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    Lock each character to a single server?

    I make a valid point with my original post. you obviously didn't play the mod. you seem angry.
  2. jonhsmith111


    So this game a full game release then? not a chance. I could literally name 10 game breaking bugs... but can't be bothered
  3. jonhsmith111


    Its to easy to break a metal fence down anyway especially with the unlimited duct tape glitch... game is broken
  4. jonhsmith111


    How you gonna stop ghosting then?
  5. jonhsmith111

    Lock each character to a single server?

    How it is now isn't Dayz.
  6. jonhsmith111

    Lock each character to a single server?

    I have played Dayz from the very beginning on the PC mod. And played both servers that were in a hive and also character locked servers. Character locked servers are better because it stops combat logging, ghosting into other player bases and how the state of the game is in now with the server hopping to duplicate gear. If the developers have any sense and even played the mod they would know exactly what I mean.
  7. jonhsmith111

    Server hopping?

    What's being done about server hopping into somebody else's base on PC ?
  8. jonhsmith111

    My first base raid

    I could walk straight through our own. Maybe not through other players then dunno weird. but definitely broken regardless
  9. jonhsmith111

    Don't need to server hop into bases lol

    I noticed this aswell. what's the point in even adding them in the first place? you know that this " beta " update was rushed to stop everyone from moaning. Someone on here was blagging about how they raided a base but didn't realised that you can just walk through walls lol.
  10. jonhsmith111

    My first base raid

    oh dear... you do realise that you can just walk straight through fences don't you? probably not lol