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  1. Where to find spraypaint

    Thx I'll search it out!
  2. Where to find spraypaint

    Is there a definitive guide to what is in the xbox version compared to the pc version?
  3. Bury stash

    Not as far as i know best to mark whst server you've joined, paper + pen works best imho
  4. Scoping In

    I believe you can use your scope in Your hands as a telescope or at least the acog as I've done this myself! I can't find a pu scope anywhere maybe checked 50+ dearstands/hunting stand and was convinced it wasn'tin game yet?! Thx for the heads up I'll keep searching!
  5. Bury stash

    Awesome great info I'll give it a go! Although if updates remove stashed items and they patch weekly as it's currently been it's probably not worth putting anything too valuable in it!
  6. But can you cook once the cooking pot is on the fire/oven???
  7. Dont buy this game.

    Not sure how many game preview programme games you've owned but all the things you mentioned are standard issues in the first few months of a preview release! Games like COD that have "betas" should call it a demo because it makes people think that all beta games should be at a fully finished AAA standard! This is 100% not true! Make better decisions about what game you invest in in the future if anyone thinks dayz would be in a finished state are just plain crazy!
  8. Scoping In

    What scope you putting on that mossin??
  9. How the F do you freelook lol??

    I'm sure you can roll on floor just not done it myself seen plenty doing it on xbox!
  10. Mods

    Very unlikely but not impossible 😀