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  1. wh1skey_

    1.03 update info - coming soon!

    There is a possibility that these PC features could show progress on them working on fully custom controls [Added: Separated hold breath and walk inputs (both 'CTRL' by default)  Added: Erect, crouch and prone inputs (no binds by default) Added: Separated erect, crouch and prone inputs] I think if they are able to now have no bindings for inputs by default and are able to separate inputs then this means that they have made some clear work forward on letting you decide what input is binded to what key you want - now this is probably much easier for PC/M&K and i’m sure it will be a little more difficult to do this for the Xbox controller inputs, but it looks like it should come in the future, especially since the XB has the feature to remap controller buttons in its native settings already, it’s just a matter of figuring out the whole config of the XB dev system and getting the bindings right in the game code.
  2. wh1skey_

    1.03 update info - coming soon!

    PC Experimental has just dropped and so once it hits stable, we should see the patch get ported to Xbox relatively soon after - major highlights are in bold and underlined, as some of these things added will be only for PC specifically. Added: Switch on/off for walk modifier ('CTRL' by default) Added: Separated hold breath and walk inputs (both 'CTRL' by default) Added: Erect, crouch and prone inputs (no binds by default) Added: Turn on/off headlight/night vision goggles ('L' press/hold by default) Added: Rotate item in inventory ('SPACE' by default) Added: Possibility to change the orientation of items in the inventory (press 'SPACE' while dragging item) Added: New vehicle Gunter 2 with its attachments Added: VSS rifle with its attachments Added: 9x39 ammunition Added: 9x39 armor-piercing ammunition Added: Tracer ammunition (5.56x45, 7.62x39, 7.62x54R, .308WIN) Added: Night Vision Goggles (NVG) Added: NVG head strap Added: NVG can be attached to Tactical Helmet (hold 'L' to switch on/off) Added: Universal Flashlight can be attached to Tactical Helmet (press 'L' to switch on/off) Added: Baraka sights Added: Backup Iron Sights (BUIS) Added: PSO-1-1 Scope, designed for the VSS rifle Added: Bayonets for KA, M4-A1, Mosin 91/30 and SK 59/66 Added: Firearms Melee Attacks with pistols, buttstocks, and bayonets Added: Hand Saw Added: 4-dial Combination Lock Added: Strawberry Jam Added: Handheld Transceiver and Glow Stick attachments on backpacks Added: Separated erect, crouch and prone inputs Added: Quickbar working in inventory Added: "You are here" marker for each tourist trail map stand Added: Instead of press, some actions are now triggered by holding 'F' button for a continuous action Added: New optional server.cfg parameter - disablePersonalLight = true/false; which toggles personal light on all connected clients Added: Quantity bar for energy based items and fireplace Added: New 'swayModifier' config param for weapons and their attachment Added: Milliseconds to client/server rpt files Added: check to prevent invalid requests from clients (inventory optimization) Added: Possibility to execute different types of melee hits (expanded melee command to execute stationary melee animations) Added: Character statistics into the main menu Added: Baseball/nailed bat Added: Drop and pickup sound for scopes Added: Sounds for death animations Added: Sounds for suicide animations Added: Lock/unlock sound for doors Added: Sounds for prone animation with a rifle in hands Added: One male and one female character sound set Added: Different character sounds when wearing certain headgear (e.g Combat Gas Mask, Motorbike Helmet)
  3. wh1skey_

    Assault vest buttpack

    in the barracks - as the vest and buttpack are both categorized as “military” loot, you will only find them in the military type buildings - the hunting lodges will only spawn hunting type loot like the hunting backpack, hunter clothes, bear traps, PU/PSO/Hunting Scopes, Compasses/Binoculara, The Great Helm, and various seeds. I would make a 3 point route back and forth from the hunting camp, to Troitskoe mil base, then west to the single barrack at Kamensk factory and then all the way back and forth over and over, giving a little time (say 30 mins to an hour) for loot to respawn at each location - make the trip once, log out, wait, log back in and backtrack all the way to the campgrounds, log out again, wait, and repeat. You could even go back down to the guard shack on the eastern edge of Severograd if you don’t want to log out and it should take enough time for everything to maybe pop back up.
  4. wh1skey_

    Stash help

    I’m not 100% sure about barrels - but I’ve buried drybag backpacks in the dirt before, I was collecting car parts to build a nearby ADA and buried them behind a house in the dirt halfway between the car and a garage close by. When I buried the bags it had a small plot of soil that was a different color and broken up similar to a garden plot. It was very easy to come back and find when I knew what to look for, and you would only get the prompt to “dig up drybag” if you had a shovel equipped and looked at it - otherwise it wouldn’t show and unless you knew what to look for you’d probably pass right by it. I’m sure it may be the same for all other buried items.
  5. wh1skey_

    Assault vest buttpack

    Found both the vest and buttpack at various tent sites and barracks, including the Troitskoe hunting camp just north of Severograd rock quarry - it’s all up to the RNG gods.
  6. wh1skey_

