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    Problem about Use of Masks

    Hi there , I'm Jeremy. Was just curious what the gas masks and protective face masks were intended for. I'm guessing they are a WIP for some sort of airborne threat but specifically does anyone know what exactly? Was it just for gas grenades or some kind of biological weapon? Radiation? Airborne zombie gas? Also, (besides grenades) were there any ideas on where these patches of bad air would be? ie. Stagnant areas around military bases? Personally I'd love to see them as a dynamic weather similar to rain, indoors (with doors closed) would protect you...however, masks would allow you to move through these areas for varying amounts of time. eg. 1 filter on a military mask would last 20 mins at pristine, 15 at worn etc....Bandanas last maybe 1 or 2 minutes at pristine... สมัครufabet Anyways, keen to see a mask mechanic of some kind somewhere down they line. The art work on them is awesome.. Thank in advance.