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  1. Roscorabbit


    Some doors in industrial buildings are like that. The SFX are also backwards.
  2. Roscorabbit

    Xbox Update 04/02/2019

    Couldn't agree more Couldn't agree more. Also duping is ruining the game people have so much ammo, guns etc and when they die they just suicide untill they spawn nearby again dupe some more stuff then come back, it feels like call of duty or battlefield sometimes but then it's not worth doing anything else right now because nothing works. I think to stop duping just take out the exit now option, easy. My friends have already stopped playing until if and when the game works. Take out the stuff that is broken if you need to. One more thing for a hardcore survival game it is to easy to just survive, it was better when you started with no food or weapons.
  3. Roscorabbit

    Xbox Feedback Round - January 2019

    Please don't add any more unnecessary things like night scopes ( when night time is barely a thing ) or truck parts with no truck. Focus on making the game work properly first. I have waited years for this game on Xbox as im sure many have, but now I find myself close to walking away from it because you Devs seem to be more focused on adding pointless items rather than fixing the fundamentals of the game. And please please please stop the duping.