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  1. Dan Holden

    server crashes

    attaching wire to the fence is a cause i know rhat
  2. Dan Holden

    server crashes

    Literally within the last 5 minutes the server keeps crashing. i dno if its some dudes trying to build and theyre glitching it out? also does the server permanently get messed up with repeated crashes? the server has dissapeared ;'(
  3. Dan Holden

    Smersh Vest

    is it in now??????? anyone confirm with the new updates?
  4. Dan Holden

    Issues with new update

    what about the gun unjamming thing? i cant seem to unjam my pistols, ive pressed every button!!!!!!!
  5. Dan Holden

    Issues with new update

    i cant place the Large tent aswell, gives me the 'choose placement' option with RT and then doesnt let me deploy it
  6. hell yesssssssssssssssssssss bro
  7. Dan Holden

    Do blood bags work?

    yeah f*** blood tranfusions get on the tactical bacon bro that shit will save your liiiiiife time and time again
  8. Dan Holden

    Smersh Vest

    we found the bag at a helo site so ill guess ill just keep checking them
  9. Dan Holden

    Smersh Vest

    yo guys so my buddy has just found a Smersh pack, so does that mean the vest in the game yet?? you can combine these things and if the pack is in im guessing the vest is too?..... plsplsplsplsplsplsplspls say yes
  10. Dan Holden

    How the F do you freelook lol??

    when you aim you can spin around on the floor but you can't actually roll sideways to move under walls etc...
  11. Dan Holden

    How the F do you freelook lol??

    what about rolling when you're lying down?
  12. yeah i just cant seem to figure out how to freelook fellas has anyone figured out how to do it??