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  1. magiknesquikQc

    Xbox Update 18/12/2018

    Don't base build yet...don't drive cars yet... Just Run 'n' Gun then repeat !! The game is sooooooo broken ive die twice cause zeds spawn in your back and in the floor like 5-6 years ago on PC !!
  2. magiknesquikQc

    No more rain!!!😊

    Yeah i know...we need all the people from Vigor !!! Vigor on hold.... Everybody's on DayZ right now.....please ???
  3. magiknesquikQc

    No more rain!!!😊

    Seriously Rain ??? Please fix cities fps....scoping....inventory crash...everything but rain at the moment ??????
  4. magiknesquikQc


    me too crashing too much....cannot stay in a server for 5 minutes without crashing !!!!!Don't know why and i didnt pick up any shotgun
  5. magiknesquikQc

    All the bugs I found in November 23rds update

    Fps is fine....but it froze like 6 time in 30 minute....
  6. magiknesquikQc

    Xbox Development Briefing - November 16, 2018

    My God Everybody's such cry babies !!! Go Play something else at the moment !!! Give them some time....we dont want a broken update....wow loll
  7. magiknesquikQc

    Xbox Update 24/10/2018

    So is it confirmed for the 24th ???
  8. magiknesquikQc

    Xbox announce upcoming M&K support

    No don't start a M&K topic im so tired of this !! So STOP EVERYBODY stop !!!!
  9. magiknesquikQc

    Home screen wind sound

    Just the option to turn of the sound in the menu thats it !!!!
  10. magiknesquikQc

    Xbox Update 18/09/2018

    How the VoIP work now theres no detail about it !?!????
  11. magiknesquikQc

    Server gone down

    Yeah Man im on xbox #104 in Severo Come find me ?
  12. magiknesquikQc

    Xbox Update 13/09/2018

    Fix the scope lag !!! Everytime i scope there somme lag and texture issues !!!
  13. magiknesquikQc

    Controls for Xbox One

    Control need to stay like that don't make any changes please !!!!...those who want to play like PUBG.....just stay in PUBG !!!
  14. magiknesquikQc

    Item description !?

    Hi Devs why the item description is written so small.... Need to glue my face in the TV to read..... So is you already working on a fix for this ??
  15. magiknesquikQc

    Messed up servers

    Wanna know if its about the timer that server reset you guys talking....??? It reset every 90 to 60 minutes its a game breaker....but thx to the good work its a game we all needed for Xbox One !!!