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    Input detection

    Well there isn't great documentation so it may be best to wait. Otherwise it will take a lot of trial and error. As for input detection though, I'm pretty sure that's only client side. So you may have luck looking into some other dayz SA repositories and see how they do it. Good luck
  2. Dylan Greene

    Get all zombies entity arround position

    A little late but if you still need it: https://gist.github.com/greeneman42/54aa86a56e2a8617778f48e727a427dd Returns an array of nearby zombies as type Object. You might need to cast it to something else like ZombieBase for whatever you're trying to do. Note: It will return dead zombies too!
  3. Dylan Greene

    Getting assets into the Game? (DIY Grenade)

    Any tips on how you got it to load in game?
  4. Dylan Greene

    Scripters Question & Answer Thread

    Here's this for now. https://mov3ax.pro/dayz/api/eng/index.html
  5. Dylan Greene

    Spawn Tents already deployed with inventory in them

    It might be because of where you are calling it. I used this and it worked. I did change it from Car tent to the large tent. TentBase Tent = GetGame().CreateObject("LargeTent", chatPlayer.GetPosition(), false); Tent.Pitch(); Tent.GetInventory().CreateInInventory("M4A1_Black"); Tent.GetInventory().CreateInInventory("Mag_STANAGCoupled_30Rnd");
  6. Dylan Greene


    https://github.com/greeneman42/DayZAdminCommands/blob/master/init.c Here's what I came up with from admintools.c . It only works when the player is logged in as admin with the #login command. Hopefully that's a start and can eventually work for all players. I added /car, /m4, and /boar for now. Should be easy enough to follow along with for adding more commands.
  7. Dylan Greene

    Scripters Question & Answer Thread

    I got it to work with something like this: void CreateVehicle(vector position) { position[0] = position[0] + 5; vehicle = GetGame().CreateObject("OffroadHatchback", position); vector direction = vehicle.GetDirection(); direction[0] = 180; vehicle.SetDirection(direction); } I'm pretty sure the facing direction is either index 0 or 2. Here's what changing index 1 does :P https://imgur.com/a/YvTx5tS