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    Why i would prefer bikes over cars

    + dont forgot the serverside simulation of vehicles lol... one little lag and rip
  2. TheSzepy

    Why i would prefer bikes over cars

    actually BI wants to show working heli on gamescom this year (or E3, not sure now) + models of plane, heli and bikes are already done, bikes are even in game files already
  3. TheSzepy

    Sorry to sound like a broken record..

    so? game/loot mechanics are still same, the only difference between pc and xbox build is the control scheme + ofc the fact that xbox is one update behind PCs, but still it doesnt matter, CLE works same everywhere
  4. TheSzepy

    Stable Update 1.02

    this ↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑
  5. TheSzepy

    Sorry to sound like a broken record..

    by looking into gamefiles how the whole loot economy works, lets use again fal for example - <type name="FAL"> <nominal>4</nominal> <lifetime>7200</lifetime> <restock>0</restock> <min>1</min> <quantmin>-1</quantmin> <quantmax>-1</quantmax> <cost>100</cost> <flags count_in_cargo="1" count_in_hoarder="1" count_in_map="1" count_in_player="1" crafted="0" deloot="1"/> <category name="weapons"/> <usage name="Military"/> <value name="Tier4"/> </type> nominal- same as max if max is not used, otherwise used as a "nominal" lifetime - how long it takes to despawn if it lies on ground(spawned, dropped by someone etc), if not ruined restock - how long after one "dissapears"(despawns as ruined, or picked up by player depending on what flags are used) is the new one spawned min-minimum number of items on whole map quant min and max - used for ammo, aka how much ammo can spawn in one pile cost - not sure about this, probably some prioritizer for loot spawner, but maybe it does nothing now flags - - count_in_cargo="1" - if 1, FAL wont spawn if there are already 4 fals stashed in tents, vehicles etc. - count_in_hoarder="1" - not entirely sure by this one, should be for zeds or player - count_in_map="1" - basicly uses the min nominal and max values, if you set this to zero you will have fals everywhere where is the place for tier 4 military items - count_in_player="1" - if there are four fals used by players(in hands, backpack) the new one will not spawn - crafted="0" - this item cannot be crafted - deloot ="1" - i´m 95% sure that this means that the limit of four fals per server applies even to dynamic events(DELOOT- Dynamic Event Loot) like helicrashes, so if there are already 4 fals spawned on the map it cant spawn fifth one (if your max is 4) as a helicrash loot category, usage, value - this three values sets where the item can spawn not entirely sure what do you mean by this, but again, use fal as example, if you have server online for 1 year(24/7 nonstop), and four players with fals(again, online for whole year nonstop), the new fal wont spawn for the whole year can be random, can be intentional from server owners, can just be looted at still not respawned i will have to check this more, but the police stations are know for their lack of loot in no way, types is just a "limiter" for loot spawner, it says where, what and how much items should exist, there is no difference between 10 and 60 players online, except that with 60 players online there should be less items respawned(because nearly everybody is running with the high tier military loot etc), until all players disconnects i will use my case which happened few weeks ago for me - dayz is saving loot from whole map into binary blobs(kinda stupid, but this is for another discussion), lets say there are fifteen files used for loot - when you restart the server, one of them failes to load, in my case this file was used for saving loot in pavlovo military base(+somewhere else, but i´m not sure where), so when i went there after restart and i found 15 from 20 allowed MP5s there yes and no, i hope my previous text will give you an answer to this
  6. TheSzepy

    Sorry to sound like a broken record..

    the problem with "public" servers is that if there are already like 4 FALs(for example) stashed, or someone has it in inventory/using it etc.. the new one will not appear until one of the four already spawned dissapears(in dead body, despawns at ground, despawns as ruined), same goes for nearly all weapons/items, because of how default types.xml is made
  7. TheSzepy

    Discussion: Central Loot Economy 1.0 & Spawns

    this is random, you can have all 5 svds in one tier 3 "base"(even in one building) or divided between all tier 3 places there are more places for items then actual number of items which can spawn, so this shouldn´t be a problem, and about the dominant items i will link a post i made in another topic about this
  8. TheSzepy

    Fal Dont Found

    just set the count_in_cargo="1" count_in_hoarder="1" count_in_player="1" to zeros, so they will spawn even if someone has them stashed(cargo), in inventory(player) etc dont set the count_in_map="1" to zero or you will have fals everywhere where is the place for military tier 4 loot + dont forget that tier 4 means just the helicrashes and tisy + troitskoie military bases( if they didnt changed the tier areas from the last update) and DELOOT=1 means that the limit of four fals per server applies even to dynamic events(DELOOT- Dynamic Event Loot) like helicrashes, so if there are already 4 fals spawned on the map it cant spawn fifth one (if your max is 4) as a helicrash loot oh and btw SVD has exactly same spawn config, only thing is that min is set to 2 instead of 1 like fal has
  9. TheSzepy

    Stable Update 1.02

    pouches - military tier 1/2, pistol holster - military tier 3/4
  10. TheSzepy

    Stable Update 1.02

    thats because .308 ammo is spawning only in a hunting/farming buildings tier 2/3/4 while the .308 ammoboxes are military tier 2/3/4 loot , they cant even do a loot distribution properly/logically(no shotgun ammo at zeds, no 308 ammo at zeds etc, meanwhile .45+5.56 ammo is fucking everywhere in a soviet/former-soviet country)
  11. TheSzepy

    Stable Update 1.02

    thats because in dayz vehicle simulation is driven by server, not clientside like in arma, i really want to see how helicopter(s) will work at(after) E3( or gamescom, not sure now) when even the two cars we have now dont work properly
  12. TheSzepy

    Experimental Update 1.02

    they´re NOT SUPPOSED to hurt you when they are standing 5m away from you, while you cant hit them with your axe/whatever long melee you use + the absence of melee bashing with weapons/bayonets is speaking for itself and ofcourse the fact that your character is moving forwards while using melee which ends up in you going through the zed
  13. TheSzepy

    Stable Update 1.0.150000

    BI had a contract with valve that they had to release the game until the end of 2018
  14. TheSzepy

    Experimental Update 1.0.150053

    the mission files "we" have are not the same as official servers have/had in the past i dont know how much diferent they are, but surely they are not the same