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  1. awdornowheels


    I like the way this sounds . If they don't bring mods for Xbox I'll buy it for my computer I call frankinstine
  2. awdornowheels


    With a will there's a way.
  3. awdornowheels


    Does anyone know if there will be mods? I've seen other games do it on Xbox that's why I asked. I'd really like to see an anzio 20mm rifle for the real reach out and touch some one effect. Car and truck mods would be nice to. I know it's still really early for this talk . But I'm very excited to see what will be on here soon.
  4. awdornowheels

    This is the reason for the bacon bug

    It's hit or miss for me
  5. awdornowheels

    Crash Sites

    Yes for sure they are there I've found 2 crash sites thus far on Xbox. I walk everywhere fields trees and loved I bet a day in the game thus far .
  6. awdornowheels

    Days xbox

    Did it work
  7. awdornowheels

    Days xbox

    We'll try waiting an hour and you should be good.
  8. awdornowheels

    Wilderness Survivor

    Buryed on Xbox or PC only?
  9. awdornowheels

    Bug with guns crashing and reloading.

    I've spent a good day or more in the game as well just traveling the land. I wanted to report another issue I've found when aiming with an m4. Graphics get blurry for me when aiming in with this gun only this gun. The best way to describe this would be for me to take my reading glasses off when reading a book. Blurry like that. I also find when I get locked out of server it seems to happen right after I join and get kicked right after joining .I won't be able to play for an hour ruffly. Keep up good work devs I'm sure you will have the bugs worked out soon.
  10. awdornowheels

    Bug with guns crashing and reloading.

    Ive tried this I have also noticed any time I use a suppresser I seem to find issues more often. I also just was told I died 2 hours a go when taking a drink on train tracks in a server with 6 people my water had just turn yellow everything else was white or gray as far as hunger and health go. I like this game a lot there are a lot of bugs . I have travled all over the map found a big dam and around said dam there are lot of black spots on the land as if issues with grahpics, I also found said issue at a old castle up on a hill.
  11. awdornowheels

    Bug with guns crashing and reloading.

    Ive still had quite a few bugs with reloading firearm. I also have dropped guns tried to remove clip tried reloading in hand ive tried every way to do so. I also have had another issue when reloading my friend im running with says my gun shoots and I attract zombies to me so I know he isn't wrong. I also have had issues were gun will fire on my screen but he says all he can here is clicking as if it is empty. I confirmed I was still using rounds when this would happen and he even let me shoot him and nothing happen to him. I also have switched servers to meet people just yesetday I lost a svd to this which is almost impossible to find so im quite pissed. I have they gun issues almost every day., Fix it