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  1. Let's see, the game has been out for how long now? We get updates every month or two and a we have to deal with all of the shit they break during those updates. Some of them are absolutely game-breaking. I for one paid money for a game that I enjoy thinking that I would see it progressively get better but all I've seen is it progressively get worse. It's hard not to be negative when you watch a game that you truly love turn into a game you can't stand.
  2. Jake Blake

    News regarding the 2019 roadmap

    Accepted well? Haha, no. Maybe you guys keep track of your player numbers. This game is dying fast. Maybe you guys should start hiring some game testers to ensure that your next updates don't completely ruin the game. No point of fixing three things if you're going to break 40.
  3. Is the same and it's trash
  4. Seems like a lot of people don't agree. I don't know how the nighttime issue isn't an issue for almost all of us.! There is a reason why everybody is leaving full servers when night time comes around, we can't see a damn thing that's why! Come on devs what are you doing to us?
  5. I say let them, honestly bro this shit needs attention. How else to get it then to blow up the forums..
  6. I keep seeing people bring up duping. But I have substantially tested this and posted in the bug reports previously, all of the ways that I've known about are now fixed because of the forced exit timer.
  7. Can't wait to see the hate flow to this topic.
  8. Jake Blake

    Night light

    Yep. It is fucking stupid. They had nighttime down so well before the last update. Now it's just ridiculous and we are all emitting a radioactive blue light. You should see it in 4k and HDR. Can't see a fucking thing except for this blue light hitting the trees around me. Anything out of its radius, forget about it.
  9. I'm going to try and break this down in a way that everybody can understand where I'm coming from. NIGHTTIME: Why is it that night time lasts almost as long as the day cycle? Also why can't I see anything except for this crazy blue light that my body is emitting within a 20 ft radius? Before the latest update I thought the night time was perfect, able to still see within reason and definitely useful for evading enemies. Now it's like how nighttime used to be when it was only on a 10-minute cycle but they decided to throw in about an hour and a half of it, oh and now you have a blue light emitting from your body apparently. Guess we are all Radioactive... I'm sorry but there is Moonlight and starlight for a reason. Also the human eyes adjust to Darkness within reason. This is not within reason, this is ridiculous! FORCED TO GO LOUD: I don't quite understand the aspect of this game, it's a survival game yet it forces you and every action you do to be way louder then necessary. You telling me a suppressor gets ruined after 30 shots? I don't fuc'n think so! Also why are we forced to wear shoes when the audio from wearing shoes sounds like a goddamn tank rolling down a dirt road? This is unacceptable in my opinion. Give us some quieter shoe options if you're going to force us to wear shoes. Let's not even get into the audio output from eating a can of peaches LOL what am I chewing on, gravel over an intercom? And wow the reloading is SOO EFFING LOUD!! I love this game but what they are doing to it is really off-putting. Agree to disagree, the game is not getting better. I'll never again have high hopes for a new update. I've played this game from pretty much the beginning, and now.. I'm just heartbroken...
  10. Jake Blake

    The Ultimate Exploit

    Yeah, I would love to hear this crap as well? Just because you saw a server crash while people are fighting you think they can manipulate the server? Also let's hear your theory on how duplicating is still a thing.
  11. Jake Blake

    The Ultimate Exploit

    People were able to do it because they could leave the server immediately and join back before there's character actually left. There is no logout timer anymore. So let's here this??
  12. Jake Blake

    The Ultimate Exploit

    Duping is fixed now bud. Shouldn't have this issue anymore.
  13. Jake Blake

    Issues with update 1.0

    Let's all take your advice and stop writing bug reports and complaining about the issues on the game so that it never gets anywhere. Sounds great you sound like a logical well-rounded moron
  14. Jake Blake

    Issues with update 1.0

    People just want to talk smack online because that's all they're good at and they want the attention. There's nothing wrong with filing complaints if it's going to help the game overall.
  15. Has anybody else had an issue when they dug up their stash the bag or chest was empty? I dug up three different stashes and all of them are empty. Is somebody messing with me or is this a known bug?