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  1. Server Stash

    Stashes seem to be pretty unstable at the moment. I stashed a ton of gear this morning, just logged on and both stashes are gone. Zero chance they were found by another player.
  2. Exp Update 0.63.148815

    Is there any information anywhere about how long it takes loot that has been dropped to despawn? I can't seem to find this anywhere.
  3. Stress Test vol.49

    I spent a few (bored) minutes this morning locking 7 or 8 infected in a bunch of garages this morning between Electro and Cherno ( I think)... hope they didn't get reset! Also, does anyone know if a buried stash will persist through a character wipe? I was experimenting with the stash mechanic but it's a pretty long way from where I spawned this morning so I'd rather not find out the answer after running there...
  4. Stress Test vol.48

    Will this build be pushed to Experimental as well?
  5. Stress Test vol.45

    Are you sure that all of these things are in the build at the moment? I've been eating raw meat and drinking from ponds/streams all weekend without getting sick, and I tried to bury a backpack to no avail.
  6. Stress Test vol.45

    Sorry if this is the wrong spot for this question, but I have looked quite a bit and not found an answer. Is there a comprehensive list somewhere of the features included in the current Stress Test build (available guns, animals, mechanics that are or are not activated, etc.)?