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  1. Stress test vol.55

    a bug prevents lighting a fire in the chimneys of the house
  2. Stress test vol.55

    how and where did you find a lada 4 * 4 please
  3. Stress test vol.55

    thank you for all this work done I will test this not
  4. Stress Test vol. 54

    from time to time the shots do not go off with the firearms (while ammunition remains)
  5. Stress Test vol. 53

  6. Stress Test vol.52

    see you soon lada
  7. Stress Test vol.52

    lada still slippery
  8. Stress Test vol.52

    the cars are still airfiel like the previous stress test? after 30 mm of play and walk on the airfield I did not find any vehicle
  9. Stress Test vol.51

    hello Thank you for this stress test and a great experience however the cars are imposible to drive at high speed it seems that the car floats instead of rolling (on any terain)
  10. Stress Test vol.49

    exact my resolve disconnected and reconnected
  11. Stress Test vol.49

    hello I play for 2 hours and its almost perfect except that I encounter a bug that ruins the experience After a fight with bare hands I want to take the stuff of my opponent except that at the time of the pants I am still attached (see photo) http://www.noelshack.com/2018-38-6-1537614400-20180922130007-1.jpg http://www.noelshack.com/2018-38-6-1537614400-20180922130020-1.jpg
  12. Stress Test vol.49

    Only Experimental 0.63
  13. Stress Test vol.49

    hello Today "" 20/09/2018 "13h30" I can not find any server Stress Test
  14. Stress Test vol.43

    I swim under the map
  15. Stress Test vol.41

    hello Full desync (I swim under the map) https://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2018/34/7/1535292386-dayz-0-63-blem.png