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  1. Update soon?

    I'm worried about the dwindling numbers on xbox. With three major game releases next month - Red Dead, Bf5 and Fallout 76, they will need an update soon or it will a die a death. Which will be sad, as I love this game and it deserves more.
  2. Upgrading a fireplace?

    Ah. Ok guys. Seems like a non starter for now. I'm sure it will be added soon. Many thanks.
  3. Upgrading a fireplace?

    Hi all. I was wondering if being able to upgrade the fire place on xbox is implemented? Are large stones and sledge hammers in the current build? If any one can shed some light on this, it would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  4. Xbox private shards

    I agree. Really enjoying it on the xbox, the new engine is working well. Private shards are needed though. I used to play on pc private servers and they were definitely not pve - gents of Novo and grumpy old gamer's, to name a few. If the devs could offer up a handful of official private shards for players that don't want server hoppers, that would be great. The only downside might be long queue times but id be willing to wait. Being locked to one server forces you to play the game as intended, without an option for trawling through low pop servers to gear up and return.
  5. Friendly

    We do exist. I'm 47 and my dad is 73. We used to play it on PC, and now due to his parkinsons disease we've moved over to the box. I reckon he has to be one of the oldest gamer's in England.
  6. The Reality.

    It would be fantastic Maytrix001, to have hoards of zombies, what a game changer that would be, but In believe it would impact server performance so don't hold your breath. As for more content - yes it needs it. Information is sparse, but i have read that once the new build is stable, they will re-implement some of the old content back - horticulture, fishing, vehicles, diseases, temp and maybe one day fortification. I hope this comes sooner rather than later, because as someone mentioned in an earlier post, without it there is very little to do when you become fully geared.
  7. The Reality.

    Firstly a pat on the back for the Bohemia team working on this game. Its been a long journey, one I've followed you from its early beginnings. The highs have been breath taking, the lows depressing. Through out all of this, the idea remained true - A hardcore, zombie survival game, or even an Apocalypse simulator. I left the game for a while on PC and have returned to it via my box and may I say what a vast improvement. The animations are excellent, the zombies behave like zombies and the overall ambiance is spot on. To address some of the negativity, yes things need to be tweaked, added back and addressed, but until then we must enjoy what we have, and what we have is promise. I agree it is hard surviving - food and drink scarce, zombies left right and centre and players all to ready to kill you for a pocket of rags. But this game demands you are switched on at all times. With a bit of thought you can survive, I know because I've done it many times. If you want a plug in and play zombie game, there are many to choose from. If you want to test your worth than stick with this. It will get better, I have faith, 5 years worth of it. So once again, a thank you to the Dayz dev team, you shall arrive soon and realize your dream.