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  1. Griev

    Stable Update 1.04.152050

    Can tents now be placed above the ground floor in buildings?
  2. We have added the Newly Updated Mass's Many Items Mod https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1566911166&searchtext=masses
  3. We have now added a Custom Script to manage our Day/Night Cycle and Dynamic Weather condidions to add more variaton to the game play. https://discord.me/udare
  4. uDARE has added two very cool mods today. Firstly INFECTION to bring back some feel of survival back into modded servers... and Secondly because people just love new vehicales even of they can be a little buggy 4 new types see pictures below. Discord: https://discord.me/udare
  5. uDARE Current Trader Locations Our first Vending Machines have been added (Cherno, selling food, drinks and medical supplies)
  6. uDARE Event today Treasure Hunt - 29th May 2019 21:30 BST MISSION - Your mission will be to find the hidden treasures hidden within the **core** of the Killing Fields, some will be decoys all will have different bounties. - There will be a twist REWARD - Various from Cash, Weed and Vodka to Weapons LOCATION - the Killing Fields
  7. Come try uDARE today. none toxic community growing fast keeping DayZ alive. https://discord.me/udare New Player Promotions - Free TP to Trader - 12.5k in Rubles to start you off New Group Promotions - 1x Medium Tent, Barrel or locker - Building Materials for 1x Gate + 4 Walls
  8. uDARE - New Content - Brand new Prison Island Bridge - New Black Market Trader on Prison Island - New AWM + AWM Tactical https://discord.me/udare
  9. uDARE 'the Killing Fields' is now complete... Come give it a try.
  10. uDARE ''The Killing Fields' - Open PvP EVENT Zone Coming Soon! - Server Events - Clan Wars - Server Vs Admin - Server Vs Clan
  11. uDARE - Re worked loot table (not millions of butt stocks and rails like losts of servers) - Customised world map the give improved client and server performance Coming soon - Re worked NEAF - Re Worked Balotta AF - Black Market Trader 'Prison Island' Realy good EVENT run yesteday evening with aroud 25 of the 40 people online taking part, the winner made off with around 250k in loot and money and we had around 75 kills in and around the EVENT location..... more to come. https://discord.me/udare
  12. uDARE is now fully back up and rocking ! people MODS Added last night - Trader - bzReload - Codelock - Humvee Come join us on discord | https://discord.me/udare where we have active groups looking to expand and recruite new players The WIPE means everyone gets a fresh start and with our new and returning player bonus of 12.5k in Rubles you can get a little kick start! We would also love to hear from group of 3 or more looking for a new home.... we offer along with the new player and base start kits a private discord group and voice channel and a place to recuit more members into your group/faction Join us today uDARE
  13. Griev

    Stable Update 1.03

    BI come on please ! Last patch you broke Garden Plots .... its a pain but people lived with it till this patch BUT This time you break gates this is game breaking .... are you trying to loose the player base @Im_Khaos Persistence issues are becuase the patch reset your xml files witht the default persistence for cars set to 3
  14. We are now back online after the 1.03 udpate. 1.03 comes with some bugs... sorry ... features! but I think as a community we get that. We have had a FRESH WIPE for 1.03 Join to day and claim your base starrt kit and ruble prize (once Trader fixed) Join us on discord https://discord.me/udare Mods Broken pending fixes. - Codelock - Trader - bzReload Coming in the next few Days - Revamp Ballota AF - Revamp NEAF
  15. Run some great mini events yesterday, more to come later today .... more fun, more loot, more pvp Join today and stay in touch for our latest events and server promotions for new players and groups https://discord.me/udare