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  1. wh1skey_

    The easiest/depressing loot route

    yeah, the OPs route was definitely the LONGEST, most dangerous (going all the way down the east coast from Solnichniy factory to Kamy? you’re sure to die. that’s pvp hotzone #1) and most horrible route for loot I can think of. Troitskoe Mil Base, Pass Oreshka, Turovo, the VMC, Green Mountain - all better to get loot and easier to traverse inland to than going all the way around the coast to the literal end of the map. Heading West anywhere inland from the east coast will get you some easy gear and weapons especially hitting up the couple of hunting lodge camps hidden between some cities very fast and very easy.
  2. wh1skey_

    The easiest/depressing loot route

    this is literally the worst route ever.
  3. wh1skey_


    No one is saying it’s guaranteed and 100% that roosters are a sign that players are nearby, but it is a more often than not high probability that whenever you do hear a rooster, there’s a good chance something is nearby - i’ve either spawned in to servers and been in the same place where there’s nobody and no rooster, and logged out and logged right back in and haven’t moved and immediately heard a rooster, and most of the time a while later you’ll find something in that general direction, either a player or zombie group, which high concentration of zombies are also a good indication of activity. sometimes it’s a player moving around, or a gun shot, or a zombie nearby, that agitates the rooster into crowing - but something has to make the rooster caw, if they aren’t agitated by movement or sound, they stay quiet like chickens. I’ve heard roosters and gone and found just zombies in close proximity shuffling close by, and no players, but it’s usually SOMETHING nearby that makes the rooster act. So we don’t know the what part of it is, but we do know that usually, if you do hear a rooster and go investigate, you’ll have a good chance of finding something nearby. It’s not 100% fact, but for most people, it usually is reliable.
  4. wh1skey_

    Car Tire Repair?

    Lmao I actually did try to use it as a last ditch effort thinking the same thing! I was like, well hell it repairs clothes, backpacks, guns, magazines, why the fuck not a tire too?! Sadly it doesn’t work either :c
  5. wh1skey_

    Car Tire Repair?

    Just seeing if anyone can confirm or deny - the Tire Repair Kit doesn’t work in the xbox version as of now? I found a car, it’s almost complete, just need a spark plug and two more tires. One of the tires already on it is ‘badly damaged’ and I tried everything to get the TRK to work, but it wouldn’t no matter what I tried. I even went as far as looking at the description of the kit: “A plastic case, containing all the tools needed for fixing a car tire. Tire iron not included.” So I went on a damn hunt for a tire iron, brought it back, thinking maybe I had to combine the tire iron and the kit or something. Nope. Any info?
  6. wh1skey_

    Lack of HC players

    i’ve pretty much started trying to play on the US HC servers exclusively. They’re not as full usually as some servers but I like the fact that everyone is put on the same playing field equally with no 3rd person peeking over walls or around corners, and you don’t get the advantage of the full 360° behind camera so it makes playing a bit more dangerous. The few encounters i’ve had on the HC servers I’ve noticed that other players are a bit more cautious and have had ZERO attempts at KOS, people are more willing to talk and be friendly. last night/this morning I had literally spawned in Stary Sobor in a low pop with only about 5 people on the server, walked out of my house and immediately saw another player right down the road. we both had some decent military gear, we waved and he began to backpedal and move back down the road. I got scared for a bit as he kind of obscured behind a bush and tree and wasn’t sure if he was going to line up to shoot, a moment later his buddy comes from around the side of a building. Holy crap my heart was racing, was I about to get gunned down? What were the chances of being in a server of only 5 or 6 and immediately being in the presence of two other players in the whole map!? They ended up approaching, we talked for a while in the street, they were building a base gathering supplies and needing nails and a hammer, I was attempting to rebuild a car and looking for parts. I traded them a M4 with a full mag for a car battery, we exchanged names in case we ended up running across each other again. Everyone lived. Good shit.
  7. wh1skey_

    Muzzle flashes staying after shooting.

