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  1. Drunken Monkey

    looking for a few people or group.

    Hello, add me if u want, i am from the Netherlands and play a friendly style. Gt: ThaGixxer
  2. Drunken Monkey

    Global Defense Contracting

    I'm interested, I play a few hours a week and armored on this moment.... GT: ThaGixxer
  3. Drunken Monkey


    Someone or group to play the game. Bored on my own. I play a few hours a week. GT: thagixxer
  4. Drunken Monkey

    looking for help/friend

    GT: ThaGixxer Same here, add me if u r online
  5. Drunken Monkey

    Stuck in stone

    There was a glitch under a big stone. I walked into the stone and got stuck! I tried several servers but still nothing. I can drink/eat and....HELP?!
  6. Drunken Monkey

    Dayz Dozen

    Ok, I am new to the game. From the Netherlands and 39. What should i do?