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    Status Indicators in the HUD

    I would propose to make the HUD smaller (potentially less opacity on icons to make it less distracting) and a dynamic HUD System. ----------------------- Dynamic HUD: If you ever played Escape From Tarkov, you would know that they use a Dynamic HUD system, (where HUD is off by default, with certain aspects reappearing when needed) For Example: - When you use stamina (sprint, heavy attack, etc.) your stamina bar will reappear. Once you finish using stamina or if your stamina fully recovers, the HUD for stamina disappears again. Same can apply when you are bleeding / lost health (& it changes color from WHITE - YELLOW, etc.) / Hunger turns yellow, etc. I would mainly likely to see for when you switch weapons, use zeroing, or switch firing modes. Since when playing with no HUD, you have no sure way to identify your zeroing/firing mode without turning your HUD on again --------------- If you would like to see this HUD in action to know what I'm talking about, watch any Escape From Tarkov gameplay, and pay attention to when people sprint, change stances, or get shot at. Thanks :) Please consider this for the people who play 1PP No HUD, and want an immersive experience, but don't want to be left at a disadvantage, tedious situations, and having to re-turn on HUD a lot / having to go through your inventory majority of the time. -------------- Photo below explanation: I like this HUD far better than current .63 implementation. The Icons are at the bottom areas of the screen The Icons are much smaller, (less distracting) The opacity is much less (less distracting once again) Icons like stomach, sickness pill, etc. are bigger to show importance/warning/priority
  2. Hello DayZ Dev Team. 1. I would like the raising weapon action to be slower, but not too much slower than it is right now OR/AND Dispersion or massive sway when shooting as soon as the gun is raised Sometimes, an enemy you've encountered, can quickly pull out a pistol, from their pocket, when aligning the center of their screen (using white dot), on your chest, allowing them to quickly hold RMB, and spam LMB, and spray bullets into you rather almost instantly and very accurately with how fast everything is. (creates more arcade style combat in that regard) 2. Reduce in acceleration when first starting to sprint + overall sprint speed, and solution to zig zag methods with that. (Mouse movement left to right, A+D spam to zig zag, along with high acceleration can easily get you out of situations like robberies. 3. Jogging speed, have two different modes (One faster, one normal) I would like to see jogging speed increased more, as it's the main way to travel around Chernarus, and it feels a little slow BUT, it could be a problem when trying to navigate within buildings So a solution I bring is, a faster jog would be Double Tap W (2x W) and just pressing W, would be regular jog :) *Jogging speed doesn't need to be any slower than it is right now* 4. Promotion/Incentivizing use of stealth, and slowing down the pace of combat. Combat in DayZ, feels a little too rushing orientated, and less emphasis on stealth, and slow pace of combat, somewhat like the MOD (Ghillies, Snipers, sneaking around buildings) Solutions to help do this I present are Directional footsteps be reasonably loud when sprinting and jogging Directional footsteps when crouched much more quiet (quieter w/ prone) Reduce acceleration when first starting to sprint and with sprint in general, (so no ability to rush super fast and storm through like the Prison building door, and around the corner) Increased Dispersion when trying to shoot with ADS when moving, visually displayed with sights (Like 0.62, but without the super slow movement speed // DON'T BRING BACK THE SUPER SLOW SIDE STEPPING WHEN IN AIM) Solution to the zig zag methods in .63 and possibly some more I'm missing + Visual Indicator, the player has been hit in a vital organ, promoting the sense that he is then severely injured, and has his aim offset/flinched a lot. + Sound Indicator, the player lets out an F##K, arghhh, etc. any type of grunt, and when bleeding, & becoming low on blood, please bring back the ARMA 2, screaming/panting slight off topic, when unconscious, there should be a sound indicator as well as screaming of pain when infected are attacking while unconscious. 5. Weapon switch animations for pulling weapons out from inventory Could be still working on, but you guys need to have this for 1.0 ( I can instantly pull put a M4 from my backpack w/ no animation!)
  3. cool idea, only thing i would rather, when using heavy attacks, you can kill zombies from any body part.
  4. Arman R

    FEEDBACK NEEDED: Servers not showing in the server browser

    I still have closed preview version, but I'm not seeing German servers or Belgium servers, and once in queue for servers that have 35-40, I always getting connecting failed, when trying to connect to server.