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  1. Helpful Information / Water storage

    I have found deer stands to be a good supply of canteens.
  2. Anyone want to trade?

    I am honorable and can be trusted. I have been avoiding others as I have seen too much KoS. I dont have a shotgun, havent even seen any yet. But if I do I will give you a shout. Only thing I am really after now is a Hunting scope for the mosin. (and all the gun glitches to be resolved! Lol)
  3. Anyone want to trade?

    I had to get rid of this stuff, was taking up too much valuable space.
  4. Need more food spawns

    Sadly I have only see cows once in game, and at that time I only had a hatchet! didnt want to risk getting crushed so left well alone!
  5. Need more food spawns

    +1 for this. I also used to moan that the drain on food/water was too high. Now that I understand the game and know what to look for I dont think there are issues. (that being said the online map is essential to my success) Also the lack of disease is a bonus, meaning you can drink from any water source ad-lib with out risk. that will change when disease comes. Fruit and 'shrooms have proved very useful!. Looking forward to hunting something more than just chickens soon!
  6. Mods

    I seem to think I saw a tweet from Devs saying there was no current intention to have mods on Xbox. But I maybe mistaken!
  7. Anyone want to trade?

    So I got my character better geared again and pretty happy, except over weight. so ready to do some swaps if any one is so inclined. Below is a list of what I could trade:- -Blood Test Kit x1 -Blood Bag Kit x3 -Bandages x3.5 (not gonna trade them all but maybe 1 or 2) -Saline Bag x1 (Maybe!!) -7.62x39 x40 -PSO-1 Scope x1 What I am looking for:- -Canned foods -7.62x54 ammo -.45ACP ammo -Hunting Scope for the Mosin -4-Five Suppressor -M4 Suppressor -Various M4 attachments considered -any gear that might be useful -wilderness pals!! (it's lonely out there!) If anyone genuinely wants to trade let me know Gamertag is 'Jock200' Could even start a little trading network!
  8. Scoping In

    I have found a few now, I think the current one i found was at the Barracks NW of of the NE airfield. Its seem to be a good source of 5.56 and 7.62 ammo(and matching mags) as well as various scopes and what I think are laser sights.
  9. Scoping In

    I believe it to be the PU Scope. I appears to be the only one the fits. I also have a M68 and something else but neither seem to be mountable to the Rifle. I would love to have the ability to use a scope (unmounted) as a makeshift telescope. seems a shame that this feature isn't present.
  10. Scoping In

    I had this problem also, finally got my self a Mosin, matching ammo and a scope, went to use it and ended up looking down the iron sights instead. Will try the LB and see if that's the issue.
  11. Anyone want to trade?

    Unfortunately when I logged in this evening my character was bleeding out and for some reason I was unable to make rags out of the clothes laying around so I bleed out and died!!! not been kicked off the server and can't reconnect via the 'previously played server' filter so all my stuff is gone. FFS Rip it up and start again as the saying goes. That being said, I am still game for setting up some trade with folks when I get re-established.
  12. Anyone want to trade?

    I know what you mean, I actively try to avoid people for that very reason, so tend move around a lot sticking to the smaller towns and villages. I have found police stations to be the best place for pistol mags. although they are like hens teeth it seems.
  13. Anyone want to trade?

    Sounds like you have everything you need!! lol. Let me get a full list of the ammo/mags I have and I'll be in touch.
  14. Anyone want to trade?

    Just wondering if anyone would be looking to do a little trading? I have found my self in the possession of a fair amount of 5.56 and 7.62 (mosin) ammo and various mags M4, SVD, AK and no suitable gun to use them in.. I also have the IZH? rifle. Unfortunately when joining a server last night i found my self spawning in the middle of a fight between 2x zombies and a pack of wolves, so I am some what injured, and the server dropped out before I could get to safety. So I am hoping that I can join a server tonight and get healed. Anyway, I could do with some food, maybe a radio and a suitable rifle for the ammo I have M4 or Mosin. So if someone (trust worthy) want to meet for a trade let me know. (fully expect to be held up, cheated etc from this post so I will be taking special care regarding the meeting place and how the deal goes down. If you are interested reply below and we can talk. I will try and get a proper ammo count and post below this evening aswell.
  15. Radio Beeping

    some kind of transponder maybe? or radio beacon from a crash site? Just speculation. I will try and find a radio this evening and see if get the same.