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  1. Bob.E.Dazzler

    Star Citizen - Latest Innovations

    StarPonzi, buy now only $15000 dollars.
  2. Bob.E.Dazzler

    Stable Update 1.0150627

  3. Bob.E.Dazzler

    Stable Update 1.0150627

    Not played for a bit, what's the state of play can we throw things yet? Do we have bows and stuff? Can we jump/climb things yet?
  4. Bob.E.Dazzler

    Raiding bases only when the owners are online

    Don't like this idea, feels very gamey and detracts from immersion to have bases pop out of existence because somebody logs off.
  5. Bob.E.Dazzler

    GAAAAHH - Persistence still a mess.

    The thing is many didn't know persistence wasn't fixed. Many never visit forums, some would have been 1st time players; seems unrealistic to blame them for expecting the game to function on release.
  6. Bob.E.Dazzler

    Server Crashed : I lost everything :-(

    Yea, they knew it was broke and pushed it to launch anyway, enjoy.
  7. Bob.E.Dazzler

    PC 1.0 Release Date Announcement

    All I want to do is break peoples legs and then go fishing, does that make me a monster? Happy Xmas all.
  8. Bob.E.Dazzler

    PC 1.0 Release Date Announcement

    I wasn't going to say more, but as you asked it bothers me because it could of been so much more. If they had knocked it out the park with a feature complete 1.0 with all the guns, helis etc. then everyone would look again at the product and sales would pour in. This would allow them to fix/replace many of the terrible things in the game which without that budget will remain. As a small example but one I have always found especially glaring is who thinks that the checkered beds found in some buildings or civilian barracks are a acceptable texture object? They are awful and hark back to half life 2 era graphics. These and many other things could be changed with cash, but with no real momentum from a lacklustre launch all we going to get is maintenance mode and that depresses me.
  9. Bob.E.Dazzler

    PC 1.0 Release Date Announcement

    Tell you what we will agree to disagree and let's see the numbers come 1st Feb, happy Xmas all.
  10. Bob.E.Dazzler

    PC 1.0 Release Date Announcement

    'No competition', well that'll convince the reviewers and prospective customers to buy a outdated and non functioning(persistence being the major, but not only bug.) 1.0 of Dayz...
  11. Bob.E.Dazzler

    PC 1.0 Release Date Announcement

    Well that may convince you and approx. 2k people who will still be playing come January, but modern gamers will pass it by; too little, too late. That's ok for some, they've always seen it as a niche game; but I and others had hoped for more. What happened to the initial integrity of not releasing till it was ready? Sold down the river that's what...
  12. Bob.E.Dazzler

    PC 1.0 Release Date Announcement

    New players will think it's 10 years out of date, with janky controls; it has not aged well. The market is awash with high quality games atm, do you honestly think dayz in it's current state can compete?
  13. Bob.E.Dazzler

    To all combat loggers.

    I'm just on about not cheating, ok the example was for pc but I just don't get that anyone thinks cheating is ok. It's like playing monopoly with the family at Xmas and flipping the board coz you can't win, it's a thing only spoilt children do.
  14. Bob.E.Dazzler

    To all combat loggers.

    Log out timer should be raised to at least 30secs, preferably a minute to deter cheats.
  15. Bob.E.Dazzler

    To all combat loggers.

    If you don't like the vanilla game, play on a rp/restricted kos server; don't cheat by combat logging just because you don't like how others play the game-within the rules.