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  1. Therealmaio

    M70 Tundra not shooting (AK also now)

    So I'm calling bullshit on how you aquired the weapons cause the only weapons I have ever ran into problems with is with dupped weapons. And yes, the SG-5 does sometimes spawn with a 15 round mag which causes the weapon to be inoperable because it's not supposed to exsist, if you haven't realized that yet, then I feel for you and good luck in DayZ, try COD.
  2. Therealmaio

    Traders and friendlys

    That's fair, side note, what sever do you main on? I've seen some of your posts before and I came across a base with things you've mentioned in yours before. @DayzDayzFanboy@DayzDayzFanboy
  3. Therealmaio

    Traders and friendlys

    Not always true, there's one base I found on a server that I came across and I've been in and out of it several times, he has farms going so I've looted some food and ammo that he's had but I've also restocked it with extra stuff I have when I visit. I've never actually ran into the guy though lol
  4. Therealmaio

    Base on snip

  5. Therealmaio

    Why are combat pants so heavy!?

    I don't understand how the devs have come up with the weight of clothing. Now the Patrol Pants I can understand being so light because Gortex material is light. But I have a pair of BDUs, ACUs, and OCPs and I don't notice a difference in wearing any of them. It also sucks cause I like to wear the plate carrier and mix those with the combat uniform and there goes the majority of my stamina.
  6. Therealmaio

    Quite frustrating

    It's not the game lagging, though yes, it sometimes does, however, you can't aim or shoot because of the proximity of the zombies. Similar to how to can't aim/shoot when you're fave to face with a wall.
  7. Therealmaio

    Xbox Feedback Round - January 2019

    So I'm in the Army and DayZ on Arma 2 was one of my deciding factors for enlisting because I love the realism of the game. However, on that note, I know it won't be easy and would take some updates to perfect but what I would love to see is weight reduction over time. I.E. something similar to the beard growth inthe game and I feel it would improve the soft skills already in the game. Now I say because if you're carring a backpack full of stuff and are wearing a ballistic vest, your stamina in game in almost maxed out. For example, I wear body armor and carry a 40+ pound ruck sack often and can honestly say that over time, you get used to carring that weight. But you guys are the devs and I love the game how it is but that's just my 2 cents on it.