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  1. MaximusDickus

    Dayz Xbox One X - Worth it?

    Mostly it runs 60fps on 1080p and it looks great. Game has some lag and crashing issues, these issues seem to be random. Today example my game crashed 3 times within an hour which is record for me, yesterday i did play for 6 hours without crashing. My biggest complaint is lag issues and server stability.
  2. MaximusDickus

    Dog tag concept

    Ya something like this would be cool. Definitely do not want to add player tag into it tho, knowing how toxic internet can be.
  3. MaximusDickus

    XBOX lag when entering area of other players ?

    Hello, so tonight for the first time i had lag for a second or two while entering area where i knew there is other players around. I heard them shooting and i went to look for them. At one point game lagged for a second or two in a way that i have not experienced in this game before and i just knew it is because there is other players really close to me. So i backed out same way i came in and at same exact spot my game lagged again. I did circle the area for few minutes trying to find better spot when these guys did appear. I hope you guys can fix this issue somehow. I know this has been an issue on PC too at some point. It is like a bubble around players.
  4. MaximusDickus


    i Heard howling North East of the Devils castle and i have seen wolfs fighting zombies West of the Severograd there is Mil tents next to the road, i see them there pretty often.
  5. MaximusDickus

    XBOX Sliding down ladders ?

    Hello, please how do i slide down ladders ? Thank you !
  6. MaximusDickus

    New night cycle time!

    i was looting north part of the airfield during night time with a flashlight and it was creepy as F*, i love it. And rain too. They did a a great job with it. night time is fine.Yes day time could be a little longer i guess.
  7. MaximusDickus

    45cal pistol with flashlight

    And how do you do it without firing your pistol is my point ?!
  8. MaximusDickus

    45cal pistol with flashlight

    I found a 45cal with a flashlight. cool i thought, how useful.problematic part of it is i need to use RT to turn the damn light on.
  9. MaximusDickus

    Controls needs a rework!

    Why o why did they remove the old controller layout completely instead giving 2+ options for layout. I was so excited for new update, now i am not even sure if i'll check it out. Mostly because they moved aim controls like that. It's 2019 and we have only one controller layout to choose from,, mind blowing. I love HARDCORE and personally think there iron sight should be LT and RS press for fire mode selection.
  10. MaximusDickus

    Xbox Feedback Round - January 2019

    add action into walkie-talkies that allow us to send text messages globally to any player whom have one. people on console do not use mics too often. flares we can shoot into air or flashing lights/ traps / alerts we or other players can trigger .
  11. MaximusDickus

    Night-vision scope useless?

    if they have no interest to make the night / day cycle right like it is on PC then just remove all the night time related items and whole night time all together. replace them with something useful that we can actually use to ´´interact´´ with other players. or do not if it helps with server crashing. replace it with a dynamic weather, i hope so. anything that help me and others to immerse into this game. at least try to fix server crashing, i hate when it happens when i finally see or have contact with other players.
  12. MaximusDickus

    Xbox CR 75 bug

    i am at the airfield and its difficult sometimes to be sneaky with all these Z's around.
  13. MaximusDickus

    Xbox CR 75 bug

    I have silenced CR 75, i killed 2 or 3 zombies no problem but now it suddenly does zero damage to zombies. Silencer also get's badly damaged after 2 or 3 shots. not good because fixing it uses a whole weapon repair kit.
  14. MaximusDickus

    Did the game ran out of weapons?

    low / medium population servers should have less loot so maybe man up and join high population ones.
  15. MaximusDickus

    Xbox Update 14/01/2019

    So you are gonna fix the night /day cycle issue soon ?