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    What Is You Ideal Sever To Play On ?

    Well this is probably going to turn a little bit into another server advertisement thread as a lot of people here simply script their own server the way they want it, but well... We (group of 12) were looking for a simple server which changes how raiding works. We can not defend our base 24/7 and we shouldnt have to since this is a game. We have been offlined so many times now that it really got frustrating. Problem is that all servers which have the "DisableBaseDestruction" mod installed also have a ton of other mods we do not want, like Redux or Winter. OR they have 9001x loot and whatnot. We have only found a single server which suits our category, and that server crashes every 20 min. We didnt want fancy new content, we just want the current mechanics to work and make sense. So we made our own server with raid times. Thanks to a custom mod, you can only destroy bases during a specific time on sunday. We hope that that way more fights are going to happen around bases and that people plan their attacks ahead. Of course there are other ways to break in, like building a tower and jumping in, stacking yourself up, cracking the code lock etc. but you can also build a defense against that so... So far I have seen 3 concepts to fix the base raiding uberness: - Disable Base Destruction entirely - What I mentioned above - Tweaked Raid Tools (only sledgehammer to break open bases)
  2. PRTA is a multi-gaming community launched in 2011. We now plan on branching into DayZ with our own unique server and concept. Visit us: https://prteamwork.com/ Server Concept Destroying a base is only possible sundays 20:00 - 21:59 coordinated universal time (8:00 pm to 9:59 pm UTC). With this we hope to heavily change the behavior of players involving bases. Fights are more likely going to happen on bases during raiding times. And you have prepare attacks more carefully now. The reason for this change is that you simply can not defend your base 24/7 and you should not have to do that. Various base building buffs Recipe changes, you can now craft storage and other utility items for your base, tools last longer; Lets be honest: Your wood axe should not get an heart attack after the 7th tree. Oh yeah and: Build Anywhere. Base raiding nerfed Apart from the raid time mechanic mentioned above, we have also tweaked the destruction of bases a bit. Tools get more damaged now and it also takes longer to destroy a base part from the outside. Loot adjustments It is no secret that hoarding items in your base affects their spawning chances negatively. We have changed that. Hoarding 10 assault rifles in barrels does not affect their spawning anymore. Additionally, things like nail boxes and metal wire is now a little bit more common. Strong hardware 7700K, 32GB RAM and system admins who have nothing better to do! That should be enough for a decent experience. Details? An entire list of changes and a more detailed explanation can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mKrEuEWXXKHTJTflLILCZrFwgN7R716pHY7LtIEROE0 Join the server Modlist Simply subscribe to this collection: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1592711546 Start DayZ via launcher, enable these mods, click on play. Done. Server browser Open the community tab of the server browser, type in "PRTA" at the name filter, hit apply and wait until you can see the server. IP In case you can not find the server: Join us ... as an individual We have a lot of different clans taking part in our community. We suggest checking out our teamspeak (https://prteamwork.com/link-forums/teamspeak.326/) and just talking to random people. Protip: The guys from the AREA 94 clan are the main DayZ players, feel free to have a word with them! ... as a group PRTA was founded by multiple clans playing and working together. You can apply as your own group and claim your own benefits on multiple game servers, events and our teamspeak server. Discord Have a chat: https://prteamwork.com/link-forums/discord.1512/ Tag @CAS_ual_TY for more infos on the DayZ server. Or add him: CAS_ual_TY#4737
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    Get current UTC (GMT) Time in modded class

    Solved static int tbdhour; static int tbdminute; static int tbdsecond; GetHourMinuteSecondUTC(tbdhour, tbdminute, tbdsecond);
  4. Hello, how do I get the current UTC time in a modded class? Since I can not include anything there (?) I do not know how I would get time_t from <time.h>. I also checked some basic methods already, such as GetGame().*** (like GetGame().GetTime() but this is the ingame time). Does anyone know such a method or a way I could include time.h? I am new to scripting in Bohemia games. Thanks in advance