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    It's Been 6 Years

    Last SR was very vague and there wasnt much to discuss. Its forum, every discussion doesnt need to promote accountabilty or speed up the development lol. I appreciate any discussion here that gets people from both sides speaking. The fact that even the most passionate fans are expressing their concerns in this thread shows that its not pointless, even if OP was whining. Bombarding every thread with classic replies like "stop whining" and "it will be done when its done" is pointless.
  2. Again, you are just rambling about 10 different topics without any clear points. And using 0.63 to set examples doesnt make any sense, game is dry of content, community has split between multiple branches, ST branch doesnt have any persistance. Why should I be worried? Devs have clearly their own roadmap and goals that they follow and there is nothing that suggests that they will remove KOS because some small group of people dont like it. Yes, its meant to be much more, but the game is not finished. Its supposed to be a sandbox survival game and after devs finish adding all the content and tweaking, its going to be what was promised. Except there wont be a need for in-depth human interactions or grouping up, because that was never the requirement. Again, completely unrealistic hope. Im actually interested what would you want devs to do against that? To make one character per server and after some time you cant play the game at all, because you already died at all the servers? Again with that passive-agressive BS. I know what KOS means, but you literally defined it as deathmatching multiple times, which is just stupid. People who KOS, also spend hours on survival, building, gearing. Only difference is that they dont want to RP with everyone they see. And you like to act that these people make the game complete FPS or PUBG. Its just ridiculous. There is no need to attack me. Im not "afraid" of game getting balanced, im hoping for it because I agree that surviving is too easy. But that wouldnt make me change my playstyle. Just because I shoot you instead having conversation, doesnt mean im deathmatching. If the guns will dissapear, I will still try to kill you with a hatchet. Again, game is far from being finished. Dayz isnt trying to be anything. It will give every player choice to do whatever they want in this big map.
  3. Sorry, but only thing I read out of this all is that you dont like PVP and dying. Its a sandbox game, only necessary thing to do is get food and drink, there is absolutely no need to build a base / farm or hoard the gear. Its your CHOICE to spend time on those things and you should be prepared to lose them. If you make a base that will stand out, ofcourse people are gonna target you, thats the price. Why should anyone ever care how much you spent time on your character? And you make re-spawning look way worse than it really is. Map is huge, its hard enough to see players. Getting good spawn takes time, getting gear to travel takes time, getting properly armed takes time. Now I would really love to see who would spend hours after re-spawning just to kill you again and again, you must be hiding a holy grail. Im also curious, what would be these systems to balance things out? Only solution would be to make guns non existent, because as long as they exist, people will shoot you. There is no need to punish anyone and I dont see how there could ever be a sensible system which will know every circumstance about firefight (voicechat etc.). Overall, I find it really odd how people define and throw around KOS term. I consider myself to be a KOSer. That doesnt mean Im just gearing up, searching for players to kill, die and repeat. No, I have my own crew who I have played with since mod was launched. We also built bases, farms, repaired & drove vehicles, hunted & crafted and had some great firefights. Only difference is that we just shoot / kill others on sight (and no, we dont get high gear to camp freshspawns on coast or hunt people in general). We are just trying to survive in Chernarus & have fun. I just dont need to have conversation & RP with every random guy I see. Thats why I love Dayz, its not forcing any playstyle on me. All I really see from this thread is some people having fun as it is, and group of hardcore RP fans who demand this game to be much more than it ever could be. They want a simulator where every little detail & human interaction would be polished to the perfection and experience the movie-like journey in the post-apocalyptic world. Sorry, but thats just wishful thinking, closest things for these people will be RP servers. Everyone else AKA the majority of the playerbase will enjoy the game as it is
  4. TDsS

    0.63 Stable (BETA)

    They already confirmed that Beta will be released in 2018, even if that means missing out on promised features. ALOT of features and content will be missing (fishing, bone fractures etc. are already confirmed to be missing).
  5. TDsS

    Stress Test vol.41

    Some of the possible reasons. Stable hasnt received major update for over a year. Community servers have been killed off by adding 5 different branches to the game. Experimental servers are still running on 3 months old patch. Due to work, I can only play on weekends and its the 2nd weekend in a row, when EU servers are completely unplayable. And I cant really help devs with my feedback, if I cant even play the ST. I get that ST itself is not meant to be stable, but whatever outcomes from ST, will be added to experimental and then stable. If ST has massive struggles for weeks after every content patch, we are gonna have a rough road ahead of us. And what makes it worse, theres only 3 months left until full-release.
  6. TDsS

    I know, but be patient.

    Just wow. I havent read such a big load of bs in a long time. Im sorry, but you either have massive superiority complex or you are just narrow-minded. I guess its a combination of both, and whats worse, you need feel to spam that and force your opinions on everyone.
  7. TDsS

    Stress Test vol.38

    Eu servers are completely unplayable. Question to devs: Why did you guys decide to push new update out AGAIN on the friday evening? You know that you wont be in the office for the weekend to monitor and fix the issues. Either keep the patch that you know worked or dont run ST at all.
  8. TDsS

    Stress Test vol.37

    They are far from being fine. They have been getting worse and worse within last weeks. Little CLIP I took from last weekend stress test.
  9. TDsS

    Status Report - 14 August 2018

    Thats not how stock niva sounds like. Cars currently in the game are stock with small 4cyl engines (except v3s), so there isnt going to be a big difference in sounds anyways. Although I do think that they will get more specific sounds down the road.
  10. TDsS

    I know, but be patient.

    Ugh...dont know what I expected. Do you seriously think that game development starts with official release? Development started around august of 2012 (over a year before official release), so its been 6 years. "DayZ began development in 2012 when the mod's creator, Dean Hall, joined Bohemia Interactive to commence work on the standalone version of the game."
  11. TDsS

    I know, but be patient.

    Honestly, posts like this from arrogant & deluded fanboys aren't better than random whiny threads. Your passive-agressive toxic posts aren't going to make this community healthier. Game has been in development for 6 years, they have been promising beta release for years. Its not fair to call people impatient and mad after all these years and many broken promises. Just because you are okay with it for whatever reasons, doesnt take away the right from other people to feel dissapointed. Im personally happy with the current state of the game but I completely see why people feel otherwise.
  12. Point of this post is...? To attack people who have become bored of the current build? Obviously its a survival game, but one of the biggest parts of this game has always been human interaction. Every human encounter doesnt mean instant PVP and every player who says game is dull or lacks action isnt "PUBG PLAYER". It seems like you like to play offline mode. I have played dayz since 2013 and human interaction has always been the most fun part for me (whether it be intense fight or finding new survivor and exploring the map together). Speaking of map, I do think that whole north expansion has made map too big, especially with stamina, but thats just my personal opinion. The current stable build is boring and lacks action. Its understandable that empty game is going to get boring after so many weeks. Zombies are easy to dodge, food is easy to find, water is everywhere, no diseases or environmental exposure. Happily for us, its gonna get much better real soon.