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  1. I can constat that since the update of beginning Februar, launcher is broken and is no more usefull : DayZ isn't launched with official DayZ Launcher and game crashes in 3 situations : (1) When i want to play offline missions with mods. (2) When i want to launch Offline mission without Mods : (3) When i want to connect directly to a specific server indicatd in adress server and server Port : When i use Launcher without specifications, game is launched without problems. But so, why use a Launcher if we don't need it ?
  2. Hi, Since the last update, when i try to launch the Offline Mission with official Launcher, DayZ crashes. I use the mission of the game : \Steam\SteamApps\common\DayZ\Missions\dayzOffline.ChernarusPlus. Before, i could play in solo mission without problem, and i could even use mods and verify my own mod. Now, i am stopped because i can't verify if there are issues.