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  1. Cyclic

    I Don't Want To Sound Like A Broken Record, but...

    Killed a guy last night who was so geared, M4 decked out with 10 mags and loads of ammo, the new hunting rifle with loads of ammo, and ballistic vest with all the pouches. His vest didn’t do much against my AK. That’s how you get guns now, kill the duper’s, forget the mil bases.
  2. Cyclic

    Add more nails

    There are issues with the amount of loot out there right now. 7.62 x 39 is rare as are nails. You can find crap tons of 45 auto and sub guns though.
  3. Same here. What is this. I have been hopping to get away from night but please advise us of changes like that.
  4. Cyclic

    Warning to all duplication exploiters on Xbox

    BI states on one hand that you will not punish duping as it's a game glitch then you come on a public forum and state that? Right hand what is the left doing?
  5. Cyclic

    Balota airstrip midnight PST server 4416 US

    Ooh we were on 4404 tonight and there is a player base down from the airfield on top of a gas station, we killed one of them then they spawned out and flanked one of our guys by hopping server. Yes we will look for you one evening it has become one of our favourite places to look for fights.
  6. Cyclic

    Balota airstrip midnight PST server 4416 US

    Hmm now that i watched it all,don't know if that was us i think their were multiple teams there and groups in the confusion. I odnlt see anything that looked like it was us, i remember we locked the doors on the building except one, but none of the footage was us. It was around 2330-0100 PST on original post (Saturday night) We got two guys last night with yellow armbands same place same server 4416, sniped at them and missed then they tried to flank the treeline and ended up killing them up on the hill behind the treeline. there was three of us and we friendly fired our buddy in the firefight
  7. Who were you guys? Large team around 6 i am guessing , our team of 4 got taken out when you sniped them from treeline as they crossed towards the large building, then we played cat and mouse and got two of yours near tents, while we waited for our guys to run back. Really fun time, we thought we got you down to one and pressed the hill then your ghillies came out of hiding and messed us up, only two of us got away. We got another one of you over at that yellow house also across form the airstrip.
  8. Cyclic

    Muzzle flashes staying after shooting.

    Saw this last night we were a team of 4, and ran into a larger team at Balota airstrip. The whole treeline lit up with stuck muzzle flashes we knew exactly where the were but that volley killed two of us. Anyway first time i have seen it, we battled those guys for the next hour, it was a good time.
  9. Cyclic

    Cant find M4-A1 or the KA-M.

    I see them everywhere , what part of map are you in? US servers on west side they are everywhere
  10. Cyclic

    Holy macaroni

    A few of my friends and I left pubg to try this, while we love this game.....it has been a frustrating experience. One guy is gone after dying twice to zombies because he locked up , I have spent hours collecting gear, getting a car running to die to lag spike and crashing vehicle. Like fix the game performance first, don’t care about new items at this point if I can’t reliably get from point A to point to B. Trash pubg all you want it runs smooth at least and cost me 22$, I paid 40$ for this and am pissed off! Tone down the graphics and get rid of the wind it kills my frames, big cities I can’t even play in, FPS drops way to far.
  11. Cyclic

    Funny and Weird things seen on Dayz Adventures

    I was at my camp with a tire in my hand and looking into a barrel out of corner of my eye see two silhouettes running down the hill, almost jeet my drawers but then realized it was two Z's chasing a pig. I am in the middle of nowhere. We were on coast waiting for a buddy to run up the beach from spawn, we were waiting and hear footsteps then see a guy charge around corner on us, we shoot him.....it was our buddy who thought it would be fun to sneak up on us and not tell us....
  12. Cyclic

    Xbox Feedback Round - January 2019

    The UMP 45 quick aim vs ADS (red dot) does not match like the other firearms, AK and M4 are ok. point of aim and point of impact are off Noises are unrealistically loud, reloading, drinking etc Cars are really fun and allow you to explore, but super glitchy Pressing Y does not reload your gun it swaps gear, thought this was fixed? when it does work you put the same magazine (empty or almost empty) back into the firearm Unrealistic meal requirements (too often), unrealistic firearm maintenance (too aggressive)
  13. Cyclic

    Barrels disappearing and tent problems

    The tent has to be placed on level ground and not to close to trees or bushes, takes a bit of practice.
  14. Cyclic

    What Server do you play on?

    I play on US 4293, 4161, 4410 mainly due to my stashes being on those. I spend half my game managing my crap, half of which i don't really need.
  15. Cyclic

    Vehicle antics

    Thanks for your feedback, I noticed the same thing and though the last two vehicles were just bugged, before patch no issues.