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    Genuine EndGamePVE Mod

    New: Water - will be a problem, wells are working near the spawn points only, inland you'll have to improvise and find other sources of water. Don't panic if you get sick, it's not that bad, plus there are pills for that.
  2. LucianX

    Genuine EndGamePVE Mod

    I don't know.... https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/dayz/3421946 Give it time... or try filter name "endgamepve" in one word
  3. LucianX

    Genuine EndGamePVE Mod

    I started bamby and had only 1 and a half hour by night fall. I managed to hunt and make a fireplace, to have flashlight and continue traveling. I am pretty satisfied of current gameplay. Night is short but enough to kill you, if you're not camping/sleeping somewhere inside a house.
  4. == Server will shut down, ignore this post == Most immersive survival experience. Mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1680393120 1 hour 30 minutes day / 30 minutes night Gasoline - it can only be found in small quantities between 0-25 % in each canister and you cannot refill it at fuel stations. Hunting - only wild animals exist, no domestic ones so you have to go in the woods. If you are lucky you will see two animals together, but most of the time only one. Wolfs - are many and dangerous. Their meat is not good for eating so you will not get any meat from skinning. Food - canned food is rare. It can't be found in zombies inventory. You have to search house by house. Raw meat - will make you throw up / vomit, it must be cooked before consumed. Base building - nails and required tools are easy to find. Vehicles maintenance - you need charged battery to start the engine and it will discharge with each start attempt. Remember that lights will also drain your car battery and if you are traveling for short distances you may consider to use a battery charger. Details here. Realism - if you clear a small village from zombies and you don't leave that area (400 m radius), it will remain cleared. You can camp there, no new zombies born out of nowhere. We recommend also this collection (optional): https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1694678931
  5. LucianX

    the real hardcore survival server

    Now there is one, you could give it a try: It's 1.5 h day, 0.5 h night, honestly I tried and it was such a reward that I managed to hunt and make the fire right before the night fall (starting bamby).
  6. LucianX

    the real hardcore survival server

    @pilgrim* "DayZ is NOT THERE YET ?? - you can't react to escalating situations or plan ahead in DayZ? .. er .. YET ..?? so when it gets "there" players will be happier because they <<dont have to pretend or play their imagination >> They can do preset Dev pre-planned adventure stuff instead and that will make DayZ .. better ?? " Everybody understand what they want. If you don't get the point it's ok. I don't care. Two players in dayz, they walk together in a thunderstorm and cold weather. One say: "It's raining...", the other "Mhm." And they continue walking... Examples are more...
  7. LucianX

    the real hardcore survival server

    I understnad some idea, each one is different and plays with imagination, until some point it's ok. But the rest I can't agree, I don't want to feel like I play Hitman and repeat each mission with different approach. I prefer more like real chellanges where you have to plan ahead, react to escalating situations where there is only one way out of this. Ofc DayZ is not there yet, nor any available mod.
  8. LucianX

    Loot cycles?

    I run my private server, I have searched about CLE a lot, I know about idle time and restock from types.xml. But still something is not clear. Suppose I have some item with nominal 150 and minimum 100. If I want to lower this numbers to 50 nominal ans 25 minimum, how will this change take effect? Since item is already spread over the map and no player touched it, will the CLE cleanu-up these items? If yes, based on which timer? Or do I have to make a loot wipe then apply this change?