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  1. MaximusDickus

    Survivor Gamez Alpha

    Just wondering if PC players are allowed to stream Survivor Gamez next monday ? Really interested to see gameplay.
  2. MaximusDickus

    Question regarding update and a concern..

  3. MaximusDickus

    Question regarding update and a concern..

    How you know it was sent Monday ?
  4. MaximusDickus

    Private server cost

    and make breaking into a base take a longer time
  5. MaximusDickus

    Latest Status Report, exploit fixes & future DLC

    Future DLC is going to be the BR mode for the PC or new map for PC would be even better. I doubt Consoles get anything interesting because PS4 release just happend.
  6. MaximusDickus

    DayZ Battle Royale (survivor gamez)

    Most people already treat Dayz as a BR game so who cares
  7. MaximusDickus

    Pulling out gun locks you to FPV

    I see this mod is a thing on some PC servers, cool idea. I would love to this be a thing on the console too.
  8. MaximusDickus

    private rented servers

    And how would owning a Private server help or benefit you in this case ? Would you be able to move your items out of or into private server ? Cost of private server ?
  9. It does not rain anymore and wind audio/ effects are broken i hope next update fix this issue.
  10. MaximusDickus

    Seeing the chaos first hand.

    Tents and barrels have way too big storage space maybe cut it half or more. I personally would not mind if they remove tents and barrels from the game on console versions.
  11. MaximusDickus

    Ambient music ?

    Ya i know what you mean but maybe it does not overlap other sounds too much. For the Xbox ambient stuff is pretty broken right now hope they fix it next update
  12. MaximusDickus

    Ambient music ?

    Is that Ambient music i hear at the back round of some PC Dayz streams a mod ? Kind of cool. I would not mind have that for the Xbox also.
  13. MaximusDickus

    Anyone having ambient audio issues?

    Ya, i like to make my way to up north and stay there instead just looking easy kills near coast so not having ambient sounds is a big deal for over all experience. Please fix soon you guys ♥️
  14. MaximusDickus

    Dayz Xbox One X - Worth it?

    Mostly it runs 60fps on 1080p and it looks great. Game has some lag and crashing issues, these issues seem to be random. Today example my game crashed 3 times within an hour which is record for me, yesterday i did play for 6 hours without crashing. My biggest complaint is lag issues and server stability.
  15. MaximusDickus

    Dog tag concept

    Ya something like this would be cool. Definitely do not want to add player tag into it tho, knowing how toxic internet can be.