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  1. FearFokkol

    Aim assist

    I have noticed this somewhat, when pressing LT and the Z walks slightly near the crosshairs, the crosshairs seem to drift towards the Z slightly
  2. FearFokkol

    Cars DeSpawning is Wack

    Private Server or Community Server?
  3. FearFokkol

    Private server game messages

    Have you tried to stop the server, then download the script from the Nitrado interface, edit it "Copy" of what Aux7 sent you, try to keep the format of the downloaded script, its quite easy to follow and then add the details from Aux7 script to the downloaded one, then upload the script and start the server?
  4. FearFokkol

    New weapons for 1.05 release

    Yeah, if players knew that they could pick up a AK74u in a civilian building, then players would be more active all over the map and not just concentrate on Mil zones as the only place with just the best gear.
  5. FearFokkol

    Cars DeSpawning is Wack

  6. FearFokkol

    Cars DeSpawning is Wack

    Yeah, would need to log a bug report for that buddy, seems like there are alot of issues with items just been removed at random from spawn points, inventory etc.....
  7. FearFokkol

    Nitrado Server Assistance

    have you managed to get this script to work?
  8. FearFokkol

    Cars DeSpawning is Wack

    Had you put something in the trunk of the vehicle whilst getting the parts to build it? I haven't had this issue in game
  9. FearFokkol

    Help, I'm sick! (Antibiotics useless)

    How had you used the alcohol tincture after bandaging to treat it?
  10. FearFokkol

    So much fun

    Had the same issue, took the clip from the backpack to reload ammo but couldn't, then thought if I had dropped it and picked it up again, would solve the issue, but then I couldn't pick it up, so logged out and logged back in, the clip that I dropped was then in the gun and the one that was in the gun was in my backpack
  11. FearFokkol

    Chest and Barrels

    Yeah tried this also, doesn't work 😔
  12. FearFokkol

    Chest and Barrels

    Same, barrel stashed and couldn't access the contents, this is the same for vehicles, if there are items in the trunk, some items would not be accessable, guess most "storage" items in the game are glitched
  13. FearFokkol

    Has anybody gotten a refund for undelivered server?

    I would assume that they have a backlog of servers to setup, I had purchased one about two weeks ago to test then if happy will upgrade it, but it wasn't installed due to the server browser issue, now that the latest hotfix resolved this, the server was installed about two days ago.
  14. FearFokkol

    Weapon spawn bug?

    Yeah recently found two heli spawns, one with vss and svd, the other with m4 and svd, no lar yet lol
  15. FearFokkol

    Weapon spawn bug?

    And I have been looking for a LAR for a while now 🙂