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  1. Seen it All

    Multi Player Accounts & Non duper servers?

    its worth a shot
  2. Seen it All

    Multi Player Accounts & Non duper servers?

    Multi user / player x box accounts is really hurting this game. If you are lucky enough to get a headshot on a duper dude, he appears from the same area fully geared multiple times. Even if their were player locked servers you could still have multiple accounts on that server. Can we get a few servers that are named Non Duper and let the dupers have free rain on the other servers
  3. Seen it All


    Any advantage or disadvantage of different shoes?
  4. Seen it All


    Found a base on top of a garage, the type you drive your car in and fill up fuel. No access, how do i get up? build a watchtower?
  5. Seen it All

    Radio Frequency

    Post your frequency and server number so that this community can communicate through radio. Server: 4229 Frequency: 93.1 Gamer Tag: KLUTCHMX
  6. Seen it All

    Game Chat / Party Chat

    For the love of God, can we please have a solution for this. The amount of times I fumble around with my options and almost get killed not switching to game chat quick enough. So brutal
  7. Seen it All

    Base building

    i wish, their is tons of good spots on the map. Find an area close to water and supplies. Lumber mills are essential for getting planks quickly, you can combine them into stacks of 20 to save space in your Back back.
  8. Seen it All

    Heli Crash Sites

    Been playing for 6 months and haven't seen one yet? Anyone got any advice to finding one?
  9. Seen it All

    Base building

    has to be fairly flat ground to build, destroys a lot of potential good locations. I spend most of my time building these days, have a pretty good setup. Two watchtowers, good perimeter fence, 3 barrels a camping tent and a car tent. Just need a car and a damn m4 or ak...lol
  10. Seen it All

    Finding Dupers

    If you find a dupers base, please post the location and server. We can clean these guys out as a collective
  11. Seen it All

    Anyone Play Inland?

    whats with all the servers starting with 38 recently? Are they international?
  12. Seen it All

    Anyone Play Inland?

    Does anyone play inland? ... Haven't seen any survivors in a month? I like the engagements, but don't want PVP on the coast? I play on 4299, anyone?
  13. Seen it All

    Altar radio sation

    Anyone know what Altar is for? Can you transmit across the map>?
  14. Seen it All

    Cant find pliers anywhere!!??

    I have 2 sets, I'll trade you for an M4 ;) Where on the map do you spend your time, if you want to head up to Cernaya Polana I can give you a pair!
  15. Seen it All

    Stole a couple of Tents last night

    Poor guys, one camping tent and a car tent, stole all their gear and two tents. Left them with a barrel and shovel, might go back tonight to finish the job. Thanks for the gear!