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  1. Sterlyng Shane-kyler Roehrig

    PS4 Player ID

    I mean he is right, it does mess with the immersion of the game
  2. Sterlyng Shane-kyler Roehrig


    Srsly, do we actually have any news on when this drops for xbox?
  3. Sterlyng Shane-kyler Roehrig

    Cant find pliers anywhere!!??

    I find them a fair bit, look in those like 2 room mechanical garages
  4. Sterlyng Shane-kyler Roehrig

    dupers are a real piece of work

    Sorry, but how did you know they duped? And not just built your car, or even the car despawned even? I had a care missing nothing but the battery and motor oil, the server restarted before i could find the battery and the car despawned, yes duping is an issue but i doubt thats what happened
  5. Sterlyng Shane-kyler Roehrig


    So, if just say i wanted to store some stuff in backpacks and lay them in my base as storage units, how could i do so and protect them from despawning?
  6. Sterlyng Shane-kyler Roehrig

    Stash help

    Yeah but plots are so small, especially if bury them in the middle of like nowhere theres a near impossible chance someone will find them, like my stashes i can no longer access, theyre quite literally never gonna come along them, thats the only reason i prefer stashes because they are much easier to hide
  7. Sterlyng Shane-kyler Roehrig

    Stash help

    I can always find them again, i pin them on my map on the app, tents and barrels get raided too easily imo
  8. Sterlyng Shane-kyler Roehrig

    Stash help

    Lool, i found another ak since then so i wouldnt even care
  9. Sterlyng Shane-kyler Roehrig

    Stash help

    Yeah trees respawn on server reset or losing connection to host, also ive tried for hours theres no angle sadly
  10. Sterlyng Shane-kyler Roehrig

    Stash help

    No its buried so close to the tree that i have to cut the tree down, but everytime i do, the tree falls on it
  11. Sterlyng Shane-kyler Roehrig

    Developers cater to people with no life outside of this game

    See im glad you cant find an AR from the single tent in towns like that, imo they should only spawn in named military bases, though im aware they dont even rn, but you saying you found 2 ARs on launch of 1.0 PROVES that they do have an okay spawn rate but theyve been duped out of existence, since 1.0 ive found, 4 M4s, 3 Aks, 1 LAR, 1 Svd
  12. Sterlyng Shane-kyler Roehrig


    As someone who has had both an akm and a vsd and still currently has both, i am much more scared of the vsd, i agree with that whole list except id move the usg to military
  13. Sterlyng Shane-kyler Roehrig

    Stash help

    It doesnt work like that, you cant get rid of the entire fallen tree
  14. Sterlyng Shane-kyler Roehrig

    Stash help

    After some testing, each individual tree will always fall the exact same way so my stashes are screwed
  15. Sterlyng Shane-kyler Roehrig

    Stash help