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  1. Jonas Levin

    Have anyone been driving the Olga?

    I had the same problem when I tried filling the radiator on the Olga with my cooking pot. Solved it by transferring the water to a plastic bottle and filling the radiator with that instead, it takes a bit of time but it works - the jerrycan works fine too (but remember to fill it with water first as its filled with gasoline when you first find it).
  2. You know pretty much all of which will be coming - look at the 1.03-update for PC. On top of that all im hoping for is for them to fix the dreaded lag-outs that have killed me more then anything else - that is what is destroying this game, not dupers.
  3. Jonas Levin


    I don't really get what you are complaining about either, so im not sure which point is unclear... Apparently the game is bad because 3 other guys killed you?...
  4. Jonas Levin

    Base symbols

    That will be pretty hard, this is the Xbox-section of the forum and there is none of those in this version of the game.
  5. Jonas Levin

    Base full of duped gear

    As I see it it will NOT mean a lack of NV-goggles. Are we lacking any of the heaviest weapons right now? No, they are all over. As it is right now it is 100 times easier to find an AR, SVD, LAR and other top-tier weapons and items as there are dupers wearing them and bases filled with them all over the map. Getting the top-tier gear has never been easier - and that is without duping. Keep your eyes open and your shot straight and you can be _fully_ geared in half an hour without ever seeing a military spawn point. If you think its hard then start to NOT follow the roads through the forests and do some more sneaking around on populated areas on high-pop servers. It makes absolutely _no_ sense to me when people say they aint seeing any AR's - the reason they aint spawning the usual places is that there is waaaay to many of them already on the map, so just go collect them! Locked servers would be awesome yes! And it does not have to be all of them, they could lock half of them (or whatever makes sense compared to how many starts using them vs the old ones) and let the other half be as normal so the people who are afraid of changes and losing their h4ckz0r-5k1ll5's and duping-power and just want to server-hop all over the place and into bases and whatnot.
  6. Jonas Levin

    Bought an Xbox One X for this game

    Why would he be regretting it, and why is it necessary to revive a 8-month old 100% dead thread just for that statement? The game has gotten _a lot_ better since that - way more guns, cars that are working, waaaay more functions and stuff like that - I personally have not regretting buying the game at the same time as OP did and is loving it like most other (that does not make me blind to the bugs though, I've written my opinion on those a lot of times by now). Sure, there are still bugs (new ones and old ones, but things are steadily improving at all times, of course with minor setback along the roads as it would have been with ay other game or development in general) but if anyone expected the bugs to totally go away at any time then I dont think that person has been taking the time to follow the development of the game or the development of other games like this (there aint many though) before. I can't help but wonder, I see you coming with severe statements about how bad, bad, bad, bad, bad and bad this game is almost every day - if you really are feeling that way, then why are you still playing and wouldn't another game be better suited for you if you hate it as much as you often give the impression of? No BS, just curious.
  7. Jonas Levin

    Land Mine Persistence?

