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  1. FearFokkol

    Base builders off limits Truce

    In a way this is correct, but I don't think this is a valid reason to shoot at other players when spotted, I tend to try and get some communication going, that usually de-escalates the "Oh shit, player/s that might be after my gear". A while ago happened to walk up on another player that was looting a house, he had a KAM on his shoulder and his back was towards the front of the house "all windows" so, when I said hello, he said "Oh shit", turned and then had a BK-133 in his hands but once I had let him know that I was friendly, he was ok, not saying that this is always the case, but most of the time when I let them know in friendly there were no issues 👍
  2. FearFokkol

    Everything Gone!!!!

    Yeah, its the same with tents and barrels, I had a base but that disappeared, then decided to rather use tents and barrels, same thing, so now I'm trying to find something to actually do on DayZ Xbox other than PvP, so currently just running around the map looting, talking to other players.
  3. FearFokkol

    Lack of HC players

    Nice one, I also came across someones stash today, some barrels with random gear in it and one "damaged" M4 with no mag, so I swapped out the M4 with my working KAM with two full mags and a scope, now it gives me something to do (Search for acog, mags and ammo) on the other side of the map and to be honest no point in searching for base building supplies as it's sort of pointless due to the option of server hopping into closed bases.
  4. FearFokkol

    OREL Police Pants pattern color changes

    The OREL Police Pants shows up in "equipment as a blue camo pattern, in first person view it is the same, but in third person view, its displayed on the character as green camo pattern? Anyone else notice this?
  5. FearFokkol

    Duper base hunting

    Well I have just recently come across a dupers stash, identical items in both "storage's" and this includes M4's, currently busy scouting out the place.
  6. FearFokkol

    Bear traps

    I walked into one recently, not much damage as long as you bandage it up
  7. FearFokkol

    whats going on with the loot on xbox

    Hey buddy, yeah I remember that, you wanted to keep the shotty of which I was quite surprised actually, used that same M4 of some ghillied players in Electro, then upgraded the M4 for one of those guys SDV, anyway we were talking and exchanging items in the middle of the woods 👍
  8. FearFokkol

    whats going on with the loot on xbox

    Haha why is my reply pointless, I was merely saying that for "survival" purposes there are plenty of civilian firearms and ammo available if the the players are not picky as to what they want, what SamZ400 said that he couldn't find anything to defend himself against the wolves so I just pointed out that there are, but need to search further. Other than that, yes I do agree with you "You dont need an AR" , however if a player finds one great, but if not, there are plenty of other weapons about 👍
  9. FearFokkol

    whats going on with the loot on xbox

    I have to agree with most of the replies here so far, because I was online for about the same amount of hours and just between two towns I found quite a few firearms, Town1: 3x BK-18 1x BK-133 1x IJ-70 And some ammo with couple mags. Town2: 2x BK-18 2x BK-133 1x Mosin 1x PU Scope Plenty of BK-133 ammo Then as I was looting another town, I found some ammo for the Mosin and BK-18, so they are there and available, just nned to keep looting town after town, honestly it took me quite a while to find a Mil rifle, but I wasn't running from Mil base to Mil base, just quite happy to be running around the map looting with a BK-133 and IJ-70 which seem to the more "available" I think Mil rifle shouldn't be made freely/widely available, however I think the devs would need to add something like the SKS "civilian rifle", a scope available for the BK-18 and make the pump action a bit quicker on the BK-133, these would then be alternatives to Mil rifles as i would even out the playing field in a pvp situation but also then most players wont be running the Mil camps because of good alternatives :)
  10. FearFokkol

    How's the community?

    Well I seem to find this more on the coast though, there has been a few times where I have come across players inland and we would just talk, exchange some items then go our separate ways. I came across four players last night in Orlevets in two separate occasions, helped the first two with a IJ-70, extra clip and ammo, then they left and whilst looting, I "ran" into another two players, both with KAM's (one suppressed) and one had a half ghillie suite, also friendly, helped them out with some KAM ammo with mag. So luckily I have not encountered any "hostile" players when chatting inland of which I'm sure many players have, but on the coast is a different story :)
  11. FearFokkol

    Did the game ran out of weapons?

    Well after running around for days with an M4 with two mags and some extra ammo, I decided to ditch it for the mosin and bk-133 and actually try to chat to the players that I come across, seems like if you run around with an M4/KAM then players tend to either just avoid you or shoot to get the M4, some players possibly assume the player with the MIL gear is hostile
  12. FearFokkol

    BK-133 Player Opinions

    Actually tried this with both the shotgun and mosin. Rifle/shotgun in hand, combine with the ammo from inventory to chamber first round, then hit Y and will load the other shells/bullets until it's full, so yeah it works, thanks 🙂
  13. FearFokkol

    Gun unjamming...

    There is still gun jamming in the game, I had picked up a damaged IJ-70 and it jammed. So I shot a Z, the gun jammed but the unjamming action was automatic because right after the gun jammed, the character started hitting the gun, pulling the slide to unjam it, once it had done unjamming the gun, I hit Y and it chambered another round.
  14. Yeah that would be pretty cool.
  15. FearFokkol

    Xbox Update 14/01/2019

    Lol yeah, was just asking as they said that they would be releasing an update weekly but guess not, I don't like server/character wipes etc.. either, but I get what you mean :)