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  1. What new update do u want

    i think it would probably be best that they implemented simple things that help you survive when starting off like the bow or fishing rod, that way people wouldn't complain that there is not enough food around the area. vehicles would be nice maybe a motorbike, fuel should be a factor aswell.
  2. Being a friendly survivor feels good man

    legendary dude, there should be more out there like you. i was north side of airfield last night checking out military tents when i bumped into a dude, he shouts friendly! so i say the same, so i crouch down and turn away with my weapon facing side on to him so he knew i wasn't aiming at him. Next thing bang you are dead... I mean wow there are big some big trust issues with people on this game lol
  3. Scoping In

    ah cool gotta get me an m4 for now rhen lol got an svd but not sure if its the same as ive only tried it with ak
  4. Scoping In

    just wanted to address the issue of lying down whilst trying to look through the scope of a gun, the screen goes completely black and i can't seem to see anything although kneeling whilst using scope works fine.
  5. Animals

    thanks for the tips buddy and yes it was such a lucky spawn as i was dying of hunger at the time and the sheep saved my life.lucky for me i had enough mosin rounds to take two down. baaautiful <3
  6. Animals

    I spawned into a server rhe other day only to find myself with sheep all around me, i was curious to find out what other animals are in the game on the xbox version?
  7. thankyou for your help, love the game guys keep doing what your doing
  8. Hi, does anybody know how to place the cooking pot on the fireplace once you have created it? Also i have seen somebody on the pc version with a cooking tripod for over the fire? I'm not sure if this has been implemented yet or if there's an improvised tripod with sticks or whatever, any help would be much appreciated cheers