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    Obvious : Gaming. Politics, History, Scifi, Fantasy etc etc ... The Universe and kind of stuff like that.

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  1. xhardcorefishx


  2. xhardcorefishx

    BE servers?

    They are testing tthe 1.0 version
  3. xhardcorefishx


    The Xbox party and voip problem with Xbox ( the technical side ). It was never intended to feature both at the same time. If Xbox doesn't change that, which is likely, we will have a huge issue tbh. Communication is part of DayZ so Xbox should help the devs here.
  4. xhardcorefishx

    Lack of HC players

    I will be there ( europe, cause ping ) I almost exclusively play on hc servers since they came out. More encounters inland. More interaction. Less dupers and less cler in my opinion and experience
  5. xhardcorefishx

    how many players xbox lost on dayz

    They do, but the answer remains the same: Later this month probably, dont expect it early. The most stuff is pc stuff and actually, they already know about Xbox specific issues. They stated that several times and the q&a team on the private Xbox server is pretty busy it seems. Dont give up tho. Im currently playing Warframe, cause of the one time nightwave chapter 1 event-10 weeks long and Elite Dangerous. The event in Warframe has some nice exclusive event deco and some very, very special items, one of it never dropped before. ED: Exploration in our beloved Galaxy. Already visited the supermassive blackhole in the middle and im currently in a human colony kinda, far away from the SOL ( our system ) system. This "colony" was a chain of ingame events, leading to this colonized outpost. in fact, there are multiple systems, a few npc factions, the rest are player factions. npcs are normal as some sort of representation of the player faction, but acting "normal" npc like, however there are multiple factors included, like government and stuff like that... Damn, so much text.
  6. xhardcorefishx

    One character per server, please devs!!!

    As long as just a few servers are affected: +1 Why ? Because of the mass of data for BI, since it all cost them money.
  7. xhardcorefishx


    I never found anything interesting near a rooster... Really. Its just a myth ( atleast i dont believe it ) , or some players just get triggered by it. Who knows, but i do know that i never found another player by investigating rooster sounds... However, maybe im just blind whenever a rooster is so damn annoying 🙂
  8. xhardcorefishx

    Broken game

    Regular Xbox ? I dont have that much problems with my X. Inventory bug ? The window button press to close and reopen it is a very easy work around. Zombie agro through walls ? only if u r loud as far as i can tell. Never had a real issue with it. Frame drops ? Mostly for one and one s users Zombies can hit u, even if u block... Yes, probably related to server performance. Going through u too. Sound cuts and footsteps delayed... A one and one s issue for 99% of the time. Pistol not chamber... Dont have a problem with it. Buildings dis and reappearing... Server performance ( very hard for one and one s user )
  9. xhardcorefishx

    Base builders off limits Truce

    I never killed a base build guy yet ( when he is working ), but thats just a strat u CAN do. Sure, its not the "British" way in terms of manner, but this is still DayZ. Everyone still decides how they play DayZ. I like to be a good guy, but i can be bad one too. Decisions makes DayZ fun for me. Good ones... and also bad ones
  10. xhardcorefishx

    garbage visuals?

    Maybe its just his taste of visuals. Who knows... However, before i bought my x back in November, i played on a 2013 day one console. No problemo, besides the usual issues we all experienced at that time. Everything alright with my X too
  11. xhardcorefishx

    whats going on with the loot on xbox

    On my hc ru server : Same. We found 3 M4s in pavlovo mb
  12. xhardcorefishx

    whats going on with the loot on xbox

    Yes. On their livestream on Mixer.
  13. xhardcorefishx


    You can shoot through some tho, but yes, its a big problem
  14. xhardcorefishx

    I think xbox 1.0 will be the next big update

    Well, its not going to be 1.0, cause it wont be "feature complete" "Moving on" ( reminds me of a locust pest ) to other games ? Lol, DayZ is still too unique for that on console. BR games or Anthem ( anthem really ? )... However, going to play other games while waiting on an important update is a nice idea. Been there. Done that Come back, if you want or stay where you are. Ez as that.
  15. xhardcorefishx

    Lack of M4s and AKMs due to bug

    Since the CLE is supposed to work, this is a bug. They confirmed that themselves on the Xbox Mixer Stream, however, it indeed does seem like they changed the code ( since before, it worked fine ). Player inventory, including stashes doesn't count towards the server limit, but atm, it does have an effect on it.