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  1. Jonas Levin

    PVP RU 4107

    I think you should just come and park your car in front of my M4 instead.
  2. Jonas Levin

    ETA for private Servers?

    I can't see that coming for now. They stated that privates servers on Xbox will NOT be a thing for now, and as far as I know you need a private server to be able to mod it. So all the clans, groups, factions and whatnot in here is going to have to curb their ambitions about what is possible here A LOT. Ive seen certain people/groups that had already started taking donations and such to be able to start private community-servers up and made pretty big remarks about what the money would be used for - this will hit the Xbox Dayz-community hard and as I see it DayZ without the mods and possibilities is only 50% of the charm. I know I will be relocating to DayZ on PC via GeForce NOW pretty soon - I just need to get a wired connection first as I am getting an extra ping of about 60 ms via my 4g, 5ghz wifi which is a tiny bit too much for me (but still totally playable).
  3. Jonas Levin

    Dayz 1.0 patch notes

    I am really hoping this will be the update that makes this game go from a mess to something that doesn't give you a headache. 🙂 I absolutely love this game, and I am looking _very_ much forward to the 27th, but to be honest I don't really care about new guns and such - I want the game to be playable without extreme-fps drops, I want all the NORMAL mechanics that aint implemented right now which (leaning, holding breath, rushing down ladders and such) and I want the duping to be fixed. New guns'n'stuff is great, but fixing the general game is hopefully what they have been working their asses off on!
  4. Jonas Levin

    1.0 and what i hope for.

    I will be very happy with the games if the following things is fixed: Duping - it's game-breaking and affects you I need several ways - both getting shot by idiots who should go play pubg instead (it's a good game after all) and the fact that decent players can't find a gun making the playing field even more unfair. FPS-drops near other players and in larger towns. Sound clipping in and out in larger areas. Weather and real nighttime re-introduced. Unconscious state needs to be activated when you get shot with smaller caliber bullets, we need to be able to take prisoners and have more interactions after a fight. Broken limbs. And of course persistence in terms of bases and stashes. Fix that and all new content can wait.
  5. Jonas Levin

    ETA for private Servers?

    No private servers and no mods - it is certainly going to be another experience then playing it on a PC. I just got in on the beta-testing of GeForce Now (NVIDIAs game-streaming platform where you just need any basic computer and a good internet-connection to play in HD at 60 or more frames pr second), so i might end up buying it on steam and play it on my old MacBook Air instead of on the Xbox as DayZ without the real communities is basicly 95% KoS and no one speaking back because of the party-chat problem.
  6. Jonas Levin

    sks and akm locations?

    You posted this in the Xbox-section, and the SKS is not in our version yet - it will be added on the 27th. The Mosin, M4A1, AKM, BK-18 and SVD is in though (and then the pistols, smg's and the shotgun).
  7. Jonas Levin

    Full release March 27th

    So no update until then?
  8. Jonas Levin

    NV scope free to a good home

    Yes, it is 99% worthless for now.
  9. Why do you make three different threads with what you want changed or fixed in the same forum? Please hold it in one the next time, and maybe try to use more time on your posts because i only understand half of it.
  10. Jonas Levin

    So BI when is this update coming?

    I have a hard time trusting them when they refuse to put out a reliable roadmap... They are really not making it easy to love this game. 😕
  11. Jonas Levin

    Xbox - Lots of annoying bugs

    No worries, it will all be sorted with the upcoming patch! in like, 2.5 years time...
  12. Jonas Levin

    how many players xbox lost on dayz

    I sure am - I aint throwing countless hours into it until the extreme fps-drops are getting fixed - its a joke at the moment.
  13. Jonas Levin

    how many players xbox lost on dayz

    No, the game ain't "too hard" lol. Its filled with bugs and nearly unlplayable, that's why people leave, they don't come here to play minecraft - they come to play dayz and then get severely disappointed by the state of the game.
  14. Jonas Levin

    Broken game

    We are all extremely happy that you don't have a problem DayzDayzFanboy. But that dont account for the large majority of the players and is not really relevant - I hope that aint "to hard to grasp".
  15. Jonas Levin

    Duper base hunting

    Why do people feel the need to totally destroy and/or de-spawn peoples entire bases? It makes no sense to me, it just feels kinda salty to do - like "if I can't have it all myself then you shall have none of it" (kiddish). Grab what you can carry and need, drop landmines, lay in ambush (and do it all over and over as long as it is fun) - that is all interactions. Just destroying everything and leaving is something I would expect a 14-year old to do in this game.