    They are pretty damn rare, and it does not make it any easier that its one of the items that gets duped in excessive amounts. I remember finding a large tent that was filled up with 100 land-mines (not kidding) and if anyone claims they were found the legit way then unicorns are true and walking amongst us unnoticed. 🙂 I also remember a good night a mate of mine had (you know who you are my brother in arms and smoke!) while we were laying in ambush at the rocky hills overlooking Kamy (just north-west of Kamy with a great view) for 5-6 hours straight. We were in full gillies (and backpacks dug down 200 meters behind us for easy access if needed) and was both sporting SVD's and AR's - gotten the legitimate way, gillies were homemade and the guns were take from opponents they day earlier - and was having fun scaring people in Kamy by taken shots close to them (we only aimed to hit if they were solid geared) and blasting everyone who came to investigate the shots from our position, except one lucky guy who made the right decision and came walking slowly up to us with his arms up who we befriended and convinced to go into Kamy to be our spotter who could get the gear from any geared players we popped. We had the longest kill-streak any of us got in this game and it was impossible to stop - in the 5-6 hours we were stationed there only one of us got killed (me, but I retrieved my gear quickly as my mate held the position and guarded it for me) we each got about 15 kills, half of them from about 200-250 meters with the SVD's and the other half up close and dirty when people tried to wrestle control of our spot from us (its a very decent sniping/scouting spot over Kamy if you know the place). But in those hours we were there we heard about 50-100 landmines go off, every 5-10 minutes another loud bang was heard and we could not stop laughing. We were pretty sure the dudes who put them all in there were positioned on the rocks just west of the tracks just over Kamy and we decided to let them have their fun over there and they apparently though the same of us. Personally I have not had my first (confirmed...) landmine-kill yet, I hardly ever find them. I got ONE last week after I arrived at the aftermatch of a huuuuge fight at the gas-station a couple of km west of Balota after I arrived there to do a trade with one from the winning group, but unfortunately my tent close by got raided during the night and I lost it again. PS - Im hoping more traps will be implemented soon, we _really_ need some stuff to protect our bases with as people can just spawn in all over the place. Trip-wire-grenade-traps (they are working on the throwing-function so they can implement that plus basic tossing of gear and such), electric traps (could be used indoors connected to a car-battery or a generator) and stuff like that will be great. I am also looking forward to the time when broken bones will be a thing again, that will make the bear-trap (and leg/arm-shots!) useful again - as it is now it only does about 10-15% damage (I've tried walking over one several times to test it, and each time I still have not lost the top/upper-part of my life/HP-indicator down in the right corner which is a stupid low amount of damage for a trap that fills as much as it does (12 or 24 kilo I think, its _heeeavy_!). I can't wait to take an idiot prisoner, tie him up and break his legs - or just go for the leg-shot next time I see somebody crossing a field/open area 😛 Woaw, long post - that shit happens when you are caught in a train for 5,5 hour straight lol. 😛
  8. Jonas Levin

    Base full of duped gear

    Im pretty convinced that all these people claiming that duping and whatnot could be solved by them easily and quick are either BS'ing or have waaaay to high confidence in their abilities. If it was that easy then it would have been done by now, we are not talking about a bunch of 13-year olds sitting in their garage and hitting at stuff with hammers hoping that it will make it fit together better. Its a massive game with a massive amount of functions - adding, changing or removing stuff will usually have consequenses that branch out in the most unexpected ways and people that are not involved in the making of the game dont see anything that goes on behind the curtain and then a lot of them mistakenly jumps to the conclusion that there is nothing going on and that they would be able to fix in in some hours. IF he (or anyone) is that good then ask them to fix it (game-files can be downloaded to a pc via steam and DayZ is moddable as fuck on a PC) and sell the fix to BI for a mil or two. Funny enough; no one has done it yet - just like all the people claiming to be Jesus have not been able to start any wine-making businesses (which should be fairly easy enough if the claim was true) or walked on any water.
  9. Jonas Levin

    Base full of duped gear

    So you are basically arguing that he should start duping his gear or start stock-piling immense amounts of duped weapons (which is the same, people are just bypassing a step and then they claim to be innocent as they "picked it up". That is just letting someone else do the duping for you (same as duping it yourself, but easier and quicker) and it will only make the problem worse. Take ALL that shit and the people who duped it will dupe it all again next day, so now there is double the amount of duped gear in circulation - real good solution to the problem lol. To me you sound like a guy I met up with lately - he argued that it was okay for him to do the meatball-bug (turn everything but some of the clothing invisible so people can't see you very good) if he was suddenly up against more then one player. Its like some people have the feeling that they deserve to win any fight they (stupidly) walk into no matter how bad decisions they took to get there and no matter how much better equipment, positions and tactics the enemy is using. I usually hear this shit from 16 year olds who run around on the coast wearing gillies and SVD's, killing Bambis without saying a word and the calling it "banditing" (which it aint by any standards). Sorry if I misunderstood you, but that is how I read your post - im just tired of people who play this game, run into a shitty situation without being equipped for it and still feels entitled to killing everyone in town using dupes and glitches because "they deserve it more then the other guy". Makes me feel bad, meeh. 😕
  10. Jonas Levin

