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  1. Death from nothing

    You and a bunch of others dont seem to realise it’s a game preview, there are bugs and shits gonna happen. To get to the main menu you have to press A on the disclaimer that states it’s pre release software. You coulda researched it a bit first to find out how it is. You don’t always hear the shot that kills you. I lost over a week of progress to the character wipe but you gotta expect that stuff like that is gonna happen. Also it doesn’t take long to gear up again and is probably the most fun part of the game at this stage of development
  2. dont taze me bro!!

    @carlpittman @Chris Burton You guys should check out this thread then:
  3. Right or Wrong?

    Yeah I’ve been KoS a few times on Xbox, only had 1 friendly encounter as I lone wolf it too, even had a turd wait to open fire at me from long grass when I pulled out a pipsi and had a drink so he was maximising his chance for an easy kill lol. I’m happy to talk to folk in game but I’ll never surrender and if anyone wants my gear it’s gonna be an over my dead body situation hehe
  4. revive a shot friend??

    At least you got to travel with him for a while longer in some form
  5. Need a way to stop Combat Loggers on Xbox One.

    That’s one reason. How does one know another is not a threat? Because they say so? Heaps of folk have been betrayed by someone they trusted, over trivial things like a canteen or ammo, within minutes or even days of travelling together. Someone claiming to be friendly going the opposite way may well head into the bush and double back following you and kill you for sport. It is technically safer to eliminate a potential threat than take the risk of getting close (its worth trying to talk to them from cover at least). Your truest way of stating safe is to have at least one other person and have them cover you and flank the other survivor in case it goes bad. You should never trust another player unless you know them. But like I said earlier it’s mainly tasty human steaks.
  6. revive a shot friend??

    You’ll need to know their blood type so if you’re in a group you should all use a blood test kit and then carry a full blood bag plus iv starter kit and saline, on pc giving a transfusion of incompatible blood type will result in sickness, so it’s good practice to get ready for that on Xbox.
  7. Right or Wrong?

    I put it down to a bad experience getting mugged on pc then mugged and killed 5min later by a seperate group. I can’t let it slide and would rather force their hand, I’m kinda ok with dying now lol
  8. What new update do u want

    I’d like the hacksaw and shotgun added along with gas masks. Also the syringe and disinfectant/bleach so I can add a little surprise to every apple I come across and don’t eat, mainly for hungry little babies who claim there isn’t enough food to be found when they spawn. Or that lone water bottle found near the water pump, teach folk not to drink whatever they find unless it’s sealed or cleaned and filled themselves

    Sounds like a free dinner #eatallhippies
  10. Right or Wrong?

    The 1st one is fair enough, most people will shoot if someone comes running at them but the 2nd kinda sucks for those that can’t put their gun away cuz their bag is full and already have another weapon holstered. (I’m not dropping anything unless I volunteer to do so) If you’re in a group why not spread out and surround them and let them know it, they might get one of you if they have the cheek but most wouldn’t if they knew they’d die an instant later. Groups always have advantage, If you or a friend get copped then your group can take your gear to wherever you spawn, a benefit not everyone has. @Chris Burton I personally would rather die than follow a strangers order, someone points a gun At me and says ‘drop it’ then rest assured I’m gunna shoot with the knowledge that I’m pretty much done for.
  11. Radio

    I don’t know if the megaphone works properly yet (I’ve tried but dunno if anyone was around to hear) but even without, there are a couple of tracks I play if I think someone is close like Faaip De Oaid from Tool’s Lateralus and Be Prepared for Hell from Slipknot’s .5. They’ll give anyone the heebie jeebies if they’re unsuspecting but my favourite is the Predators clicking noise I have on my phone. Scared a couple of survivors now in proxy chat with it hehe
  12. Radio

    It would have to be a pirate radio station and move around every reset so bandits don’t find it
  13. Can i make players voices come through headset

    As far as I know it’s only through speakers, as it’s part of the world audio I guess you could say, I get what your looking for but would take away from the game as a whole I think. Just like footsteps and gunfire it’s put out there for all to hear as one big sound track, in relation to your position. Could be your best bet to buy a turtlebeach style headset for the game to keep it all in headset and protect your younger folk. Apparently they’re dynamite for hearings footsteps and directional audio type stuff.
  14. Radio

    I’m waiting for the bigger radios inside buildings and towers to work so I can start a radio station, play some music, have a talk back hour or something, call out bandit sightings or ask questions about the game and loot, even ammo and food prizes for answering quizzes lol