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  1. Seen it All

    Server Choice

    I'm struggling to pick a server to start building on. I don't want to pick one that ends up being low pop once the player count drops. Suggestions?
  2. Seen it All

    Where find weapons? М-4 and KA

    the new weapons are very effective, i like that its hard to find an M4 or AK... when you find them its like hitting the jackpot.
  3. Seen it All

    New night cycle time!

    night cycles should be taken advantage of. Loot high-risk areas knowing that visibility is limited, less chance of being picked off... zombies are freaky at night tho...
  4. Seen it All

    7.62 ?

    Its all in my backpack, just need a gun to shoot it with
  5. Seen it All

    Xbox Launch Update 1.01

    Is it possible for the hotkey RB to be used in motion? It's a little frustrating when you're trying to switch to your axe when zombies are in hot pursuit and your character stops....lol
  6. Seen it All

    please let there be light

    The night has to have 20 min max of pitch black
  7. Seen it All

    Human Steak

    U start laughing and shaking, not sure if there is a cure for this?
  8. Seen it All

    Human Steak

    Don't be tempted, only a few pieces will send you mad.
  9. Seen it All

    Before you get your panties in a twist

    The stone that you spawn with has never been so important!
  10. Seen it All

    Infected in this update are DANGEROUS.

    I like that the zombies are more dangerous, I visited a few areas that I had to back away from because of to many infected. Definitely harder to survive. I thought for sure that it would bring players closer together, but still got shot on sight....lol
  11. Seen it All

    Infected in this update are DANGEROUS.

    Takes multiple body shots from guns to down. Aim for the head boyz
  12. Seen it All

    Before you get your panties in a twist

    Well done! Some BIG improvements!! - UI is MUCH better - Graphics are better - Sounds are unreal - Visibility is INSANELY improved (long distance) - Tuna is already fixed - Night gameplay improved - the speed of looting drastically improved The only issue I have right now is the control mapping (this can be fixed quickly) Lag is still an issue but I love this game, I can handle that until they find a better solution Good job devs!
  13. Seen it All

    Unpacking Ammo

    Is there any advantage of keeping your ammo in a box?
  14. Seen it All

    Important Loot to gather before update

    Hahahaha... damit. Not going to lie though, the thought of everyone starting fresh sounds like a lot of fun. It's easy to get to attached to a character and play to safe... the fun of the game is the engagement of other players and risking your gear. I had a couple of friendly and hostile confrontations recently and they had my heart pounding... Being a bambi in this game is fun, its easy to forget how much fun it is; looting and gathering supplies.... See you on the beach!
  15. Seen it All

    27th of March

    I saw that they are changing the controller layout? Any news on what the changes are for the 27th?