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  1. Attachments for weapons?

    U need to remove the carry handle and the Acog will go on the m4
  2. Hunting

    Anyone have any luck hunting the elk? If so where? I have yet to see any wild animals.
  3. Where’s the bow?

    I’ll try this but I not sure it works. I don’t think bows are craftable yet.
  4. Where’s the bow?

    Ash wood stick? I have yet to come across that I only see long sticks. I haven’t seen wolves yet. Hopefully they add the deer and boars pc has.
  5. Where’s the bow?

    I’m assuming we don’t have the bow yet on Xbox? Also I have yet to see any wildlife to hunt. Hopefully they will add all this ASAP? It would be nice to have another source of natural food and a weapon to hunt them quietly with. Game is great so far minus a few bugs mostly inventory related. Thanks