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  1. Don_Duck

    Trubleshooting Terrain Builder

    Hello, I have a problem loading the map the first time (bulldozer) the following error message appears Can't compile "Game" script module! scripts / 3_Game / weather.c (51): Missing 'Get Limits' is linked as member but declared as external/static. Can someone help me?
  2. Don_Duck

    First start the Map Editor

    I think I'm just too stupid for all this ... Since my self-made map does not want to go, I have to test your map from the video loaded. tutorial_map. He loads everything so far but when I go into the bulldozer mode, he loads a while but that was it at some point and I still have a black screen in front of me .. Maybe you have time and desire to help me via Team Viewer. I thank you in any case for your help and your tutorials, these have helped me a lot.
  3. Don_Duck

    First start the Map Editor

    Unfortunately I have a new problem What have I done wrong? Terrainbuilder Error bool CLayerRvmatCFG::Open( const char* filename = "p:\tag\tagMyAddon\data\tag_dirt.rvmat" ) In your videos there are always quite a few files in drive P where are they coming from?
  4. Don_Duck

    First start the Map Editor

    Hi Matthew, Thank you very much, just found your video about the P drive and explained a lot
  5. Don_Duck

    First start the Map Editor

    Hello dear developers, I would like to use your map editor and implement many ideas of my own map. Unfortunately, this is already in the setup without second and third programs not usable. As far as I have seen of any tutorials. Is there a way to write one of you summarized instructions on how to set up the map editor for the first time? It is nice to know the experienced modder, but unfortunately, you give out this information only piecemeal and, above all, not coherent. As said the first time, setting up would help a lot. Since my English is not very good and I like to use Google Translater in picture and sound. I know it's complicated and I know I have to get used to it first, but if I can not even start thinking properly then I can not practice. I would be very happy about the help! Many thanks in advance