    ImpulZ 1353 Posted January 24 14/01/2019 Fixed: Possible fix for muzzle flash light sources never disappearing in some cases So it was “fixed” in the latest patch notes but it actually wasn’t fixed. Thanks!
  8. wh1skey_

    Time to Kill

    #1 you’re totally thinking of the idea of “locked servers” totally incorrectly. What people mean by ‘private/character/locked servers’ is that it would run basically pretty much the same as how the servers run now - you go to the browser and pick which server you want to join. The only think that changes is that EACH server has a SEPERATE character saved to that server. So in the beginning, you’d spawn fresh on the coast with each first time you play each server. And the character stays on that server. So on US 4425 you spawn fresh and you go and play and loot until you’re super geared and now you’re in a firefight and you decide you want to combat log/ghost/etc. You decide to exit the server, and go back to the browser and log in to US 4422. When you log in - you’re now on the coast as a bambi. The only way to get back to that character before would be to go back to 4425 - the character with that gear is LOCKED to that server. If you want to stay on 4422, you’ll have to keep playing as the freshie. And so on and so forth. This cuts out duping, ghosting, and server hopping for loot. So it’s possible to have a fully geared character on one server, and a DIFFERENT fully geared person at another server, but you can’t keep the same geared players on both. These seperate characters would almost always be in seperate locations anyways. Your 4425 character is at NWAF but the 4422 character is at Kamy. And each server will have different other players each in different locations, so you’ll never know who’s where. It wouldn’t be the same people playing in a closed off world, there’d always be different people, but to say that “it’s not DayZ to have multiple space-time-continuum’s and different universes where the player can play as different people”, if that was the truth and there was only one instance of “the world” to be played in and everyone should be only on a single sandbox playground - you’re describing what would be a single server for every single player to be on all at the same time (like reality actually is) and there wouldn’t be a server browser at all, you’d just click play and it would connect you.
  9. wh1skey_

    Xbox Update 04/02/2019

    this is sorta kinda true. ive noticed that on the KA-M when you soft aim with LT you can now choose which ADS you want: either push RB for iron sights or push LB for scope. But switching back to the iron sights from the scope is kind of broken now i only had a few minutes to play with it and it seems it doesn’t exactly work as intended, if you were in scope ADS and then let go of aiming and run around or whatever, then when you go back into soft aim and press RB for iron sights it will automatically put you back into scoped so you kind of have to let it “reset” by waiting for a certain time. I dunno i’ll have to play with it more to see what’s going on
  10. The biggest change from the update on Feb 2 is: Changed Zoom from RB to LB. What effect does this have? RB is now strictly dedicated to heavy attacks when unarmed/melee weapons, and used to view ADS when holding a weapon aimed. Fixes the issue of when trying to zoom during sprinting while holding a melee/item you would do a heavy attack - now using LB to zoom this can be done correctly However, I noticed that it has brought up a new issue: When using scopes weapons - it seems now when soft aiming with LT and wanting to go into scope view, you do not have to use RB iron sights first - you can go straight from Over The Shoulder soft aim and choose which ADS you want to use: LB for your scope or RB for your iron sights (when applicable such as on the KA-M, if using an M4 both LB and RB will do the same function) But now if you go into your scope view, then stop aiming, and then aim again and want to go directly into iron sights, pressing RB will put you back into scope view. It seems a little messed up and difficult to change once you’re in the scope and you have to kind of let it “reset” or time-out to the default after a few minutes to go back to the regular starting point It’s kind of wierd and I didn’t have much time to fool around with so i’ll try later and see what I can get out of it. Other than that, I’m wondering if they’re planning some other function for RB since the community was clamoring for freelook to be changed from the RS and I’m wondering how leaning is going to be implemented with all these buttons..
  11. wh1skey_

    Favorite YouTube DayZ Content Creators?

