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    So much rain

    It would be neat if they added a feature, to adjust ambient noises. I like the immersion but I agree, it's a tad overkill. I'd say leave it to the player to determine their own experience and give them full reigns to the audio options. (This applies for some guns too in my opinion, I wanna hear people sneak up on me but I don't wanna blast my ear drum either when someone opens fire with an AK. That stuff is way too loud, I understand wanting to capture realism however it's not very enjoyable for a video game)
  2. Walter Stokes

    Xbox Update 24/10/2018

    i can confirm right now that the day and night feature has been implemented, though there seems to be issues with picking items up and opening doors. sort of like "lagging" i guess.. anywho awesome game, keep up the good work ?
  3. Walter Stokes

    Xbox Update 13/09/2018

    I'll be honest with you guys, I'm on hiatus so I won't be testing the latest update. There is much work to be done, and the DayZ staff is doing a great job I might add. However it will be done without me until the DayZ is out of the game preview phase. At this point, I am not really worried about a stable game. I find servers with 1 to 2 people are easier to connect to. I am a solo gamer so I would really benifit with a non broken game engine. By this, I mean lagging back to the same spot during a bad connection, being killed due to lag (I Can accept death. There is no honor in lag killing. This goes for glitching off the top of buildings as well, tho that's been present since the pc) Another issue is the actual world itself. There isn't even a day and night cycle. How does this help navigation? It's impossible to tell what time of day it is in game, unless you cheated like a non dayz puss and googled that what time of day it is. Thus it breaks your navigation system. Morning and night can mean a difference between north and south. Besides, I'm looking forward to using stars as navigation: not only does it seem like it makes travel easier, it's important for your navigation feature. I do believe this to be the second most prominent issue. I look forward to it, please do don't displease me, Im well aware what your all capable of, DayZ staff. I'm glad you guys fixed the fatigue. That was a dire issue that needed immediate attention. This really evens the odds for fresh spawned players v.s. well suited players. It's annoying that a guy with just a Pepsi can't out run a guy with a bag of junk and an axe. The player health system should be next, a temperature conversation may be necessary, due to a different system for measuring and inconsistencies in the game (the metric system is a tad different here in the states, as far as measuring distance, or Celsius opposesed to Fernhiet , I never learned about Celsius in school so how am I supposed to know how cold it is? Please don't judge this fish on his ability to climb a tree) Lastly, in my survivalist opinion, ammo and guns are way too common. I find guns and ammo left and right, I don't know if it's because I'm bad ass at looting, but I do believe it's unimeressive. Besides, ammo has stopped being manufactured, how is it even possible to find all this unlooted ammo? I do believe the spawn rate for ammo needs dropped a good 20-30% but who am I to say, I have 8 fully loaded AR mags so I feel a little over powered at the moment. I lack a sense of accomplishment: I'm getting very bored, very fast.