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  1. Nope, they need to test it throughly before gold status so they can't release a patch that have not been tested in a live environment a week before gold. We will see it in a few weeks or the latest by mid january.
  2. Really? A few months into 2019? Guess you missed the info about 1.0/Gold Q1 2019. Mentioned in several dev blogs, here is one: https://www.bohemia.net/blog/dayz-is-out-now-on-xbox-game-preview
  3. So much rain

    Glad to hear others get annoyed by the title screen wind. Hurts my ears when using headphones.
  4. Xbox Update 02/11/2018

    Ok...a step in the right direction. How short is night? Changed rain time aswell? When will we get server name/number added so we can see it once we connected? (Online > players) Edit* Server name is now added 👍😁
  5. Night!! It's so scary

    Yeah! Imagine that..ha!
  6. Number of servers

    I believe so. With absolutly no content added, RDR2 released, BFV in a couple of weeks and so on...i doubt the devs will think it's neccesary to have 300 empty servers. Sorry to say it, but there is nothing to do in this game...other than jog down to elektro and kill/die.
  7. Random issue with sprinting

    Yep, happens all the time for me. Also...crashes often in inventory when i'm moving things. A freez and i'm forced to restart the game.
  8. Fix the day night cycle!?

  9. Fix the day night cycle!?

    I tend to agree...it's a tad too much really. Darkness AND rain for a couple of hours is discouraging. Even switching server and it's the same thing. A third server and it's no rain...but pitch black. Don't get me wrong..i love day/night cycle and weather effects. Just would like to see the sun and a clear sky a bit more often.
  10. Night Time is Garbage

    Woah...what just happened with the quote there?
  11. Night Time is Garbage

    That is narrow minded. I been critizing a lot in this game...why do i bother? Because i love the game. If i hated it i would not spend a second here. You don't see me in WoW forums bashing the game and complaining. Why is that? Because i don't like it...then i don't care. Everyone here, argueing, getting mad etc. do it BECAUSE they enjoy the game, telling them to go play something else is like trying to revive a zombie with two bulletholes in the skull....
  12. Night!! It's so scary

    I been critizing BI a lot...but when they do good i'm the first to praise.
  13. Night time

    So if i would play 8 hours straight i would play 24h cycle in Dayz? (8*3) And more night playtime than day playtime could be discouraging for a lot of players. Especially since we don't have nightvision, flashlights drain batteries, crafting torches takes time and equipment. But i dig it a lot.
  14. Night!! It's so scary

    I had clear nights with the moon illuminating the surroundings. I played on a server that went from dark to real fucking dark an hour later. Also..depends on where you are obviously.
  15. Night time

    Aha ok, now i'm with you.