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  1. bent.toe

    Anyone know if they fixed duping or meatballs?

    I doubt it.
  2. bent.toe

    Xbox Update 1.02

    Also... Thanks for adding new and improved controls that the community has asked for. /sarcasm
  3. bent.toe

    Night is now HORRIBLE!!!!!

    I just disconnect when night comes. It's not scary, exciting or fun to play at night. They just mess it up over and over for each new patch.
  4. bent.toe

    Xbox Update 1.02

    Bug* Carrying magazines in pouches removes the ability to reload weapon with those magazines stored in pouches slots.
  5. bent.toe

    Okay guys...WTF?!?!?!

    Exactly. And sooner or later they will be hunted down.
  6. bent.toe

    Okay guys...WTF?!?!?!

    Yeah... We/They are spread wide apart though. Most of the time you encounter kos players. Yesterday i took my character down to the coast for the first time in weeks. I walked down from kamensk over to svetlajorsk to raid the coast of canned food and netting. The second i entered svetlajorsk i heard gunfire, saw a guy laying outside the church. Tried revive but no luck. Took his soda, 12 bullets and a plum. Reached the ship wreck and talked to a bambi, asked if he needed anything and carried on down to berezino, it sounds like ww3 around berezino so i kept on the outside along the tree line, ran into 2 players asking me for an M4 while standing behind a tree with guns drawn (shotgun and mosin) and I said i don't have one but i got a fully loaded AKM ready at my disposal. I turned around and started jogging when one of them fired off his shotgun 20 meters behind me and then they ran. From my right another bambi walked up and asked if they were shooting at us, i told him it's mostly kos down here so go inland. He walked with for 4-5 minutes and I asked if he wanted to tag along to zelenogorsk MB but he wanted to raid the coast... I gave him a silenced ump with a full clip and wished him good luck. As i jogged away from him i said you can either shot me in the back and get all my loot, or be one of the good guys and help people out. I'm still alive 🙂
  7. bent.toe


  8. bent.toe


    Whats a bull horn? The megafon? It works.. Your voice gets 50% louder in the mic and you can be heard from much longer distances.
  9. bent.toe

    Was it you on 3861?

    I killed you near typobo, revived you and gave you an SKS, ammo, water and food. My bad.. Thought you were an enemy. You followed me all the way to Novodimitrosk to svergino and to troitskoe /kamensk MB where i had to log out. My mic was seriously fudge up.
  10. bent.toe

    “I want an AK”

    Hahaha! Best youtube video 2019!
  11. bent.toe

    Ingame Stats

    There could be more fun stats though. People eaten Favourite headgear Total shots fired Kilometers traveled Towns entered Litres drank Cans eaten Animals hunted Tents raised Weight lost Beard grown in millimeter Mushrooms eaten Castles visited And so on... But i would like to know when the fudge we get to pick character and clothing at spawn. Been a feature on pc since like 0.62
  12. bent.toe

    Lock each character to a single server?

    UK based?
  13. bent.toe

    Lock each character to a single server?

    What clan? 20 cannibals running around eating everyone *shrugs*.... not entering that server.
  14. Wait a minute... I just got mine off a dead body.
  15. bent.toe

    BI, wipe the game when you fix duping.

    I Agree.