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  1. you lose everything when you leave. NEED TO FIX NOW!

    "XBOX PLAYERS: Because of the inventory issues we will take all Xbox servers offline while we are looking into the problem. We apologise for the inconveniences." -DayZ Twitter Hopefully it's sorted soon
  2. I read that the dayz twitter said that both the PC and Xbox version are exactly the same, is this not true?
  3. Why is everyone an ahole in this game?

    Cause you have to get your money's worth somehow right
  4. DayZ Mod... Makes me wonder how they got standalone so wrong. Shoulda' just brought the mod to consoles.
  5. you lose everything when you leave. NEED TO FIX NOW!

    Spent hours last night trying to get my gear.. Now it's gone because I decided to play today and got disconnected from the server. Fix this asap please, no point playing until it is. If this is going to be the case every update (fix one problem only to have another one) then I don't have much hope for this game.
  6. Items Disappearing from Inventory

    Yes everything in slots (not anything I'm wearing) but basically everything useful that I spent hours to get... EDIT: Just realised I've also lost my gun, great NL don't know exact server cause it's random numbers I wouldn't remember. It doesn't tell you the server when you're in game sooo. Don't know zFS Joshi probably, don't want to log out and lose everything again...
  7. will there be a map?

    Isn't the PC version the same as the Xbox version?