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    Eating and drinking every 15 minutes in Chernarus.
  1. I need more!

    I also want: Cowboy boots Jeans Duck west Horses to ride on Pump shotguns Winchester Trucker caps More plaid shirt variations Wrist watches to tell time Ability to pick gender and skin color att spawn Ability to add facial hair Gloves in different variations More variations in backpack, maybe sling bags, messenger bags?
  2. What is your prefered gear? (Not weapons)

    I died twice today from KOS....starting to get tedious.
  3. What is your prefered gear? (Not weapons)

    Haha so true
  4. I'm talking clothes and head gear. So most of you go all in on military? Or do you prefer the Chernarus police uniforms? Or maybe lumberjack fashion with plaid shirt and rugged boots? I prefer the firefighter outfit (black one) with a white helmet.
  5. Realism but with no logic.

    How do you know it was a long time ago? I don't see any rotten zombies..just fresh infected. Maybe it was 2 months since the outbreak?
  6. Severograd freezing and lagging

    Just me?
  7. Realism but with no logic.

    The dev's are aiming for logic and realism with a lot in this game. For example, changing backpack does not automatically move your gear to the new backpack, you have to load bullets manually in magazines and so on. Other things are not realistic or logical at all. Apple trees....they are full of apples, but you can't pick one but instead have to wait until a tree drops an apple. Drinking a soda until it's empty...but you can't refill/use the can to fill with water? You can dig for worms with a shovel, but you only find one everytime? There are facets in every building, but you can't get water?
  8. Dead by Wolfpack

    Encounter's several times.. they are Up north.
  9. Severograd freezing and lagging

    Everytime i set my foot in that town the game freezes up. Seems to be poorly optimized. Anyone else?
  10. Engage in a firefight and your opponent runs into a building and exit the server are the most boring thing ever. Same when my teammates want to exit when fired upon. Server hopping to be fully geared in 1 hour since a fresh spawn is another issue. Sure it's tedious and boring looting 50 building and come out with a broken pistol and 2 pipsi's... and the loot is to random, too scarce, to little and with no logic... Only building i find the loot being logic is in the medical buildings. All other loot is unlogic. I hope you start locking characters in servers. No more than 2 servers can be switched between until they are reset. If your getting shot at and exit you can join one other server or have the option to rejoin the one you just cowardly left. If you join another server and decide to leave that and the first one is full..you have two options. Wait 2 hours or rejoin the last one...if that one became full while you exited...tough luck. No playing for you.
  11. Friendly Fire Servers

    A month without food...!
  12. Hold Breath to Steady Scope Sway

    There are no option as of now. Only way is to crouch or go prone, unfortunally there is another bug, your shoulder/backpack will block the view in the scope. Either stick with the M68 or Acog on the M4A1 and all 3 stances work.
  13. Prison island dedicated to PVP

    Opinions..but now we know kiddo.
  14. A few bugs.

  15. Bought an Xbox One X for this game

    Hi fellow ps4:ers, One thing that pisses me off about sony is their lack of early access programs. Sure we did get Ark and H1Z1...but other than that we miss out on a lot. I love my ps4pro and got 393 games in it, but i hate missing out in games like pubg, Hunt Showdown, vigor, dayZ, subnautica and so on... When i heard Dayz was going game preview on Xbox the 29th of august and with Q1 release on ps4 i could just not wait. It's a hard game with zero forgivness, much harder than demon souls and the likes. But it was so worth it. I got around 170 hours invested and on my 19th character (you die a lot) and still have a lot to explore. Everything in this game is out to kill you (except the chickens) from wolves, bears, zombies, thirst, hunger, bulls, high places, weather and all the bugs...but it is so fun. Think of it as ESO or Skyrim or Withcher 3 but without the fantasy. If you got the money...do it. Or....wait 5-7 months.