiting and all of a sudden, I hear behind me movement, I turn around and the 2 players are in the barracks and kill me. Let me say, they were more geared than me. So if you enjoy playing like that, you’re an idiot. First off, that’s not how the game is meant to be played. Either enter from the only way in and fight, or wait until I decide to come out or leave the barracks. How fun or fair is it to get ready for a fun fight only to have 2 guys server jump to get inside my building and come back into my server? Can’t anything be done about that? Maybe when leaving a server, have them respawn in a “past tense” mode where they were the last 5 mins ago? something!!!! I was so pissed and honestly I still am what type of mentality would enjoy playing Star Trek to teleport into a building to shoot someone unfairly?
  4. XFileGunner88

    Invisible zombies

    1) how did you post video into post? I can’t even post an image for whatever reason. 2) are you sure you weren’t getting shot at by someone w suppressor? Seemed more like “pops” than a beat down by zombie , maybe?
  5. XFileGunner88

    How was your Day(Z)?

    Well my DayZ went like this today. US4380 people still trying to take over base built on top of gas station so I decided I’m running as far west as possible. Making the way I gather basic loot, a pistol & suppressor but no clip. Had basic food & water, nothing crazy. Had bright green 80pk, typical Blk fireman pants and a black mask. Found my way to the Tents finally. Oh but I did dive off the main road to hit airfield where I found (2) AK’s but again no ammo, no clip. So so I make it in 1st few tents, and once I crawled up the camo netted, wood deck..... “pop” - YOURE DEAD.... i was like what? So after respawning 6 times by way of suicide I’m as far west as a freshie can spawn. So I run, and run, I find a black mask, black jacket, wooden Axe, binocs, a couple sodas, couple cans of beans..... I decide to take the high road as I approach where I got sniped,,,, i have no shoes, I’m silent as can be getting into position to get above the sniper, I know he had to be high in the hills looking south into tents. I make it. I slowly come down hill, creeping, crawling, binocs out and all of a sudden about 50yds in front of me the sniper, bored I’m sure, stands up & starts walking down hill towards tents,,,,, I’ve got eyes on him now.... I follow him thru binocs, he carves thru tents, heads west on road and pooof, never returns back. So I sit and wait, and wait and wait about and hour. I voice messaged everyone in server, “ u sniper far west of map in gillie?” Nobody replies. So finally after 2 hours of waiting, a guy shows up, I’m still on high hill, runs thru tents and this is when I decide the sniper has left and did not re-position himself. So i I head North up the hill, down the dirt road and I see smoke, billowing over the trees..... Chopper down, chopper down. I head there, and WOW, a “badly damaged” VSD.... canned tuna, little ammo and that’s when I called it a day. Next stop, somewhere that’ll give me a gun repair kit along w VSD mags..... if I would have had a firearm when coming back to that sniper, I would have had revenge but my guess is, I was only guy he saw and only guy that came back so he bolted. I did post on Xbox my VSD Crash Site find, short video clip Thx for reading
  6. XFileGunner88

    DayZ Dreaming

    I’m calling this DayZDreamin, Has anyone else played DayZ long enough where when you finally lay down for the evening all you visualize is the game you played for hours on end? you close your eyes & see where you exited, your iZurvive map markings and then, you rehash your encounters while playing until you drift off into deep sleep? then when you wake, you realize your DayZDream was actually an entire new encounter but in “DayZ” style? It’s like your knowns in Real life, your friends, places, houses, cities all mashup with how DayZ appears on the screen? And your DayZ character, whether overly geared or just a new spawn is who YOU are while dreaming that specific evening? Then a different day, you’re a different player? but my point is, it because a mind relationship where sleep / DreamZ connect you to what you know in RL I’m talking all the visual aspect then while in your daily life, or RL as you sit at a traffic light & see trash on the side of the road you say to yourself, a water bottle, take that, spray bottle, take that, hub cap, nope leave it and then the light turns green only to continue driving to your destination & every building / house you see, you say, reminds me of DayZ? thats DayZDreamZ
  7. XFileGunner88

    Midgets with Rags

  8. XFileGunner88

    Full release March 27th

    They stated in article all servers will be wiped: https://www.bohemia.net/blog/dayz-is-launching-on-xbox-march-27 “To ensure that everyone starts fresh on launch day, all existing player characters and server persistence data from Game Preview will be wiped.”
  9. XFileGunner88

    Wipe is coming, Freshies to all

    If you’re on these forums, I’m sure you all know March 27th will be a big day for DayZ fans. In an article, https://www.bohemia.net/blog/dayz-is-launching-on-xbox-march-27 this was stated: To ensure that everyone starts fresh on launch day, all existing player characters and server persistence data from Game Preview will be wiped. <end> which i think is fair. Let’s all evaluate our game play, reasons for playing and make it as great as an experience as possible for all players. #ThrillOfTheHunt #ThrillOfTheKill
  10. XFileGunner88

    Down on D-pad ??

    Does anyone else have issue or does the “double click down on d-pad” NO LONGER keeps mic full time? not that it’s a big deal but sometimes when running solo, in the middle of a town, knowing not many others are online, I’d prefer to game chat, than party chat.
  11. XFileGunner88

    Buried loot disappeared

    Same here. I had a few stashed items in drysacks. The drysacks buries were gone. BUT the pistols in protective cases remained. Does a drysack “rot” maybe? I don’t understand how (2) protective cases remain and a drysack about 100ft away is gone. No way someone was running around and happened to find it. No way
  12. Anyone ever wanna run, loot military bases, gather weapons, and then build a base, LMK. Sure, everyone does the 1st 3 things. But I’m ready to build a base. So as we make our way to establishing a home for our base, you gotta gather goods. GT: XFileGunner
  13. XFileGunner88

    Looking for mature friendly survivors

    When do you play? Are you in US? Whats your gamer tag?
  14. XFileGunner88

    The easiest/depressing loot route

    I can tell you I have the iZurvive app and when I kept going inland and getting killed I finally said, screw it, I’m running the coast all the way west until the map stops, I hit that police/military check point, I went north, I went to the big military base, looted up, made my way back for hours and hours never seeing anyone inland. It was a trek, boring? sure but sometimes to survive, gather goods you gotta take the boring / safest route. Theres no sense running inland only to encounter armed men w machine guns when you have a backpack of food/ drinks / shotgun and shells. Better safe than respawn 🙂
  15. XFileGunner88

    Duping ruined game for me

    A “nice” community? Which would be? Any Recommendations? thanks in advance