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  1. wh1skey_

    Aim assist

    how exactly does it give an advantage if everyone is on the same playing field? pvp is no aim assist. pve is aim assist. everyone has the same advantage.
  2. hint hint, play public vanilla servers - they’re already able to be sorted by highpops first, always have 60 slots max, and are a much better environment than private servers since there’s no mod tools available to console anyways.
  3. wh1skey_

    New weapons spawn locations and quality.

    I dont think theres an actual 'offical' list of what tiers certain weapons fall into, its all just based on what category the weapon falls into. Military style rifles will always spawn in a military type camp/base - youll never find an AK, SVD or M4 in a civilian house along the coast. Hunting rifles will spawn at the hunting camps, deer stands, and rarely occasionally in some civilian houses. Pistols, SMGs and Shotguns will be found in civilian houses, police stations, and the small guard shacks. Every piece of loot (clothing, weapons, items) is categorized into what type it is - civilian, military, construction/industrial, etc. and will be found in the corresponding areas and buildings - like medical supplies will always be found in hospitals and car parts will always be found in garages... The rest is up to the RNG gods just like any other looter-shooter type game.
  4. wh1skey_

    New weapons spawn locations and quality.

    i’ve seen a map with general “loot tier” locations highlighted and its basically: lowest (worst) to highest (best) is East/Southeast to West/NorthWest So your shitty low-tier loot will be found all along the coast - Makarov (IJ-70) pistols, Skorpions, BK-18 rifles and Shotguns... as you move more west/northwest you’ll slowly find better tier loot such as Tundra, CR-527 bolt-action rifles, the FNX-45 pistol, and SG5k SMG at the smaller tent areas and hunting camps, etc. When you get to NWAF, Zelenogorsk, major military bases and outposts you’ll be lucky to come across your assault rifles, M4, AK, etc. Tisy is the most Northwestern military loot spawn which should grant you the best tier loot besides the random helicopter crashes if you run across one of those you’ll probably pick up a VSS or VSD, maybe an LAR and some other gear if you’re extremely lucky. Nothing is guaranteed, it’s all up to the RNG gods and if someone has looted recently before you arrive.
  5. wh1skey_

    Waiting till 1.05

    the item bug is a bit annoying (especially items falling thru the floor and disappearing or just not being seen by other players) but so far the update is pretty great in my opinion. frames seem to be much better and smoother especially in big cities or big firefights. havent found any of the new guns yet but not too concerned about it. nvgs not working isn’t a big deal as i haven’t found any yet, i’m hoping they add the ability to put something like left d-pad to turn on/off universal flashlight/nvg when attached to the tac helmet. (tap for light, hold for nvg) the ability to hold X to pick up straight to hands is an AMAZING improvement, and even though you can’t drop items with X anymore, I feel that it’s just as easy to double tap X then tap RT to toss the item is just as easy to use, even if it takes a bit longer to animate. My one biggest gripe that isn’t even that big of a deal is the zoom LB function - it used to work perfectly with a tap-hold double press to be able to quickly zoom and then freelook while zoomed in, and now it requires an extra press (tap-tap-hold) to perform the same way. i understand it was probably changed to get the leaning done right as now you can also lean with melee weapons and unarmed as well, so it’s not THAT important i suppose. other than that, the only real little quirks are: sound file when filling up containers with water/liquid doesn’t play (not a big deal) and the PU scope? (whichever one goes on the SKS) has a wierd thing going on with the mesh model - when using the iron sights you can see thru the top of the scope and it almost looks like you can see three tiny scopes inside the optic, i guess something to do with the magnifying/rendering issue. Overall, i’m very happy. Server issues/long queue times/etc will get ironed out i’m sure as who would’ve thunk after all the bitching and moaning about the prices for private servers and blah blah they’ve sold nearly 3k of them.
  6. wh1skey_

    Unchambering & Unjamming Weapon

    Im really loving some of the 'easter egg' features that arent specifically stated in the patchnotes, like the addition of reflective/high-vis/construction vests being able to be looted off infected corpses and worn. I wish that hopefully in the future the unchamber mechanic actually allows single rounds to drop to the floor to be picked up again.
  7. wh1skey_

    Duping still exists.

    Literally the very first item under “Fixed” in the patchnotes: Fixed: Duplicated items after joining friends online session
  8. wh1skey_

    Update is live!!

