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  1. marshall187

    Task Force Z Recruitment

    Hello Maj. B.J. Davies Is there room in this group for EX-UK Armed forces. Currently working in the middle east, Capable and willing to get it done from Thursdays @3pm GMT to Saturday @2300 GMT. (GMT is -3 hrs on my time) The work keeps me off line until I can reach civilization at the weekends. Regards
  2. Hey Man I'm interested in join a clan and have posted on a few adverts to see who is doing what or has room for me. I play on Thursdays to Sunday mornings due to work commitments. Tend to put in lots of hours when I can sit down tho. Older guy so not a squeaker and I have a Mic. Discord is installed but I don't rate the quality of the comm's as I'm based in the Middle east and I think the ping to the discord server is on the high side. Game wise I'm a converted xbox Dayz player. I know the map fairly well and have no issue with pvp or pve/base building. Fire me a message
  3. marshall187

    27th of March

    I guess there will be a full wipe aswell?
  4. marshall187

    Mosin/shotgun possible cycle button

    I would be more than happy to have any combo that worked for either the mossin or shotgun, 2 great guns held back by very annoying issues.
  5. marshall187

    SG500 Server mini Wipe

    So last night me and a few guys were happily playing on SG 500. The server decided to restart and we had to wait around 45 minutes for the server to come back to life. Upon logging in we found our small base was wiped. Not sure if we are alone in this or if it was a SG servers wide wipe. Anybody else have this? Not a whinge just a bit in the dark on whats going on and the lack of a heads up.
  6. marshall187

    Inventory management is a nightmare right now.

    yeah have to admit I have had awful issues with using tents. Some times there slick and no problems other times it comes close to throwing the controller at the screen. Guess this is all to be expected as we are basically the test dummies for a Pre released game.
  7. Plenty of solid common sense. Good post
  8. marshall187

    Tenta and Barrels invisible??!!

    my Mesh barriers decided to move one day and the next disappear.
  9. marshall187

    Base building in existing structure

    to add to the list of bugs we discovered you can actually run thru the walls of the player made fences. You just have to keep running or sprint at the fence and pop your on the other side. But as it stands its only good for practicing and passing the time. I have discovered a lot of places where the loot is being rolled, you know where its all out side as the person or group are trying to force the loot spawns.
  10. marshall187

    Land mines go BOOM

    I have been dropping them in police stations to annoy the server hoppers. But I never stuck around to watch. Good job by the sounds of it. Bravo lads, good to hear that there is more out there that finds the loot goblins just as annoying.
  11. marshall187

    Basebuilding & Vehicles Update

    If you build inside a structure how can you prevent sever hoppers from just dropping for a good old help your self to our stuff ?
  12. Couple of questions that maybe the greater good out there can clear up. So I decided to plant my base inside a structure. What constitutes it being a claimed space. I'm thinking of the loot goblins ghosting in from other servers to take the equipment etc etc. Does closing off the entrances count or does it require a locking gate ? And that's my final question on who the devil do I make a gate.
  13. marshall187


    I do understand the whole infected not being like a normal person. What is a worry to me is them appearing in a locked concrete building with steel doors. I would classify it as a small bug, along with the M4 suppressor alerting all the infected in the area where the pistol versions do not. But thank you for the sarcasm it's a most refreshing.
  14. marshall187

    Cars throwing you into the Air.

    If the car is stationery and a zombie runs into it the game can crash. When you log back in you are falling from a few thousand feet. 3 of us died last night to this glitch. The 4th didna series of controlled quitting of the game until his character was maybe 20 feet off the ground. So be sure when your driving the car to remain in motion or it's going to lead to the death of all occupants.
  15. marshall187


    So the zombies are wild. The walk thru walls. Appear out of thin air. Immune to new melee weapon ( brass knuckles) They alert a horde of Insta zombies without making noise. They hear suppressed shots from rifles. And generally do not behave like before the patch. Bit annoying to die to a zombie in a garage as it spawns 5 more into the locked building along side of you. All the while being immune to the players attacks.