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  1. Swainy11

    Handheld transcievers

    So we’re trying to make use of the transceivers, they are worn with pristine batteries. When communicating with them we hold down the push to talk button for a few seconds before and after we speak but some of the message still gets cut off midway through transmission! Anyone know how to properly use them?
  2. Swainy11

    Can’t join a certain server

    So I usually play on a certain server, but now I can’t join this one. The game will allow me to join other servers but not the one I want to play on! Any help would be appreciated
  3. Swainy11

    Looking for mature friendly survivors

    Just messaged you!
  4. Swainy11


    I’m up for in! I’m in England so time zones work perfectly, my GT is swainy1996 shoot me a message whenever with your server info
  5. Hey guys, just looking for a good group of players to fall in with, I’ve just restarted withba fresh spawn! I’m on Xbox my GT is swainy1996 so add me or shoot me a message, I’m in the UK
  6. Swainy11

    Server disappeared?

    So I’ve spent a lot of time on US3664299 recently and now the server isn’t showing on the server list! Has anyone got a fix or know why the server might have disappeared?
  7. Swainy11

    Server population not showing?

    All of the servers for every country show 0 population but yet I can enter the server and find players?
  8. Currently a lone wolf but looking for some experienced players to join up with. I’m on Xbox so shoot me a message GT swainy1996
  9. Swainy11


    Ah okay thanks
  10. Swainy11


    So after a couple of days playing and some hard graft I’ve come back into o find myself with a new character and no loot? Has it been reset or have I just lost my character?
  11. Swainy11

    Attachments for weapons?

    Does anyone happen to know which attachments can be added to which weapons? I have an M4 and a Moisin and also an ACOG and PSO-1 however cannot seem to attach either to my weapons despite the PSO description stating it’s suited to the Moisins ammo? Any help would be appreciated
  12. Swainy11

    Helpful Information / Water storage

    So I’ve managed to survive for 2 days now, just made it to balota after spawning way north of Solnichniy. I found a canteen there, but it was in the pocket of some uniform lying around there! Always check the clothing on the ground for hidden items