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  1. xBoZZ

    Stable Update 0.63.149386

    Yes me same problems. Its very bad because all items are deleted.
  2. xBoZZ

    Experimental Update 0.63149374

    Cant find cars. On stable. They are disabled??
  3. xBoZZ

    Stress Test vol.56

    oh ok thats hard to find :D
  4. xBoZZ

    Stress Test vol.56

    Ok but i look at really much spawns. But i can not find them. How much vehicle are spawn?
  5. xBoZZ

    Stress Test vol.56

    Where cars spawn on stress test. I can not find them.
  6. xBoZZ

    Server Question

    Yes im host my own server. But how i can change the Public mode to Private?
  7. xBoZZ

    Server Question

    Hello DayZ Team, How i can change Public Server to Private Server? Best regards Patrick.
  8. xBoZZ

    Stress Test vol.45

    SWE 2-1 last night. No problems within an hour of playing. Very good work. It looks very fine. :)