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  1. Eeyeoretherealone

    Thanks for the care package !!

    The first couple of weeks were like that for me every time I’d play I’d get an invite or 2, never accepted cuz I’d rather be in game chat
  2. Eeyeoretherealone

    Giving life to Teddy bears

    I’m pretty sure they will de-spawn but I left one on top of the clock tower in cherno with a single round of the most common ammo types for those that have lost all hope.
  3. Eeyeoretherealone


    Back again huh? Just so we are clear @Mpmax I wasn’t offended, I know you have preferred it that way, I was more curious as to your way of speaking in this mild mannered discussion, and I really couldn’t care less what players like you call players like me, but I’ve read your replies in other threads of people questioning you or with opposing points of view and it just seems like you are that type of person through and through. No sense in trying to see eye to eye. “Can we all agree that if you wear a blue armband you are a peaceful player who will interact and trade with others? No KOS, no griefing, no bondage or torture. If you have a UN helmet even better! Let’s try and get a sense of community going.” Was the post I commented on, it says nothing about a uniform for other “heros” specifically, more like he was referring to the player base as a whole so your “explanation” was pretty worthless anyways.
  4. Eeyeoretherealone

    HUD query

    Been wondering myself, is it a bar with like a needle and thread on one end and a hammer on the other or something?
  5. Eeyeoretherealone

    Giving life to Teddy bears

    You can always leave a bear in a bed of a house close to spawns or find as many as you can and place them in a ring or formation, full of beans and fruit. Might weird a few people out.
  6. Eeyeoretherealone


    Yeah lock it up things are getting silly.
  7. Eeyeoretherealone

    Character locked in database?

    It can also happen if you try to enter a server too quickly after leaving/getting kicked from a server. Try giving it a couple of mins before you try to go back in and see if that helps, but yeah it can just happen sometimes.
  8. Eeyeoretherealone


    I’d rather fart in a fishbowl
  9. Eeyeoretherealone

    People taking a lot of bullets ?

    Wondering if it has something to do with ghost bullets? Holding LT+Y to reload apparently puts bullets that have to effect into your gun vs. a regular Y button press to reload.
  10. Eeyeoretherealone

    mosin mag???

    @ScampoIt’s inside the gun, bigger ones don’t exist.
  11. Eeyeoretherealone


    Thanks for that... Take a chill pill mate, why the attitude? I know how to gauge someone’s intentions from their behaviour. I don’t want the game to start having outfits like the mod that show your apparent play style right off the bat, and for someone to decide what I am from what I wear. I’m not interested in trolling anyone and “if” I had to decide I’d prefer to kill bandits and KoS fools, having been victim to them plenty of times, But I’d enjoy making an exception for you. I find the game much more interesting to play moment by moment instead of funneling it into a “good” vs. “bad” type thing.
  12. Eeyeoretherealone

    Xbox announce upcoming M&K support

    Yup seperate servers, or at the worst a mouse symbol next to their name so everyone can tell, if you’ve seen some streamers on YouTube play you can see how fast they manage inventory and scan an area through a scope or manage recoil. Makes it difficult to combat for us controller users. We can put our sensitivities way up but still will never be as easy to use as an M&K. In pubg console so many of the winners are using that xim4 adapter (which will probably be undecteable for a system to place them in a M&K server and still give them the advantage) you can easily tell if you spectate. If its not controlled properly I reckon it’ll wreck matchmaking. Brett of course it is a game changer. no real point to coming here with that attitude, no one likes it. Using a M&K makes the crappiest control user 10 times better so for those that are already good they will aim like lightning, the playing field will no longer be level, more than likely the reason Microsoft is releasing their own gear to get ahead of the divide and give everyone a chance to continue playing at the same level.
  13. Eeyeoretherealone

    Just found...

    Noice! I oughta send you a koala for Sunday wear lol
  14. Eeyeoretherealone

    Just found...

    So would that mean the ability to craft a Davey Crockett style coonskin hat then at some point?
  15. Eeyeoretherealone

    Controls for Xbox One

    Someone’s already said it but the PubG control scheme is pretty good, and it will leave a stick or bumper press free as well as a couple of dpad buttons. But custom controls would be awesome