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  1. A lot of ppl may not know, but server locked chars ( one hive per server ) would lead to a massive data monster which needs to get paid ( including memory capacity )... Its not worth it in general. However, as a User, i can definitely understand those Statements ( and sometimes, i wish it would be a thing... ), but it would also be a problem for everyone. Being basically locked to one server ( regarding public server only ) stops us from interacting in a lot of ways too. And before i forget to add: The Xbox system can also be a huge factor in many ways ( bugs, glitches, exploits etc )
  2. xhardcorefishx

    Lack of good weapons!!!!

    The lack of weapons are already known ( as mentioned above ), but are they really better ? Hell no ! Get a SKS, a Mosin/Tundra, or a Shotgun with 00 bucks and you are fine and good to go to hunt ( if you really want ) the dupers to get the gear you want. My opinion on that topic with duped gear: Destroy it, but its your choice to make. Love you. Bye.
  3. xhardcorefishx

    More Dupers Streaming on Mixer

    Because u need proof ( at least for the most part )... By pics or even better clips. If you dont know their names: Note your time and timezone, ur 40 digit number ( player id ) and where u played ( server, location etc ). The more detailed the better. Since exploiting is against ToS u can also message the xbl support, but remember: They probably dont going to ban ppl forever, if they get caught doing it. It will likely end up with a temporary ban.
  4. xhardcorefishx

    Anyone Play Inland?

    They are the last 4 numbers of the server for the most part. I play basically inland only too... Most of the time on the European hc servers.
  5. xhardcorefishx

    1pp servers are getting full

    U mean that ur char align with your cam ? Because u turned to much left or right. In tpp this is a normal thing too, but you dont register it as much as in fpp
  6. xhardcorefishx

    Hunter scope

    Its a known bug. Keep reading patch notes or reports from other players. It can only improve your ingame experience.
  7. xhardcorefishx

    I Don't Want To Sound Like A Broken Record, but...

    Duping got to be a huge problem since November 2018 with the base build addition.
  8. xhardcorefishx

    General tips for Xbox players.

    TheRunningManZ had a perfect qoute related to Deaths ( outtro ) "Never get too annoyed about a Death in DayZ. Every respawn is a new adventure" With a sharpening stone you can repair your knifes assault boots will save you some space ( has 1 knife slot 4 free ) A little base loadout u want to carry every time can help you My basic loadout ( as an example ) 1 can of food, 1 canteen, 1 battery, at least 2x6 rags or bandages, a knife, 1 light source, or 1 matchbox ( for fires and torches ), at least one Gun ( not too many-depends completely of your choice and what you found ), Ammo/bullets of your needs ( dont have to much mags, they just take away a lot of space ), a little bit of different type of ammo ( if u need to swap weapons, example: Middle of a Gunfight )
  9. xhardcorefishx

    Things I'd like to see added/changed/removed.....

    Even so, we have a work around for ingame and party chat ( party via smartphone app, ingame via Xbox ), its not only a DayZ exclusive issue. The whole party chat software is designed to be like it currently is and its Xbox devs thing to change first ( include ToS or whatever too ) in order to make it work. BI cant do much about it and PlayStation users will probably have the same issue as well, when DayZ launch on PS.
  10. xhardcorefishx

    I Don't Want To Sound Like A Broken Record, but...

    There is no private/community servers on Xbox since preview came out. Its on their list tho and isnt ez tp implement either due to a non existenting app to manage the server for example etc etc
  11. xhardcorefishx

    I Don't Want To Sound Like A Broken Record, but...

    A wipe doesn't help much tho, if duping dont get fixed.
  12. xhardcorefishx

    Leaving Backpacks on ground

    BPs have different despawn timers than for example ur shovel for sure.
  13. xhardcorefishx

    Ingame Stats

    My achievements are bugged, but something like: infected kill counter Meals eaten Distance travelled Deaths, caused by environment ( not kills, or deaths by other players to avoid k/d mentality a bit ) Most time alive with one char maybe etc etc Would be nice
  14. xhardcorefishx

    Anyone know if they fixed duping or meatballs?

    Oh god... No pls
  15. xhardcorefishx

    DeSpawn to Respawn CHEATERS!

    There are plans, but the way isnt an easy task to do.