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    1.04 coming to consoles expected in July!

    I'm concerned about this as well. In addition, it will be interesting to see how server disconnects will mesh with this as to whether quickly rejoining would result in getting sent to a spawn point. While a single disconnect probably wouldn't, it might be tougher to say for crashes experienced in quicker frequency. Also, will this encourage fast travel via cycling through these spawn points by server hopping? We will likely have to wait for our intrepid player-play-testers on this forum to find out how it will actually work.
  2. Skofield_Kid

    If I were CEO of BI

    I suppose, worst case scenario being it never really gets fixed, perhaps the large number dupers will eventually get bored and move on to other things, leaving a much smaller amount of duping over the available servers at some point so it won't be as big an issue. But if that is the case, hopefully the rest of the player base won't have moved on by that point as well.
  3. Skofield_Kid


    Same here. I still keep track of developments here and on their twitter page to see if/when things improve, but as it is I have uninstalled the game until at least duping is addressed or we get private servers.
  4. Skofield_Kid

    M70 Tundra not shooting (AK also now)

    I also came across an sg5-k with a mag that could not be removed yesterday.
  5. Skofield_Kid


    I heard rumors a while back that putting it in a back pack, placing it on the ground, and damaging the backpack was what did the trick. However, I never tried it to see if it actually works.
  6. Skofield_Kid

    Quick test on 1.02

    Sounds more like the developer should pay them as testers for finding flaws in their fix in less than 24 hrs of the patch.
  7. Skofield_Kid

    Dayz Xbox One X - Worth it?

    I agree with this. If money is no factor or you really really really want to scratch that DayZ itch, then I also say go for it. But money is an issue, then I have to also agree that the current price tag is too steep for what you get in the game's current state.
  8. Skofield_Kid

    Character rolls back and inventory disappearing

    Finally found a badly damaged one yesterday.... then I made the mistake of testing it with a suppressor at night and was mobbed by 4 punching zombies that I didn't think were close enough to get upset about it. Hope someone was at least able to stumble on my corpse to find it. 😂
  9. Skofield_Kid

    Playing dead?

    Yup, he could've killed me easily if he wasn't in my view while I was trespassing on his chattel .
  10. Skofield_Kid

    Hey there!

    Can you still play for free for a set period of time as a demo or was that just while it was in preview?
  11. Skofield_Kid

    Playing dead?

    I should clarify, I thought he was dead till he stood up, which is when I realized this is a thing!
  12. Skofield_Kid

    Playing dead?

    It isn't a bad deception. Approached someone doing this a week or so ago. He didn't move until I started rummaging through his backpack, then we were able to converse 😄
  13. Skofield_Kid


    They are probably just waiting for me to pass through the woods without a weapon.
  14. Skofield_Kid


    So far I have hiked all along the west side of the map from south to north, and from west to east from there. I was nervous as the start as I didn't even have a gun when I began my hike. Surprised that I also have not seen or heard any so far.
  15. Skofield_Kid

    Hey there!

    Like others, I picked up this one on preview. For that price at the time I thought it was fair. The game is a unique experience. However, at its current state I would not recommend to anyone at the current price. If I were in a position where I could not find it cheaper, then I would give it a pass until either the state of the game improves or the price drops.