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  1. bent.toe

    Patch release day.

    Ok people, time to look in your magic crystal ball. What day will it be.
  2. bent.toe


    No eating? Turned vegetarian?
  3. bent.toe

    Any changes with lean in 1.04?

    I guess it’s a cumbersome process. What they atleast could do is to have 3-4 different controller setups and one of them being lean with LT+ left/right stick.
  4. bent.toe


    Unfortunally we don't have stat tracking. Would have been nice being able to see stats. Guessing around a month, before boredom kicked in and I went looking for action.
  5. bent.toe

    Survivor Gamez Alpha

    No NDA whatsoever
  6. bent.toe

    Status Report - July 2019

    You are right, not many but we are starting to see Light in the tunnel. Fyi farming sim 17/19 mods from PC user created work in multiplayer.
  7. bent.toe

    So... that's it then?

    Yes, you are correct with GTA V and Skyrim or even Arma 3. But it's a small percent of games that last beyond 2 years. And if i'm counting the first 6 years of dayz and add all the years then you got a lot.. A LOT of value out of your money or am i wrong? Also, we don't know what BI will do with dayz and for how long they will support it. Maybe it's to the end of 2019, maybe it's through whole of 2021? Anyway, sorry to see you leave. Always sad when members leave the community.
  8. bent.toe

    Need help with .ini files

    Thanks ImpulZ 👍
  9. bent.toe

    Need help with .ini files

    Damn, he was right! (hate being wrong) So he could stay by the body until a server reset basically, before it dissapear?
  10. bent.toe

    So... that's it then?

    Not to rain on your parade but most games have a life cycle of 2 years (tops) and then the developers move on to new projects. I will not count the 6 first years but i will start from august 29th 2018 (first release on console) when the big masses got a hold of it. So it's almost a year since then. If we instead count from 1.0/gold then it's been 4 months. I guess we got another 20 months of support. If you been around since the mod, you been playing a game that has been supporten AND grown for almost a decade.....
  11. bent.toe

    Need help with .ini files

    Thanks, Yeah i know that stripping the body allows for items and gear to stay for a much longer time than the body. You strip them so that the gear is not lost when the body (and everything on it) dissapear /despawn. According to my friend the body stays as long as you stay. Need @ImpulZ on this one. My friend can't be right.
  12. Having an argue with a friend on console that claims that bodies don’t dissapear if you lay down beside them and that he stayed atleast 45 minutes until his friend came back and could grab all his gear again. Could a friendly PC user check in the files what despawn time the dead player bodies have.
  13. bent.toe

    Any changes with lean in 1.04?

    Yes.. 1pp right lean always work right away because the shoulder position is to the right by default. Try it again.
  14. bent.toe

    Any changes with lean in 1.04?

    This man know's what he's talking about.