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  1. john garcia

    New dayz players on ps4

    How would you guys feel about cross platform play between Xbox and PS?
  2. john garcia

    Found a RP server

    So i looked on server list and 4227 is listed as US-WD (1st person only). Is that the one?
  3. john garcia

    First KOS encounter

    yes but has tendency to keep slipping off, but have been able to use the directional ''+'' left and right but can't use up as clamp is holding downward
  4. john garcia

    First KOS encounter

    I have been experimenting with a tarp clamp I had from home depot. Abit unsightly but it seems to work keeping the mic on.
  5. john garcia


    I have found that if I hear the howling, eventually they show up. Last time I heard them I ran back to nearby village and hunkered in a house . Sure enough they arrived, this was the third time I have ran and sheltered after hearing howling and they showed every time. Then it was battle royal with the zombies. After 10-15 minutes I got inpatient, started shooting them through window. Got a few and the rest seemed caught up in their WWF bout so I ran out the back door to see if I could make an escape. Well that didn't work. The wolves started running downhill after me after I got like 50-75 yards away. Though I don't like to brag about it but I knew I was dead meat and couldn't make it back to shelter so logged out and got clear with minimum injury.
  6. john garcia

    Server hotfix: Data Check failed

    I keep getting kicked from server and then complete wipe when rejoining. This does get frustrating after the 3rd-4th time. I hope there is a fix soon as there is no sense (to me) in playing if each and EVERY game session is a totally fresh spawn.
  7. john garcia

    New night cycle time!

    Hey sorry if I upset you. Was just kidding, the whole serializing guns and all reminded me of gun control debates. If I offended my bad, and definitely not trolling. And now to be on topic, I personally make myself stay on nighttime server if such when I log on. Most times there are no other players so heavy concentration on avoiding the zeds and the prospect of decent loot because the server gets empty.
  8. john garcia

    New night cycle time!

    Great.....serialize ALL our weapons, what next, start limiting magazine capacities? Background check when we find loot? Lets just post "This is a gun free zombie zone" signs everywhere, that should stop people from doing wrong. If we do not stand vigilant in protecting our apocalypse arms rights we shall soon be losing them all!!🤣
  9. john garcia

    Length of night cycle?

    Logged in last night after updating and it was night on the server. I watched the clock and i was around 20 minutes before it started getting light. Has anyone ran through a whole night cycle yet and timed how long it is? I stay on the server when it gets dark, just how I like to play but I do know many will log out to find a different server in daylight.
  10. john garcia

    Tuna anyone?

    double tap the rt. that opens the can, then hold rt to eat.
  11. john garcia

    Ghilies In The Box And A Criticism Of The Current State Of DayZ

    I know it would not be easy, but would be nice if we could organize a "response force". When encountering KOS asshat players an alert is sent and multiple players converge on the server and respond to the location, taking action against these fools.
  12. john garcia

    Raided Massive Base

    So if you started taking the loot out of the tents and just throwing them about on the ground it would all despawn after awhile right?
  13. john garcia

    Shotttie and mosin

    Has anyone had a chance to try them out yet? Are they working?
  14. john garcia


    Frustrating. Loaded up the update and jumped in game. Got near some ruined buildings and I start sliding all over the place. I'm inside the walls, then suddenly outside, try to run away and I'm bouncing around like a pinball machine. Aggro'ed a zed and he keeps running past me, he has his back to me and starts swinging and I'm registering damage from 30 yards away. PIA. Melee doesn't work on him, have to shoot him. Luckily it takes him out, but after I finish shooting I see dirt kicking up the ground around him when he is already dead and I stopped firing. I'm sorry to complain (so much of that here) but honestly, just seems like for every advancement we get something else goes sideways. I can't help but wonder if they removed some of the multitude of items and functions if the game would run smoother?
  15. john garcia

    This is why I love this game

    Nice adventure!!