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  1. The Smeef

    Spawning in someone's base.

    Well either way abusing the ability to spawn in someone's base is stupid.
  2. The Smeef

    Spawning in someone's base.

    But surely the walls should be enough.... I really hope it is a thing because I want to be able to build up without worrying about people spawning in my base to get my gear because they cant fight with honour
  3. The Smeef

    Spawning in someone's base.

    Lets say someone has built a base in the ATC Tower at North West Airfield and locked all the doors and built walls all around it etc, Whats stopping me from going on another server and walking into same ATC and then log back on the old server and spawning in someone's base ????? Understanding you guys have loads of work so Im not trying to come across as rude or anything I just want to know if you guys have anything about this that will prevent this from happening and also the 90 seconds spawning in timer I already know about but what if they are offline and I just take all their loot and leave the server to then walk out the ATC and spawn back in basically teleportation in and out their base.
  4. The Smeef

    Day & Night [DayZ]

    Is a Day and Night cycle close to coming DayZ ?? I understand you guys have lots of other stuff to work on with the new game engine etc But was just wondering lol.