    Leaving Backpacks on ground

    Persistence In DayZ, all items will eventually despawn after a predetermined amount of time. That length of time varies depending upon the type of item but does not apply to anything carried within a player's inventory. Item : Time Traps : 1 Hour Tents/Barrels : 7 Days Backpacks : 4 Hours Crafted Bags : 1 Hour Other Crafted Items : 5 Minutes All Other Items : 30 Minutes source https://dayz.gamepedia.com/Loot
  7. wh1skey_

    Remove rounds from a gun

    wierd thing i did the other day by accident - you load a round into the chamber of the bk-18, single shot, no mag, 1+0 right? hit Y again without shooting, you’ll unload the single round, it will go back into your inventory in a new stack, and you’ll load another round in. you can do this to infinity in an endless loop. i knew i already had it loaded and when i hit the button and watched it reload i was like...wtf there’s no way because i hadn’t fired any shots yet at all...and i thought it was some glitch where i was losing my ammo, i knew i had 6 rounds total. and it showed one in the gun, 4 in a stack and a single new round stack at the end of my inventory. wierd but interesting, i think it’s the only gun you can do it with, although there’s no actual way to get the gun empty.
  8. wh1skey_

    1.0 Release times

  9. wh1skey_

    The easiest/depressing loot route

    yeah, the OPs route was definitely the LONGEST, most dangerous (going all the way down the east coast from Solnichniy factory to Kamy? you’re sure to die. that’s pvp hotzone #1) and most horrible route for loot I can think of. Troitskoe Mil Base, Pass Oreshka, Turovo, the VMC, Green Mountain - all better to get loot and easier to traverse inland to than going all the way around the coast to the literal end of the map. Heading West anywhere inland from the east coast will get you some easy gear and weapons especially hitting up the couple of hunting lodge camps hidden between some cities very fast and very easy.
  10. wh1skey_

    The easiest/depressing loot route

    this is literally the worst route ever.
  11. wh1skey_


    No one is saying it’s guaranteed and 100% that roosters are a sign that players are nearby, but it is a more often than not high probability that whenever you do hear a rooster, there’s a good chance something is nearby - i’ve either spawned in to servers and been in the same place where there’s nobody and no rooster, and logged out and logged right back in and haven’t moved and immediately heard a rooster, and most of the time a while later you’ll find something in that general direction, either a player or zombie group, which high concentration of zombies are also a good indication of activity. sometimes it’s a player moving around, or a gun shot, or a zombie nearby, that agitates the rooster into crowing - but something has to make the rooster caw, if they aren’t agitated by movement or sound, they stay quiet like chickens. I’ve heard roosters and gone and found just zombies in close proximity shuffling close by, and no players, but it’s usually SOMETHING nearby that makes the rooster act. So we don’t know the what part of it is, but we do know that usually, if you do hear a rooster and go investigate, you’ll have a good chance of finding something nearby. It’s not 100% fact, but for most people, it usually is reliable.
  12. wh1skey_

    Car Tire Repair?

    Lmao I actually did try to use it as a last ditch effort thinking the same thing! I was like, well hell it repairs clothes, backpacks, guns, magazines, why the fuck not a tire too?! Sadly it doesn’t work either :c
  13. wh1skey_

    Car Tire Repair?

    Just seeing if anyone can confirm or deny - the Tire Repair Kit doesn’t work in the xbox version as of now? I found a car, it’s almost complete, just need a spark plug and two more tires. One of the tires already on it is ‘badly damaged’ and I tried everything to get the TRK to work, but it wouldn’t no matter what I tried. I even went as far as looking at the description of the kit: “A plastic case, containing all the tools needed for fixing a car tire. Tire iron not included.” So I went on a damn hunt for a tire iron, brought it back, thinking maybe I had to combine the tire iron and the kit or something. Nope. Any info?
  14. wh1skey_

    Lack of HC players

    i’ve pretty much started trying to play on the US HC servers exclusively. They’re not as full usually as some servers but I like the fact that everyone is put on the same playing field equally with no 3rd person peeking over walls or around corners, and you don’t get the advantage of the full 360° behind camera so it makes playing a bit more dangerous. The few encounters i’ve had on the HC servers I’ve noticed that other players are a bit more cautious and have had ZERO attempts at KOS, people are more willing to talk and be friendly. last night/this morning I had literally spawned in Stary Sobor in a low pop with only about 5 people on the server, walked out of my house and immediately saw another player right down the road. we both had some decent military gear, we waved and he began to backpedal and move back down the road. I got scared for a bit as he kind of obscured behind a bush and tree and wasn’t sure if he was going to line up to shoot, a moment later his buddy comes from around the side of a building. Holy crap my heart was racing, was I about to get gunned down? What were the chances of being in a server of only 5 or 6 and immediately being in the presence of two other players in the whole map!? They ended up approaching, we talked for a while in the street, they were building a base gathering supplies and needing nails and a hammer, I was attempting to rebuild a car and looking for parts. I traded them a M4 with a full mag for a car battery, we exchanged names in case we ended up running across each other again. Everyone lived. Good shit.
  15. wh1skey_

    Muzzle flashes staying after shooting.

    ImpulZ 1353 Posted January 24 14/01/2019 Fixed: Possible fix for muzzle flash light sources never disappearing in some cases So it was “fixed” in the latest patch notes but it actually wasn’t fixed. Thanks!