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  1. FearFokkol

    Have anyone been driving the Olga?

    I tried to build my 1st car the other day "Ada" but couldn't fill the radiator with water from the cooking pot? can we only fill from canteen, bottles and jerrycan?
  2. FearFokkol

    Selected Servers going Offline on May 27th!

    Exactly, as stated previously, they are going to switch off those servers in any case, why not just make them character locked servers, I'm sure players who want to play with their friends will play these servers alot more, getting geared up from scratch, building a base and playing the game with a properly working CLE and I doubt that these servers would be "low" pop as players would then be able to play without having the issues of Duping, Base hopping, repositioning during combat etc....ALL these issues should basically be resolved and the forums would not have as much threads about exploits that's currently dominating the forum. Try it, these locked servers might just become the most popular servers on Xbox DayZ.
  3. FearFokkol

    Base full of duped gear

    I understand your point 😁 No I have never duped gear and yes my buddy and I did swap out our SKS rifles for an LAR each, the other rifles that we server hopped and dropped were ruined first before we left using an extra mag we each took from the duped stash. And yes, I still have my LAR since then and pretty good with it on Dayz 😁 Maybe we should have taken more, maybe not, I think of it that even if they are more duped now, we will just find the bases and despawn all the duped gear "after upgrading ours ovecourse" until this is fixed, however I don't mind looting bases with just a 12G and a Tundra/Mosin, but as I said, I do understand your point here but it gives us something else to do other than to loot empty mil tents, build bases that can be access via server hopping etc.... Only thing else we can do on the game is hunt, gear up with whatever we find and go base hunting "duper bases" an trade/chat to other players and they sometimes join on the base raids etc... , legit bases we leave alone or trade 😁
  4. FearFokkol

    Base's on buildings - possible server hop to access

    Yeah I dont really like server hopping especially when it comes to bases/repositioning in combat etc... 😁 As for the base, I prefer to check any base I come along as I'm looking for dupers gear, as always if it's a legit base, I will leave the contents and leave the area or trade something, like the other day I came across a base that had nothing in it but a half built Ada 4x4, I check the Ada and there were odd bits, I wanted a cooking pot which happened to be there so I traded my CR527 with mag "no scope" for the cooking pot (I Had a Tundra for long range which I kept), then left the area. I had been scouting this particular base for a while previously which had seemed like a dupers base considering the gear that these players had so wanted to check it, i like the idea of what they had done, thereby making the base more difficult to access unless someone has to do some building to access it,b ut the issue comes in where they have no idea when the owners of the base would come back, but also the base was inaccessible to server hoppers also unless they build the towers to access it. Now I dont consider every player carrying a LAR/M4/KAM as a duper as they could have taken the gear from another player/duper or lucky to have found one, however since this is a big issue in this game currently, I'm sure that this is something players would assume when coming across a player with such gear considering that these items are currently in some instances completely unavailable and by making a trip to any Mil base is just another trip to get better clothing/backpack and possibly a platecarrier (Basically turning Mil bases into Market Tents for better clothes and that's all) 😁
  5. FearFokkol

    Xbox Update 1.02

    couple of issues that I have recently come across, dont know if anyone else has these issues, 1. the Z's do sometimes walk right through the building, I was crouching in the corner of one house at night with all the door's "main" and "inside doors" were closed and this Z just walk right through the house and out again from outside. 2. The Z's manage to swing an hit me even though I'm not close to them, I was running from a couple of Z's when they managed to actually hit me from about 10 meters away? 3. Some Hunting stands are not accessible. some of these I have to actually stand back, run and jump against it in order to get the "Press X to climb" option, some I cant even access at all. 4. At night inside the houses, some of the walls seem to flicker as though there was a strobe light in the house. 5. Some spots in the environment has it that when you run along the road/woods/water stream etc...all of a sudden the character is flying all over the place. 6. Sometime the house door will get the character glitch in between the doors and cant move, would then need to reopen the door, exit the house then try to enter it again. 7. Some of the house textures are not rendering, in some places, the house floors are not rendering in and shows the grass
  6. FearFokkol

    Selected Servers going Offline on May 27th!

    @ImpulZ Maybe instead of removing these servers, why not make them character locked servers and leave them online while dev resolves the issues with regards to the game exploits. Try it, I'm sure these servers would become very popular amongst all player styles 🙂
  7. FearFokkol

    Questions - found top end stuff and scope

    Yes, locked doors are unlocked after server reset
  8. FearFokkol

    Questions - found top end stuff and scope

    Seems like that might have been bait loot but a really nice find, just keep to cover, dont move out in the open and check the surroundings, any Mil weapon right now would be a "sought" after weapon on DayZ and possibly attract alot of attention from other players just for the that reason, also there is the possiblity of being seen as a duper, alot of streams currently on DayZ, whenever they are carrying KAM, M4, LAR, the comments/chat is always filled with "Thats duped gear" LOL
  9. FearFokkol

    Questions - found top end stuff and scope

    The Atog now has two options on sights, the actual scope and then the "iron sights" on top of it. Hold LT and then Right D-Pad to switch between the two, does it stay in "option" when holding LT?
  10. FearFokkol

    Lack of good weapons!!!!

    I think that's quite a good loadout right there, the hunting scopes will spawn at hunting camps, hunting stands and hunting feeders also at the castles.
  11. FearFokkol

    Finding Dupers

    I think that's against forum rules? 😄
  12. FearFokkol

    Lack of good weapons!!!!

    I was sporting the CR527 with only one mag and a few rounds, but managed to get a Mosin and found a compensator with about five boxes of 762.54 and PU scope, so dropped the CR527 and kept the hunting scope and then was just looting hunting stands and feeders, found a tundra in the feeding stand (also found a few in hunting stands) attached the hunting scope and one box of 308, so need to look for more ammo for that. So now I have both Mosin and Tundra as cant decide on which to keep and they both are equally good long range/hunting rifles. I have to say that the Mosin with compensator looks really badass though 😁
  13. FearFokkol

    Question - ref: backpack

    Yeah if your only going back there in a few days, then it's likely it would have already despawned or someone else would find it😁
  14. FearFokkol

    Question - ref: backpack

    I know it was mentioned here previously as to how long these items would stay before despawning, I would assume that if the backpack was left there a few minutes ago and your character respawns, then its should still be there when you get there.
  15. FearFokkol

    Finally found M4!!

    Same here, I didn't know that they were in the game until I raided a dupers base and dug up five of them full of FAL mags, but was more surprised when I saw them.