    1.03 Stability

    There is (of course there is, its is pointless to argue otherwise), and it is quite obvious and easy to see yourself if you regularly look at the server-browser. Usually you can see test-servers (with passwords!) pop up in the server-browser about a week before the updates finally drop on the Xbox and that is what they are for. Do you seriously think that they just push it out without trying it out first? Lets try and be a bit more realistic and actually focus the complaints to areas that actually exist. We can complain a lot about a lot of serious things, but they definitely do test their updates - just like everyone else. If you had said that they dont test it ENOUGH, then I would probably agree with you though. And its is not Microsofts choice whether some game-bugs gets let through - their part is making sure the games dont step over certain boundaries, that their collection of data is done correctly and in accordance with the rules about storing personal data plus to make sure that there isn't a backdoor in the game that lets you mess with the Xbox Live-system. How good a game is and how many bugs that is in it (as long as they dont interfere with Xbox Live-services that is) is not really an issue they are into. And I have and I am playing 1.03 in my MacBook Air from 2012 (via NVIDIA' Geforce NOW, NVIDIA's game-streaming platform that streams Steam-games to pretty much any old computer as long as you got a solid internet-connection, and its free for the users as long as its still being beta-tested) and except for a few small areas (that can be worked around) I find it to be a really good update with an immense amount of new items and features. If you expected all of them to drop without ANY kind of new problems then you have not been playing DayZ for long or is optimistic to the point of no return. 😉
  11. Jonas Levin

    Developers cater to people with no life outside of this game

    Lol no, it would make the game more like PUBG and would basically destroy the reason for over 50% of the weapons to be here. What we need is LESS of the real good weapons, that would make it a lot more fun, a lot more challenging and it would be something to remember when you get it and kits it out (like a gillie with suppressed AWM in PUBG is to most people). PS - What is harder then going up against a fully geared player with you ij70 and winning and what is most rewarding?
  12. Jonas Levin

    Developers cater to people with no life outside of this game

    I play different when I control of different weapons. Use the playstile that fits the weapons you have and your chance of winning the firefight is greatly raised. Also, all battles can't be won and should not be. I talked to an idiot the other day who basically said that it was his right to meatball if he was up against several people, and my reply to him also was to stop being an idiot (ps - I am not comparing you to him, just making an example) and accept that some fights can't be won and that he has no right to think that or to do that stuff to even the odds as it was him who chose to take the route to where he was and that he should have been scouting the area better or stayed out of it (or accept that he is dead).
  13. Jonas Levin

    Most dangerous?

    That is BY FAR what kills me the most, and it is at the same time the worst and most annoying way to die as you don't have influence on it at all - one second you are fine, then the game lags out and you are dead with absolutely no way to avoid it. It even happened to me in some smaller towns where it should not have been a problem at all. And as far as I can reason then it is 100% server-side (it aint the client/xbox/internet as it happens to everyone at the same time,and group-chat and such works fine during which counts internet-burps out too) and its even getting worse from update to update. It was bad before 1.0, but after 1.0 the lag-outs are way more frequent and waaaay longer - earlier the longest on I've had was about 15 seconds, now its 30-40 and im sick of it. In a game like this that is NOT okay in any way, it is screwing the player base over and over (without lube even) and not giving out cab-money afterwards, I honestly feel offended by it after so long time. Devs: You really need to fix this, either invest in some better servers or make it so the world (and the zombies) DOES NOT keep moving while the players are standing still, waiting to die and contemplating the meaning of life. You got a great fucking game (better then any I know) but its plagued by a few important bugs that fucks it up beyond imagination and to a point where there basically is NO reason at all to go looting up and basically makes the coast a shit-show as everyone refuses to leave it and the inland a barren desert on most servers. Until you fix it then I will not be complaining about dupers again, they just want to play the game with the functions that are in it that the devs are denying them access to because of bugs that have not been ironed out after waay too long.
  14. Jonas Levin

    Game Chat / Party Chat

    There are a couple of ways to get both group-chat and game-chat into the same headset, but it usually involves the use of a phone/tablet and a bit of extra wires. It ain't that hard, but it still won't help you talk to all the people who are still in party-chat... Personally I would love it if they could totally block party-chat while DayZ is open on the Xbone, just it was with select games on some of the earlier xbox-consoles.
  15. Jonas Levin

    Question about tents?

    Probably - cars and clothing that are ruined seems to despawn (with everything in them) in about 5-10 minutes.