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  1. Skofield_Kid

    Dayz Xbox One X - Worth it?

    I agree with this. If money is no factor or you really really really want to scratch that DayZ itch, then I also say go for it. But money is an issue, then I have to also agree that the current price tag is too steep for what you get in the game's current state.
  2. Skofield_Kid

    Character rolls back and inventory disappearing

    Finally found a badly damaged one yesterday.... then I made the mistake of testing it with a suppressor at night and was mobbed by 4 punching zombies that I didn't think were close enough to get upset about it. Hope someone was at least able to stumble on my corpse to find it. 😂
  3. Skofield_Kid

    Playing dead?

    Yup, he could've killed me easily if he wasn't in my view while I was trespassing on his chattel .
  4. Skofield_Kid

    Hey there!

    Can you still play for free for a set period of time as a demo or was that just while it was in preview?
  5. Skofield_Kid

    Playing dead?

    I should clarify, I thought he was dead till he stood up, which is when I realized this is a thing!
  6. Skofield_Kid

    Playing dead?

    It isn't a bad deception. Approached someone doing this a week or so ago. He didn't move until I started rummaging through his backpack, then we were able to converse 😄
  7. Skofield_Kid


    They are probably just waiting for me to pass through the woods without a weapon.
  8. Skofield_Kid


    So far I have hiked all along the west side of the map from south to north, and from west to east from there. I was nervous as the start as I didn't even have a gun when I began my hike. Surprised that I also have not seen or heard any so far.
  9. Skofield_Kid

    Hey there!

    Like others, I picked up this one on preview. For that price at the time I thought it was fair. The game is a unique experience. However, at its current state I would not recommend to anyone at the current price. If I were in a position where I could not find it cheaper, then I would give it a pass until either the state of the game improves or the price drops.
  10. Skofield_Kid

    Dev., game test client

    Yup, I thought all of us were the testers already.
  11. Skofield_Kid

    2 weeks

    Maybe I'm reading it wrong, but it didn't seem from the message like he was "expecting" an update, just wondering if there was any news about it... But yeah, they post news typically on the twitter development feed etc. about upcoming updates. Regardless, I would be surprised if we see an update within month, and even more surprised if it fixed any of the pressing issues noted in the discussions in the forum 😁
  12. Skofield_Kid

    Explain This...

    Good point, I hadn't had a chance to try it in an actual firefight situation yet. Wouldn't be surprised if the next round of changes to the control scheme will require us to use our feet in some way.
  13. Skofield_Kid

    Explain This...

    Also don't forget to lean in when ADS in a similar situation later as we can do that now on console, might give him less to be able to shoot at (though maybe you were leaning, I can't tell from the clip for sure).
  14. Skofield_Kid

    New night cycle time!

    This would be a nice extra feature. As it is, you can usually bet on servers with lower counts in the prime time gaming hours running at night as some folks migrate away and sundown, this would be a good way to confirm.
  15. Skofield_Kid

    New night cycle time!

    I have a feeling John was joking with you because 99% of that post was off the topic posed by the OP.