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  1. Jonas Levin

    Xbox. Wolf packs

    Was attacked by 6-7 wolves together with a mate yesterday. Just ran into a solo one that gave up its chase on me. Pack-size seems to be a lot different from time to time. 🙂
  2. Jonas Levin

    Still no ARs after update.

    Its a tier one location (or maximum level two if its a bit inland) if its near the coast, so it makes total sense that you won't find AK's and so on there - you have to travel way further inland for that and they are not meant to spawn near the coast at all.
  3. Jonas Levin

    DayZ Update Patch Today?

    Info about it can be found in the thread about the 1.04 update. 🙂
  4. Jonas Levin

    DayZ Rented Server Tools ???

    As far as know then changing the name and password of the server plus the night/day-intervals (and server-wipe) is pretty much the only thing server-owners can do right now. Its a bit of a joke...
  5. Jonas Levin


    I am not telling you what is happening for you specifically - I ain't there so I dont know what you done to get it or done to get rid of it and how. I am telling about a general bug that is flowing around. And you need to take a pill until it does not work anymore (that is way more then 30 seconds) and then keep doing it.
  6. Jonas Levin

    Water food, etc.

    You drink ALOT faster from a pump now then you did before, maybe 10-20 times faster - so you get your stomach full _really_ fast, and the icon usually does not show up until a bit after you are full (just like your health-bar does not go read until about a second after you get shot) so when you see it it is usually already to late to stop drinking if you don't want to puke. They probably need to decrease the water-consumption when drinking from a pump, its way faster then drinking from a bottle or anything else.
  7. Jonas Levin

    Night vision

    Yeah, I just found one and it works fine when you just add a battery and look through it as you do with binoculars. What is the problem when you add them to a head-strap or the tac-helmet - are is it impossible to turn them on (and turning them on before combining them doesn't work either?)?
  8. Jonas Levin


    Have you tried charcoal tablets? They are against stomach infections from eating bad food.
  9. Jonas Levin

    New weapons spawn locations and quality.

    Thank you, just was I was looking for! 🙂
  10. Jonas Levin


    If you guys get sick without knowing why then here is the explanation: Rags now gives an infection when used to close wounds (bandages should not as they are sterile), and that gives you the infection - tetracycline fixes it though,you might need to take several after each other, let them one at a time and keep taking one more if you are still sick after its duration. You can disinfect the rags with alcohol solution and then they don't cause any infection - I tested it myself both with un-disinfected rags and disinfected rags. I've been reading a bit around and the sickness from it does not seem to actually do anything yet (I was running around with it for 1.5-2 hours yesterday without noticing anything else then the icon), we just get the sickness-icon in the corner, but no bad effects from it. It does make it impossible to see if you are getting sick from something else though, but it wont actually do anything negative - yet. Alcohol is easy to find though, and a bottle can sterilize 5 or 6 whole bundles of rags, each with 6 in them - so at least 30 rags pr bottle. 🙂
  11. Jonas Levin

    New weapons spawn locations and quality.

    I know the different places to find the different tiers and been playing since DayZ came out in preview for Xbone, so all that ain't new to me -, what I am interested is what tiers the new weapons fall into. 🙂
  12. Jonas Levin

    New weapons spawn locations and quality.

    Can anybody tell me what tier military places the new weapons spawn at? In interested in how far inland you got to get to find them, and also how rare they are. Due to serious bad luck and helping some new mates out at the coastal area (and getting killed by inadequate team-mates twice and because of inadequate team-mates twice more the 4 times I actually made it inland...) I have not found any of them yet. Any thoughts about them so far?
  13. Jonas Levin

    Things I noticed about 1.04

    That is the only real problem I've run into myself so far (there are a bunch of minors to, but those are ok with me so far), and it was also here in the last patch. And the first couple of days it was a pain in the rear having to leave the server and rejoin as they were all full and with a solid queue. Its better now that the rush have cooled off a bit, but still quite annoying.
  14. Jonas Levin

    Lack of fps servers

    I love 1P-servers too, but this constant talking down to the other side is a but waste of time in my mind - I prefer to just enjoy the choice I made and leave others to their and hope they enjoy theirs too. 🙂
  15. Jonas Levin

    Anyone found a shovel yet?

    I usually find shovels in every other train-carriage I go into, otherwise check industrial areas (garages and such). 🙂