    RunningmanZ, and Red Tie Project are probably my favorites to watch.
  12. wh1skey_

    Xbox servers down :(

  13. yup! Everything from Chernarus’ history to geography to economy and politics - the wiki has basically everything about the lore of ARMA/DayZ universe and what it’s all about https://dayz.gamepedia.com/Chernarus
  14. “(but seriously where does the rope come from? Plant fiber?)” Well obviously the rope came from the Rope Factory in Solnichniy duh, that’s why the bandits want to keep control of it - Rope has been a huge export product on the black market for Chenarus and its a very powerful economic stronghold as it’s the last remaining factory with its machinery still being functional and its prime location right on the coast and the bridge makes for efficient loading and unloading of supplies and money back and forth with various clientele not only across Chernarus but worldwide. Solnichniy Factory Rope has been known to be some of the most amazing high strength industrial rope and is world renowned for its great qualities compared to other competitors.
  15. Man that was a long read and good too, but the only thing I’m gonna comment right now on is: ”Is Chernarus located in Texas? I know there was militia's before the outbreak but come on.” In fact, Chernarus isn’t in Texas, it’s modeled heavily after the Czech Republic, and there is a huge backstory lore to how Chernarus got the way it is today from ARMA all the way up to DayZ - and it includes: Chernarus became a Soviet Socialist Republic in 1922 after the end of the Russian revolution of 1917. After the demise of the Soviet Union (USSR) in 1991, Chernarus gained its independence. Following this, Chernarus was established as a Republic and its army -- the Chernarussian Defence Forces -- took possession of former Soviet military installations and stockpiles. In 2009, it suffered from a civil war that left the country in turmoil, forcing it to seek help from Allied Nations and U.S forces. - A Communist-Socialist faction committed war crimes and attempted cover-ups - Russia gets involved thinking it was a nationalist guerrila faction and sends troops into Chenarus - Russia supplies EXCESSIVE amounts of weapons to the Communist-Socialist faction who are actually against the government of Chenarus, which causes the civil war in Chernarus - US and UN troops are sent to the southern coastal cities like Cherno to stop conflict and liberate the large cities - A rogue government official in the Russian government sent money and support to the ChDKZ to deface and frame NAPA as the sole perpetrator of the terrorist attack in Russia, and sought to bring a war between Russia and Chernarus. - Late 2012/Early 2013 the Outbreak happens, and the military of the US, UN, and Russia are overrun. The military tried to contain the outbreak and organised the systematic disposal of corpses (as can be seen at Kamensk Military Base). - After the outbreak, the local military and civilian defenses were overwhelmed and disintegrated. All inhabitants either fled the country, were turned into Infected, or roam the desolated area as Survivors. The lawlessness led to a rise in banditry an overall lack of equipment and available food. Most of this and more timeline can be found at the DayZ Wiki I also like to think of a tiny little piece of backstory for when you “spawn” on the coast, is that like the introduction video - you actually awaken from being incapacitated for some reason, you’ve drifted upon the shore or whatever, and the reason that you start out with a stone knife, a can of soda, a flare, and bandages is that there is some sort of guardian angel or group of good guys geared to the teeth, fighting the bandits, roaming the shore. They patrol the beaches back and forth constantly, looking for the bambi’s who are not yet awakened to find what they’ve gotten themselves into and give them a starting gift to help them on their new journey of survival. Just a tiny bit to make sure that their first few moments are not all for naught. Their identities are unknown, and they have never been seen or found, but in their honor, some survivors do everything they can to emulate the unknown heroes and try to make Chenarus a better place, paying it forward to the new bambi’s that they encounter. Solnichniy has become a war zone and overrun by bandits who vow to keep the civil war going until the entire land of Chenarus is back to its Communist Socialist Soviet Era past. It is known far and wide to stay away from Solnichniy and is akin to The Dark Zone, and that only one day, when the heroes can form another Army of themselves will it be possible to Overtake the last stand of the Solnichniy factory with masses of geared soldiers always constantly standing guard to make sure the bandits don’t retain their foothold on their town. So actually, no Chernarus isn’t in Texas, and there definitely wasn’t “just some militias before the outbreak” - you literally had almost 4 complete national armies in the country all at once and more weapons and artillery than you could count being supplied and stockpiled. ;)