    You should be able to force the update to appear by trying to run/open the game - it should close and then give you the prompt to download the update if you cant get it to show up on the "Manage game & add-on's" menu. 8.63 GB
  9. wh1skey_

    Sharing the same database

    If they pushed the 1.04 xbox client to us, and we connected to the 1.04 database, then all the PS4 players still on the 1.02 client would basically be bricked when they try to play their game as their client wouldn’t be able to connect to the new database that bohemia is hosting on their servers. Hence why both consoles clients must be pushed at the same time - the 1.02 database will no longer be existing online and you’ll be forced to download the new update once it’s available. Theyre not going to host both the 1.04 and the 1.02 databases at the same time, nor any other previous databases. That’s why when updates come out, and you start up a game it shows “This game needs an update before launching” - the only way you would be able to even run an old client version of a game would be offline not connected to the internet, and since DayZ has no single player/campaign/story/offline mode, the game wouldn’t even be able to be played and would essentially be a brick. You get into the menus and that’s it.
  10. wh1skey_

    The birdcage

  11. wh1skey_

    It's hard to name a more broken game

    It’s hard to name a more broken game? Please, go to youtube, type in BigFry, and watch pretty much any and all of his videos from probably the last year or so. You’ll find plenty of games that are more shit than DayZ.
  12. wh1skey_

    Xbox Hotfix 1.02

    i’m upset that they changed the rendering focus and how the scopes work. prior to the hotfix, scopes worked just like they did in real life - the area looked at thru the scope was magnified and the peripheral view that was blurred outside of the scope was not magnified the same, giving a sense of depth perception (the same as how Escape from Tarkov does) now with the hotfix the rendering makes the entire game screen magnified the same and both the view inside the scope and the blurred outside of the scope is shown the same distance, akin to games like BF and COD A bit dissatisfied as this was a great feature of realism that most consoles games don’t ever implement or use. Hopefully 1.04 reverts this “fix”
  13. wh1skey_

    Can we just get a straight answer?

    they’re taking the servers offline, to start the process of making the existing servers higher pop count (75, 100, 150) and merging all players into less servers with higher pops. So instead of needing a bunch of 60 slot servers for their total player base, instead of having everyone spread out across lots of servers, they’re going to make everyone play on just a few 150 slot servers, reducing the hopping between servers and reducing the amount of back end crap they need to maintain, and in turn being able to combat duping because hopping and joining is a part of the glitch, if you only have a few servers to choose from and they’re all constantly full to the max you won’t be able to get in, added with the new random spawn mechanic it will reduce the exploit significantly
  14. wh1skey_

    Someone please explain what duping is and why its bad?

    “Duping” ruins the Central Loot Economy (CLE) system put into the game by manipulating the environment thru glitches found in gameplay. “Central Loot Economy (often abbreviated as "CLE") is DayZ's unique management system for loot spawning and clean-up. It is a complex system of tags, categories, zones, maximums, minimums, averages, and so on. The CLE dictates exactly how many of each item can be present on a single instance of the game at a time (one server), with important factors like randomization and rarity baked in. These values can be adjusted at any time, without requiring players or servers to install a game update. In addition to controlling how much of each item is present, it also "cleans up" the map by removing items which have become ruined or which have gone untouched for a set amount of time. This function prevents the game from becoming cluttered with useless items, serves players with a continually refreshed pool of available gear, acts as one method of preventing individual players from having too much influence over the entire server's economy. For more information about how long items stay in place without activity, please see the table below for Persistence.” In essence, certain higher tier items should be available to be found in certain areas of the map to encourage natural, organic play that tends to push players from the coast as fresh bambi’s with no gear towards the inland to high-risk, high-reward areas of the map such as NWAF, Tisy, Troitskoe, VMC, Zelenogorsk, Green Mountain, etc. When duping occurs it turns the map into a black hole and takes away all the “natural” loot that would spawn in certain areas and puts them into wherever the duping occurs, negating all the natural organic adventure travel gameplay throughout the map and condenses all the loot in the CLE into the areas and items duped making that area into a “war zone fragfest” usually near the coast such as Solnichny factory just so people can PVP like crazy and if they die then just respawn, run to a tent, gear back up and keep shooting and get back in the meat grinder aka COD gameplay - it defeats pretty much every aspect of the survival gameplay the game is based upon and ruins the whole DayZ experience for people who attempt to play like normal on the same server because every location they will travel to will end up empty and have none of the expected loot that they should see.
  15. wh1skey_

    Ambient music ?

    the new 1.04 update on PC features music in the main menu as well.