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  1. Calcifur

    Hit reg issues...

    This happened to me last night. Shot a Z 3 or 4 times with FX-45, it dropped to the floor and started crawiling after men, slashed it many times with a knife, nothing, then I git the black screen coming in and out, no way to get away. died, lost a tonne of gear. Must be a glitch or something cuz normally they go down after 1x bullet. Ah well, game preview lol.
  2. Calcifur

    Ehat servers you all on

    any EU with the lowest population! Sick of people who KOS new starts at the beach!
  3. Calcifur

    Would you do this?

    1. Not intentionally, however I have looted the camp at Stray and been kicked off the server for whatever reason, and after re-spawning went back through the same camp, why would you not? didn't gain much though so I would have been disappointed if I have hopped server with the sole purpose of gaining extra loot. 2. Depends, if he was just ignoring me and going about his business maybe if I thought they looked suspicious, otherwise live and let live. If they were just standing there not responding, not moving, as if AFK, then as mentioned above, your dead, lesson learned.
  4. Calcifur

    Range finder

    Ah well, at least its not just me then. Batteries seem to be a bit of a hit or miss at the moment anyway.
  5. Calcifur

    Range finder

    I can not seem to get the rangefinder to work either. I notice above Jonas Levin says 'Add BATTERIES' does it take more than 1 9v? as that could be my issue! haha.
  6. Calcifur

    Xbox Update 12/12/2018

    character wipe!! what?!! Just as I was getting somewhere!!
  7. Calcifur

    Heli crash sites

    mainly because I haven't found one yet!
  8. Calcifur

    Heli crash sites

    I do want an SVD!!
  9. Calcifur

    9v Batterys: How?

    I will give that a try, thanks
  10. Calcifur

    9v Batterys: How?

    I am having real issues getting batteries swapped between items. I have a radio and a flash light with batteries in them and then I have a couple of scopes that I wont to swap the batteries into. It took me nearly 15min of pissing about in inventory to get the battery out of the flash light, now I cannot get it into the M4-A1 combat scope. I have tried every combination of items in hand, inventory and on the ground, it just will not combine with any of the scopes. Is this a bug or is it me?
  11. Calcifur

    Heli crash sites

    I havent found any either. I searched all around the NW airfield and I am yet to find a crash site.
  12. Calcifur

    Duping getting out of hand...

    Unfortunately I think any game that has Loot is gonna see this kind of thing. If there is a way to exploit a system people will find it. Personally I don't agree with it, I think it goes against the spirit of the game and as mentioned spoils it for others. I can kinda live with the 'PUBG' mentality that alot of players have in DayZ, where they would rather just KoS everyone they see and take their loot rather than work for it. But exploiting the loot system just seems cheap. I havent even started looking at base building yet cuz I am dammed if I am gonna spend hours collecting supplies just for some server hoping cretin to spawn in, take and spawn out again.!
  13. Calcifur

    Xbox Update 05/12/2018

    when are we going to be able to see how many slots are open in the server again! At the moment its says they are all empty, then when you log in they have heaps of people in them!!!
  14. Calcifur

    Helpful Information / Water storage

    I have found deer stands to be a good supply of canteens.
  15. Calcifur

    Anyone want to trade?

    I am honorable and can be trusted. I have been avoiding others as I have seen too much KoS. I dont have a shotgun, havent even seen any yet. But if I do I will give you a shout. Only thing I am really after now is a Hunting scope for the mosin. (and all the gun glitches to be resolved! Lol)