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  1. bent.toe

    I think xbox 1.0 will be the next big update

    Same here... I moved on. The last 2 months got boring so fast. Now im having a blast in Apex legends.
  2. bent.toe

    Time to Kill

    So he was sitting down and you walked up and shot him. Skills.
  3. bent.toe

    Time to Kill

    He must have been hurt/bleeding or his helmet was already damaged. Or maybe they changed the damaged in these later patches.... What do i know
  4. bent.toe

    Favorite YouTube DayZ Content Creators?

    I like Runningmanz.
  5. bent.toe

    Coughing / Sneezing Epidemic

    Surgical or dust mask will not work when you come in contact with a contagious person. Tried it on two occations with both masks. Maybe it was the clipping and the mask was not sealed properly lol!
  6. bent.toe

    Time to Kill

    All helmets in the game can take two shots from high caliber weapons before they break and offer no more protection. That is what we tested so far...
  7. bent.toe

    Safe Island

    3 military barracks and 1 command center. Nothing you cant get at zelenogorsk MB. If you want prison outfits then thats the place to go to.
  8. bent.toe

    Safe Island

    My bad then. I want a safe zone somewhere on the map were you can trade and exchange stories and maybe even team up. But it need to be coded that you can not raise your weapon in the zone, otherwise people will ruin it.
  9. bent.toe

    Xbox Feedback Round - January 2019

  10. bent.toe

    Safe Island

    Survive the swim? Really? It's 7 minutes of swimming and unless your red on food and drinks AND bleeding... you should have no problems swimming out to that shithole. I believe man parts (or was it yeti bum?) who had a great trading place above hunters lodge, in an old tavern. North West of zelenogorsk.
  11. bent.toe

    Please Bohemia can we get character locked servers?

    Don’t hold your breath. They rarely Replies.
  12. bent.toe

    Xbox RP server?

    Yeah... Umm then you don't need a RP server, just take anyone available right now.
  13. bent.toe

    Xbox RP server?

    Unless they are private servers you will always have players joining with a different mindset = KOS
  14. bent.toe


    Use ignore button up top and your good to go. Some people on here like to play the elite card the second people ask for something that, according to the elite, is not a part of dayz. I too would like to see some kind of tdm/dm implemented for those quick play sessions or an itchy triggerfinger.
  15. bent.toe

    Coughing / Sneezing Epidemic

    Jeeeez.... Not my idea of fun.