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  1. carmelo henry

    Xbox Launch Update 1.01

    Related to the recent connection issues, we have located 4,500 cases of corrupted characters, which we will wipe during this downtime, to avoid further issues resulting from this. Correctly saved characters will not be affected....coming from dev whats that telling u Unplayable and i want to play on xbox for what u know
  2. carmelo henry

    Xbox Launch Update 1.01

    I have both and No i prefer no server hopping duping now they have the crap where u die and come back yea its unplayable and the fps still sux
  3. carmelo henry

    Xbox Launch Update 1.01

    why the fuck would you charge more knowing its not playable
  4. carmelo henry

    Xbox Launch Update 1.01

    You want the real dayz go pc xbox going to have problems for a long time
  5. carmelo henry

    Xbox Launch Update 1.01

    Should of just stayed on pc
  6. carmelo henry

    Xbox Launch Update 1.01

    We also made definite improvements when it comes to client-side performance (FPS) during several stages of the game. ...fucking lies shit still lags and fps is bad i got off soon as my fps went to hell and what u know zombies kill me cuz game froze...and still no point of basebuilding when YOU GUYS STILL HAVE SERVER HOPPING lock the fucking chars on the server so u only can play with that char only not have 30 xbox accounts 30 chars you guys are killing the game and dont make it worth playing it then charge 10$ you guys need to stop smoking that dope...shit is a pubg game with bigger map people kos in xbox to much they think its pubg..
  7. carmelo henry

    Car tents

    Look in factorys that where i find 2
  8. carmelo henry

    why mods are better then the regular game

    I work for my stuff i mean like object cars and etc..fans put so much more in the game
  9. carmelo henry

    why mods are better then the regular game

    Cuz fans put more time then dev Its kinda sad
  10. carmelo henry

    Full release March 27th

    Yup ther will be a wipe on all
  11. carmelo henry

    So BI when is this update coming?

    Its comin guys they fixing all the stuff on pc so it comes to xbox the dont want to rush like they did last time with cars and basebuilding and the patch is bad on xbox
  12. carmelo henry

    how many players xbox lost on dayz

    Yea thats why im stuck on pc ten times better
  13. carmelo henry

    One character per server, please devs!!!

    Pc the way to go want less problems more items pc...had to buy a gaming pc just so i can enjoy this game even then xbox think pc have no problems and they do it less but still do