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  1. Update; After literally 9 fresh installs, the game now starts to load (screen goes black...no Dayz logo), it stays like that for a few minutes then kicks me out back to windows. STILL cant access the game on my 2 computers that I have been playing Dayz on for months....what the hell is going on?! Any help much appreciated.
  2. I've been playing Dayz for a few months now, no problem. I tried to launch the game yesterday and it begins to load, before the black & white Dayz screen appears, windows freezes and crashes.....unable to do anything resulting in a hard power off using the power button. I have tried to play Dayz on both of my computers, same problem. My son's laptop and his steam account runs Dayz fine, yet if I use his login on my machines Dayz freezes & crashes the whole computer. After this I figured a reinstall would sort the issue, no joy..... 3 fresh installs later and still no joy 😞 Please help!