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  1. delpoi

    Player spawn?

    Sorry if there is already a post for this but can we spawn in with our friends who invite us as there is no in game it's impossible to find each other please can you sort this then the game would be perfect✌️
  2. delpoi

    Loot needs sorting...

    Hi, I know the game is all about survival I get that and it's one of the reasons I bought it but the loot is a mess, when you spawn in no matter what houses or buildings I check it's always the same tracksuit pants a hat or jacket; and because the map is so huge with no transport I end up dying before I can get anywhere to find something...am not suggesting put loads of good loot in for people who've just spawned into a new game but how about the basics, a knife food and water then make it towards the built up areas be nice not dying of thirst or hunger before I can fight ?
  3. I get the game is supposed to be hardcore survival but I've died multiple times now not by zombies or others players just by simply dying of thirst or hunger, the loot when you spawn in is just terrible there is like a billion pairs of tracksuit pants or wool coats yet no food or water; and before people say git gud the distance you have to travel in this game on foot means am usually dead before I reach another town or water source at least. I know vehicles aren't in the build yet but the distance vs your hunger and thirst levels either needs adjustment or there needs to be better loot.