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  1. Dorka

    Stable Update 1.04.152076

    Has anyone tried if it's now possible to place a tent on other than 1st floor? In some previous version, if you placed a tent on e.g. 2nd floor it went to 1st floor, in worst case inside walls and you lost the tent.
  2. Please check my previous post, I had the same issue and found a temporary fix.
  3. Well this is weird. I can connect to my server only with the Launcher (adding my PC IP address & port). First the server kicked me off because some .pbo issue client vs server. I removed the "verifySignatures" from server config and now I can connect to it. It's still not showing in LAN tab when I quit the game.
  4. For some reason with 1.04 client I cannot see my own Dayz Experimental Server 1.04 in the LAN tab. I can see official/community server. I'm using the same config file I have previously used with my server. Anyone else having this issue?
  5. I have been testing base building in this build and in the previous builds. Previously there was a bug that the infected could just run through the fences. In this build the infected seem to be climbing over the fence. I wonder if it works now as designed or is this also a bug? If it works as designed, how do you prevent the infected from climbing over the fence... with barbed wire?
  6. I got a Leather Sheath (with a combat knife) in my butt... I guess that could be considered as a free slot but it looks funny 🙂
  7. How does the melee attack with bayonet work? I have bayonet attached to SK 59/66... which button does the melee attack?
  8. Looks like the water pumps are broken. Can someone confirm? ....and they are not broken. you just can't have anything in your hands when taking a sip.
  9. Dorka

    Stable Update 1.02

    I did not fill the radiator full. Thanks for the hint, I will try this.
  10. Dorka

    Stable Update 1.02

    Is it currently not possible to add motor oil to ADA? I have fixed one ADA but cannot add motor oil. Tried to drive without it but now I got the yellow motor sign, so I guess it will break the motor.
  11. Dorka

    Stable Update 1.02

    Can anyone confirm that Zeds can still run through fences? I have tested this with my base with all 1.02 EXP builds and the Stable build and each time Zeds were able to run through fences. I'm just wondering if that's because my base was build in 1.01 version. Maybe I will just wipe my server...
  12. Looks like Zeds can still run through fences.
  13. I had the same issue with all 3 ADAs I have found. Getting in also breaks most of the car parts.
  14. Dorka

    Stable Update 1.0.149974

    Are there car batteries in current version? I'm only able to find truck batteries.
  15. Dorka

    Server and client on same PC

    Great, thanks!